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“Reader Emails,” Jason Speaks Out on Possibly Being the “Bachelor,” & Podcast Guest for Tomorrow

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Hi Steve!

Totally sending these in early because they’re pretty general. So you probably don’t waste your time listening to all of the Bachelor ppls podcasts (Ben/Ashley, Kaitlyn, Nick/Jared’s weird thing,Carly/Jade, i’m sure others i’m missing) but do you think these guys have to sign some kind of NDA or contract with ABC? They act like they’re unspoiled (and this season it’s practically impossible to not be) and it seems like they all have mentioned Ben H for Bachelor again. I don’t know if they actually sign something. But because they’re Bachelor Nation and they have an outlet, I’m sure they’re told not to repeat what I’ve reported. That would be getting on the bad side of ABC, and a lot of them don’t want to.

One other question – do you recall a past season where there have been as many problematic guys as Becca’s? I know social media plays a big part nowadays, but the whole Lincoln situation is like public record.


Comment: No. Lincoln’s obviously was the biggest offense, but Leo had his soft porn career, that Alex guy I believe had some legal issues with getting in a fight or something, you’ve got Garrett’s deal. Yeah, it wasn’t a great casting job. And not that it’s something legal because it isn’t, but the whole Colton pre-show thing not only with Tia, but a public relationship with Aly Raisman – I mean all that stuff just brings into question immediately guys you know aren’t really there for why they say they are.


Forgive me in advance if this was already a question. As I do read your blog every week, i do miss readers emails from time to time. But anyway, my question is .. why do the contestants seem so close with the producers ? Like posting pics with them and stuff or pics from filming .. are these the same people that do the edits to make them look like someone they’re not ? Or those are different people ? Just recently scrolled through @theyearofelan posting something about ravens birthday and other contestants were like oh I don’t get that love. Because they think it’ll lead to more opportunities. Oh sure, they also think it’s because those producers really like them, and maybe some friendships have formed, but very few. Producers look at contestants as a means to an end. For the most part, they do not care about them as people. The stories are endless. But will they keep in touch so they can keep you around for possible future shows? Of course.

Go ahead you can reply that’s the dumbest question ever but I just thought I’d try. I’ve been reading you’re block since 2011!!! Love your sarcastic personality! I love that you could care less what people think, how some people criticize you for whatever reason and you just don’t give a sh*t. Like when you change your spoilers because it was wrong the first time. People get so mad ! Lol i think it’s hilarious. I’m waiting for the day or maybe it’s already Happened that you say to some haters “why are you reading this then?” Or a simple “go eff yourself!” Anyway! Hope you can answer my question. Hope to meet you one day!

Comment: I mean, it goes without saying if all you do is bash me or bash the site, then yeah, why are you reading? What’s the point? I learned long ago to not pay attention to stuff like that.

Hey Steve,

First time emailer, love your podcasts and spoilers! I’m also a big fan of the challenge so I had a couple questions for you.

I know you have had Johnny Bananas on your podcast, but I was wondering if you have always been a fan of him on the show? Yes, very much. I’ve loved the way he’s performed on these shows. More impressed with his social game than physical game.

Going off of your podcast questions but who is on your Mt Rushmore of challenge competitors? Bananas, CT, Evelyn, and Cara Maria.

Also after watching this week episode of the bachelorette do you think they will show Arie appearing next week or not show it at all?

Thanks for the time!

Comment: Certainly sounds like it’s getting cut and we won’t see it.

Hey, Stevorino. Hope all is well with you. You’re doing a bang-up job with coverage this season, as always. Thanks.

I have SO many opinions on the Garrett “scandal,” but for here, I’ll leave it at this—I’m hoping he and Becca are a tight enough unit that they’ll keep the topic from hijacking ATFR. It’s such a non-issue. The SJWs have had their fun, now it’s time to move on with real life…I couldn’t disagree with you more that it’s “such a non-issue.” And I’ll just leave it at that.

These are my questions:

1) Do you know the name of the place where Becca and Garrett went glamping in Thailand? No idea.

2) I know you couldn’t care less about who the lead is, but do you have a preference for covering either The Bachelor over The Bachelorette or vice versa? Not really. Although the “Bachelor” draws higher ratings than the “Bachelorette,” (mostly because it’s been around longer and it airs right when the New Year starts and not during the summer), but for me, the traffic is pretty much the same. This season “Bachelorette” season has had a bit of a traffic spike, and off the top of my head, of the last 3 or 4 seasons or so, it’s been my most viewed one.

3) IF the producers decide on Jason for the next Bachelor, do you think they’ll give him a new hair style?
Comment: Based on the pictures he was taking at the beach this past weekend after the MTA taping with Bibiana and Joe and a bunch of other cast members that was all over IG, looks like he already has changed his hairstyle.

Hi Steve! Frequent reader. Not a first time writer. A few questions:

Loved your podcast with Shiri Appleby. Do you happen to know why the last season was only on Hulu and not on Lifetime? Can’t help but wonder if it was because season 3 was so racy. I’m glad I signed up for the 30-day free trial (before I found out about this) and was able to binge watch before the trial ends. That’s more of a TV/production question that I don’t know. And I’ve yet to get around to watching season 4. I will soon though.

Why did Blake say (multiple times) that he hadn’t seen Becca in two weeks? Don’t they fly out right after the rose ceremony of hometowns? Yes. Contestants have to speak in terms of TV time, not real time. But yeah, even then he screwed up because it wasn’t two weeks TV time, it was just one.

Were the overnights filmed in the same order they aired tonight? I don’t remember.

This question is for all seasons (that you know of, not just this season) – do the final 4, final 3 and final 2 know the order in which their dates are taking place as they happen?

