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A question regarding the new show. Wondering if you have information regarding it. I assume it is taped rather than live as most shows are. Do you know how far ahead this was taped. I saw online today that ABC said the couple are still together so it had to be taped at least several weeks ago. And I noticed when she held up her hand in a picture, she did not have the diamond.


Comment: I believe all the episodes were filmed back in April. I will have spoilers for a few of them.

Hi Steve!

Who was the dark haired, better-looking-than-crazy-Jordan guy eliminated in the first rose ceremony last night? Alex? Poor thing didn’t even get a chance to snivel about how he’d have made Becca really happy if only he’d “put himself out there.” I looked at your recap today and you didn’t even name him! (and that other blonde dude who I assume was the sports writer) Were the two of them really that boring? Alex was the dude crying after the elimination in episode 2. Ryan the Banjo guy and Mike the sports writer were the two eliminated in the first rose ceremony Monday night. Banjo guy we saw on the ATFR and he literally got zero airtime in four episodes. I can’t remember one thing he said or did. When that happens, it means you’re extremely boring and aren’t giving any good sound bites.

Do you think Jordan rang the death knell on his career with Wilhelmina? Who would want him repping their product after this performance? You’d see his face and scream, “OMG! That’s that dickhead from Bachelorette!” Funny, you’ll hear in tomorrow’s podcast where Trish says she basically couldn’t get modeling work for a year after the show aired because people didn’t want to deal with the PR that came with her. But she eventually got back into it. Maybe that’ll happen for him, maybe it won’t. Impossible to say right now though.

Some questions/thoughts for you this week…

1. I know now Becca doesn’t care about Colton and Tia, and it’s going to be a non issue for her, but how is this guy going to date Tia, then go on the Bachelorette, no doubt “fall in love” with Becca and then go back to Tia and try to convince viewers on Paradise that it’s been Tia all along? Unless when Tia comes on later on the season,, Colton also acknowledges there are feelings there then maybe it would kind of make sense. But if not, this whole Paradise thing is going to be a crock of BS, no? Pretty much. Convince viewers? Convince Tia I think would be the first thing. I don’t know how she would even want him back the second he decided to go on Becca’s season. That’s been my thing since Day 1. The second she was fine/ok/cool/whatever with him going on Becca’s season and didn’t kick him to the curb, it’s tough to help her from there. Hopefully she rids herself of the guy in Paradise and something better came along.

2. I know you watch this because it’s your job, and you don’t get invested or anything, but would you maybe agree that Garrett & Becca seem so genuinely into each other and so at ease, it’s almost like refreshing and believable these two are engaged at the end. Shawn & Kailtyn is was obvious she was so into him, but it feels different with Garrett & Becca. I found myself enjoying these two that I forget for a moment all those awful things he liked. They certainly seem into each other. That was obvious from the first night and continued into last night. I don’t think there was ever a question about it. But again, was it the bubble of the show that brought that on, or, was there an even deeper connection we’re not seeing? You just never know because they only film for 2 months and the lead and who they choose maybe spend a total of 3-4 days together during those two months if you add everything up. Hence the reason an engagement at the end is so ridiculous and doesn’t mean anything.

3. I choose to watch this show so I only blame myself for getting annoyed with half these bachelor people and things they do, but Ashley & Jared engaged, really? I know they’ve been close for years and they’ve been dating the amount of time it takes for people on the bachelor to get engaged, but damn, their relationship seems too manufactured and like just for the public it’s so hard to root for them. You are one of many who feel that way.


4. For The Challenge, what format would you love to see come back? I really enjoyed Battle of the Seasons, but there’s no more real world unfortunately and half of the people on the last couple of shows weren’t on any Real Worlds.

Comment: I’ve always liked “Rivals,” and that’s essentially what “Final Reckoning” is. It’s basically “Rivals 4” since all the pairings are people who’ve had major beefs with each other. I’m definitely looking forward to next season.

Hey Steve,

“Long time reader, first time emailing” yada yada yada.. I feel like everyone always starts with that so it feels natural to do the same. I’ve been visiting your site for years, initially just to read the spoiler but then started to check almost every day for each of your different posts. I recently have been traveling a lot and enjoy listening to podcasts while I drive to pass the time. Yours has been one that I truly look forward to because of the variety of your guests, the casual feel of it just being a conversation, and I like your sense of humor. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your previous two podcasts with Dalton and Lauren. I always really liked Lauren and thought she was very genuine with her answers and sharing her side of the story! I also enjoyed how we got to get to know her a little better as an individual!

