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“Reader Emails” and One of Becca’s Guys in Some Serious Legal Trouble

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Plenty of times I get tips/information on things regarding contestants on the show and I determine the severity on it and whether or not it’s worth reporting on. I’ve definitely not reported on more things than I have over the years. It’s not even close. When the social media craze first hit, it was next to impossible to not hear something about most contestants. Some stuff is more severe than others. Over the years I’ve learned that not everything is a story. Like, does someone who got eliminated on night one really need to be outed because they sent a flirty text to someone after they got home? Probably not. That’s a common one I’ve gotten. Of course, there’s always the ex who claims their “boyfriend/girlfriend” is on the show. Hey, some of those have turned out to be true and some of them haven’t. It’s not as easy to discern what should/could be reported as one may think. Then of course you have the issue of most people telling me this stuff, but then saying in the same breath they don’t want to be associated with it, which is always fun to deal with. However, today’s story is unfortunately one that I couldn’t ignore because I’d say it’s a little more severe. I wanted to make sure I had all the information correct before I reported it, and with the help of Ashley Spivey all day yesterday, was able to get some answers regarding one of Becca’s guys.

On Monday, I received some information that Lincoln Adim was in a Boston courthouse that day pleading out to some sort of sexual misconduct charge. After looking into it further, I was able to confirm this did happen and he was at court on Monday. Being that I was traveling back on Monday, I asked Ashley to help me and she contacted the DA’s office in Massachusetts asking for a statement about what happened. Yesterday afternoon, she received a response from Jake Wark, the Press Secretary for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts. This was his response when we asked about Lincoln’s court appearance on Monday:

“Mr. Adim was convicted on May 21, 2018 of indecent assault and battery for groping and assaulting an adult female on a harbor cruise ship early on May 30, 2016. He was sentenced to one year in a house of correction, with that term suspended for a two-year probationary period. The judge ordered him to stay away from the victim and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week during those two years. If he complies with the judge’s orders, he will not have to serve out his term, but if he fails to comply with those orders or re-offends, he could be ordered to serve out the year behind bars.”

Not good to say the least. Further diving into the state laws regarding indecent assault and battery, she came across this lawyer’s statement and what it entails. If you scroll down, you’ll see this:

“…If you are convicted of indecent assault and battery on a person aged fourteen or older, you face imprisonment in the state prison for up to five years or imprisonment in a jail or house of correction for up to two and one-half years. You are also going to have to register as a sex offender. You will probably have to fight the offender level you get assigned as the Masschusetts Sex Offender Registry Board initially assigns levels that we believe are higher than the person deserves…”

I don’t know what level Lincoln is at, but by the looks of things, certainly seems like from this point forward, he is going to have to register as a sex offender.

Which again brings into question the vetting process for ABC and their contestants. Yes, he wasn’t convicted of this until a couple weeks ago, about a month after he returned from filming. But Lincoln was charged with this in 2016. Did NO background check on this guy have ANY mention of the fact he was charged with indecent assault and battery? The records for the case have been sealed, but now that we know the conviction did take place a couple weeks ago, I really do find it hard to believe that this showed up nowhere on his background when the producers were looking into his past. I’m sure a bunch of continuances were done and that’s why it took so long to get a conviction, but he was charged in 2016 for this. I don’t know if the production company behind this show uses their own people to do background checks or farms it out to a third party contractor, but whoever does it, I think clearly missed the boat on Lincoln’s past. Because how in the world do you let this guy on your show if he’s been charged two years ago with indecent assault and battery? Do they just not care anymore? Because there wasn’t a conviction at the time of him applying, they felt it was ok? Did Lincoln not bother to tell them about this incident? How hard are they really looking into these contestants’ backgrounds? We see every season contestants get on that have minor infractions in the past. I wouldn’t call this minor. Let’s see the steps they take moving forward now that this is out in the open, Lincoln has been convicted, and most likely now has to register as a sex offender. I can’t imagine he’ll be allowed at the “Men Tell All” taping in July after this, but hey, what do I know?

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