As someone who has never seen an episode of Survivor, I absolutely loved hearing Dalton share his experience about the show. (Side note, do you know if there’s a way for someone to go back to watch previous seasons of the show? Now I’m curious and want to binge-watch!!) You could feel his passion for the show and I loved his insight and the connections he made to the Bachelor franchise. After listening to him and how much he loves Survivor, I only wish you got to do what you do for a show you actually cared about! But then again, you seem to enjoy your job nonetheless even if the material you have to cover is a joke. (Yet I tune in to every season, maybe I’m the joke!) Keep doing what you’re doing, which I’m sure you will! Thanks for everything you do!

Comment: Loving all the Dalton love this week. I knew people would like him, whether you watch the show or not.

Even though we do essentially the same thing with deep dives into one show, it’s definitely a tad different because he doesn’t cover “Survivor” to mock it, which as you know is what I do with this franchise. He covers it because he genuinely loves the show, loves its history, and respects the game. They’re two completely different shows. Like, I think it’s kinda pointless to cover the “Bachelor/ette” seriously because it’s not real life. “Survivor” contestants are stranded on an island, living in the outdoors, barely eating, and playing a game for $1 million. Gotta respect that. Sure there are funny parts and things to make a jab at here and there, but overall, it couldn’t be more different than what we’re seeing on the “Bachelor/ette,” hence the reason I do what I do. Looks like you get it.

The proposal – wow what garbage. Had to tune in for curiosity but couldn’t even look at the screen when the runner up was professing her love to this dude. Anyways, my question is, do you know the length of time a couple on this show would have to stay engaged in order to keep the ring? I wonder if proposals are just happening because they see a fat diamond as a nice consolation prize after embarrassing themselves on national television?

Comment: Not sure on the rules of that show, but I’m sure it’s pretty similar to the “Bachelor/ette” where it’s gotta be a couple years I would think. Because they can’t realistically expect these couples to stay together too long. If that were the case Neil Lane would be giving out a ton of free rings, and I doubt he wants that. I’m sure they have to return it once the breakup inevitably happens, but don’t know the exact time amount.

Hi Steve,

Did you ever receive any intel from one of your sources that independently confirmed that Becca chose Garrett in the final rose ceremony after the TMZ photos surfaced? Also, do you know if Blake is eliminated ahead of the Final Rose Ceremony? I’m thinking maybe he was, but that’s my opinion based off how much she’s into Garrett and the fact that Arie shows up at some point to talk to her, perhaps right before she makes her final choice. What do you know about it? Yes. As for Blake, not sure if he gets eliminated early, but that usually happens on the “Bachelorette” more often than not so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

My observations on Lincoln: He thinks the Earth is flat? Has he never heard of this interesting concept called, “gravity?” What about “gravitational pull?” Is he being serious? He kept referring to “friction.” The guy is not only a neanderthal and sex offender/abuser, he’s a freaking moron. He’s also pretty darn petty, too. Cheating in a competition to win a “trophy” and bitching about the photo Connor tossed in the water. Lame. It’s really hard to try and reason with stupidity, so I just choose not to. He obviously isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Jordan is super clueless. He is on BIP, right? Any hookups you’ve heard of with him? What woman would be interested in that space cadet???? Didn’t he have a girlfriend he kept ditching for the shows? Yes, he did. And went right back to her after Becca eliminated him. I’m sure she thinks he’s her man forever and ever, even though she keeps letting him go back on TV to try and hook up with women.

I don’t see why it’s Bekah M’s business what Colton and Tia were doing pre-show or post-show. She’s still the immature little girl she was on Arie’s season and seems to still be bitter about Tia calling her out about her maturity and age on the show, yet they acted liked good friends at the ATFR. What a hypocrite. She looks ridiculous every time she speaks or tweets. I couldn’t stand her before, but now I simply despise her. She’s not on BIP because of a relationship, right? I guess some credit has to go to Bekah for apologizing on Twitter for her beef with Raven saying it never should’ve happened. She’s right in that aspect. Why it took her three days to realize that, I have no idea. So partial points for coming to that realization, but she probably should’ve known that immediately that her attack on Colton/Tia, then followed by her back and forth with Raven made her look even worse.

I assume Colton and Tia both have someone handling their IG and Twitter accounts as they’re both active, but supposedly are still in Mexico? Did they leave early? Looks like Colton did.

Jared and Ashley- I just can’t. Enough already. The guy obviously was a little more interested compared to how he appeared (note, a little more interested, not a whole lot), but didn’t want to deal with the V card situation, now that it’s taken care of, he’s with her and willing to marry her? Really? They guy was so crazy about Kaitlyn and hung up on her months post-Bachelorette. This is the same guy? He acted like Ashley is a stalker for two years, now he’s marrying that chick? Wow. I doubt they’ll get married, yet stranger things have happened on this franchise. My husband and I watch the show and neither of us can see a guy who really was into Kaitlyn being into the vapid Ashley I. It makes zero sense.

Thanks for everything!

Comment: You aren’t the first to express those sentiments and probably aren’t the last.

Hello Reality Steve,

OMG Lincoln. WTH. My sister in law and I were watching on Monday night and my six year-old niece, Zoey, was with us, also watching (don’t ask- we are bad adults). She heard that Lincoln thinks the earth is flat and saw us laughing hysterically over it. Zoey gave everyone the side eye and said, “Lincoln is really dumb. He failed Kindergarten. Everyone knows the earth is round!” See, even a six year old is aware the earth is round! Imagine the response we’d get if we told her about his bathroom habits? If only “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” was still on TV, I think Lincoln would’ve found his next reality TV opportunity.

Ashley I and Jared had better not get a splashy, expensive televised wedding when Des and Chris didn’t and Kaitlyn and Shawn are sitting around waiting. That’s so tacky. Who would ever want to see that? She’s so irritating. I still consider her a wannabe Kim Kardashian. And I hate Kim Kardashian. If they end up walking down the aisle, ABC will absolutely be televising it. No way they don’t. So you might wanna prepare yourself.

Jordan is super douche. I question his career as a Wilhelmina model. He doesn’t look like he could book a JCP commercial, but that’s me. I think he truly is a real life Zoolander, only less entertaining. The MTA for the season is going to be a real “do not miss” this year with him, Jean Blanc, David, Colton and the Lincoln crap (pun intended).

Speaking of Lincoln, do you think he’ll be at the MTA based on his criminal case?

Keep up the excellent and entertaining, witty recapping of the show!

Comment: Jordan does have a Wilhelmina modeling page. As for how much work he’s had in the past, or what his future prospects are, I have no idea.

I would be pretty shocked if Lincoln is at the MTA. Just doesn’t make any sense to bring that guy on.

Hi Steve,

They had a lot of controversial and over the top contestants this season on the Bachelorette, not that they don’t usually, but with the drama and now criminal stuff that’s coming out, what do you think of their background check process? I remember Fleiss telling people he amped up the background checks a few years back thanks to some major problem regarding a reality show on VH1. The Ryan Jenkins murder case, I think, where he was on Megan Wants a Millionaire, went off the show, married some model and killed her and himself a month later. They fell a bit short of the mark with Lincoln and even the Alex guy on the dodgeball date has some hinky background, too. A bar fight or some domestic disturbance with an ex and her friend or was it his friend? He’s being sued in civil court.

Do you know if Nick Viall is still dating January Jones? That’s an odd pairing for certain, but whatever. No, he’s not.

My two cents I’m throwing in here, but fantasy future podcast guests for me would be Kaitlyn, Meghan from Chris Soules season (the Mexico New Mexico girl who doesn’t know geography whatsoever, ha), Jillian Harris, a good throwback is Jerry Ferris (Jen’s season of the Bachelorette), Tara from Jesse’s season, also, especially since she’s the one F2 who showed up first to the ceremony to be dumped, and Becca Tilley, Reid from Jillian’s season, Michael Stagliano, and Graham Bunn! Just saying….Some of those I’ve contacted, some of those I’ve never contacted, and some of those would never do it so there’s no need to contact them.

Do you have any info on how long David was in the hospital? A little more than 24 hours I believe.

I loved Meredith’s podcast. It was touching and revealing, but so depressing, too. Nonetheless, it still ranks as one of the most provocative ones your site has posted. I liked her a lot and am sad she’s so fragile and clearly not so happy these days. Have you talked with her since? Is she in touch with Ian McKee?

Thanks again!

Comment: Yes, we’ve been in touch. She’s doing better. I don’t think she’s spoken with Ian.

Hey Steve,

This is my first year watching the show so I’m pretty new to Bachelor Nation. Love reading your website so I know which contestants/relationships to focus on. Makes the show much more enjoyable to watch. My question for you is once the show is done filming, it’s gotta be near impossible for Garrett and Becca to keep their relationship a secret from family members. Do their family members sign some sort of confidentiality agreement with ABC too? Considering Becca meets the final four guys families and the final two guys meet her family, it has to be tough for them not to know the outcome, especially since they sneak off every couple weeks to see each other after filming wraps up, and I’m assuming they talk on the phone a lot when they aren’t together. I just find it hard to believe they can keep that a secret from every single person they know. Can you shed some light on this?

Comment: Every immediate family member knows the outcome for the reasons you listed.

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