Thanks as always for what you do!

Comment: Yes, I think they do.

Hi Steve,

I have a question and a comment:

1) Since Chris Harrison said Bekah would be on Paradise, are they going to say why she isn’t on this years Paradise? I doubt it. She already did a big long interview about it. Don’t see why the show would need to make any sort of announcement of it.

2) I feel really bad for Ashley because I think Jared is using her. If it’s true the reason Jared didn’t want to be with Ashley because she was a virgin, then thats sad. I understand him not wanting to get involved and having sex with her and her liking him more, and it not work out and her getting upset. Ashley has a huge following and I’m sure he would get hate. However, in my opinion, I feel him not wanting her because she was a virgin makes him look more of a jerk. Also, Ashley is way more into him than he is into her and that’s always bad. I really wish her “friends” would point this out to her.

Comment: This is all based off something that I don’t know where you heard that from, so it’s kinda hard to dive into. There’s nothing out there that specifically says he didn’t want to be with her because she’s a virgin. But your paragraph is all centered around that opinion. So kinda hard to address it since we have no idea. I don’t believe he’s ever admitted that.
Hi Steve!

As a guy, do you find Blake’s behavior insecure and needy? Whether or not it’s producer instigated, he’s still mumbling and grumbling over every imagined slight. If Becca ended up with him, I could see him rifling through her purse for receipts, proof that she really went to the store instead of secretly meeting up with Arie! For that reason, I hope they pass on him for next Bach – I like Jason after last night. Or maybe Ben! Ben Higgins! What do you think HIS chances are? (don’t hit me!!!) Stuck out tongue winking eye

luv ya!

Comment: I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here in the least bit when I say, I think your next “Bachelor” will come from Jason, Blake, Colton, or Ben Higgins.

Hi Steve!

It was obvious from IG Becca’s guys were all hanging out ATFR taping in LA. Jason was nowhere to be seen. Do producers tell them not to include Jason in IG pics or stories because that would have spoiled last night’s show? They all seemed pretty drunk, so surprised there wasn’t a screw up someone caught in anyone’s story that may have accidentally showed Jason.

Can’t wait for more Paradise spoilers! Thank you!!

PS #JasonForBachelor!

PPS Congrats on your partnership with Hulu. That was a very cool marketing campaign.

Comment: Yes, they usually tell the #3 person to be careful since that Tell All is always filmed before the overnight date episode airs and that person is eliminated. Always been that way. But there’s definitely been slip ups in the past where the #3 person was seen. They can only control so much.

Hi Steve,

I started reading your site since around 2011/2012 and have been a faithful read ever since, even in the ‘off-season.’

I live in Houston and regularly listen to sports radio when driving home from work – specifically 610 where Sean Pendergast is on in the afternoons. Needless to say I felt like my worlds collided when I heard y’alls smackoff call last week:)
I just wanted to say I think yall did a great job – and thanks for all that you do!

Comment: That was a fun time. If you saw my tweet after the Smackoff, it was an idea I came up with two years ago during the Smackoff when I heard all these other callers bringing on random guests. And I thought what better guest to bring on than arguably the best caller this show ever had. He’s won the most titles, so you really can’t top that. I’ve kept in touch with Sean on and off throughout the years, reached out, and the rest is history. We were supposed to do that last year, but he had to cover Texans training camp the day of the Smackoff and I also had a scheduling conflict come up. So we held off. It pretty much went how I expected it to. There’s a lot of history there, so I’m glad we were able to do it. I knew we wouldn’t win, but we were there to entertain and get people talking. I think we achieved that.

Hey Steve!!

Just a few random questions since you said you were kind of low on reader emails!

I noticed a few recaps from people connected to the franchise come out minutes after the show finishes airing (specifically the “bad chiller” video recap from Nick/Jared/Dean). Guessing they are allowed to see these episodes earlier? How much earlier, & thoughts on why they might allow that? I know a week or 2 ago through Dean’s IG stories he was out of the country, but still in their video that night (which by the way I do think is funny & accuarte!! even if it is juvenileEmoji)

Just seems like it wouldn’t matter if it came out a few hours later, or the next morning, and not worth the risk of footage being out there earlier — even though we have your spoilers months in advance! I know before you’ve said the first episode is always made available to media & such, but can’t remember you ever saying the rest of the season went out early to some, for whatever reason. Yes, certain media members and former contestants get the episodes early so they can write their recaps and have them up right away. It’s hand picked essentially. Basically if you’re in good with production, you can get them early.

Do they film the guys at all on “off days”? Or do they just hang out with their producer, or alone? People are sooo critical of what is and isn’t said between the lead and potential “winners” regarding deep feelings and connections, but I just think there are so many candid moments and unseen conversations, in between re-shooting scenes and whatever would be a good opportunity to say something telling, knowing it wouldn’t be aired… Obviously producers want to put the good stuff out there, but due to time limits it’s not possible. It just seems like no one takes that into consideration.

I wish they would show us more of that stuff, less of them getting “ready” alone and walking around pensively staring into the distance… Sorry, had to! Not a whole hell of a lot. The only quality time you really get to spend with the lead is on a 1-on-1, your alone time at after parties and cocktail parties, rose ceremonies, your hometown and your overnight date. And then the last dates of course if you make it to final 2. You don’t travel with the lead. You don’t shoot the sh** for hours on end during downtime on a date. Gotta take advantage of every minute you can get with her.

How long does a typical overnight last? Do they get 10 or 12 hours alone? Less or more just depending on circumstance? I always find the morning after scenes so interesting and try to read more into them. But I’m always wondering if they’ve already talked to 15 people, done ITM interviews, makeup, or whatever before we see them wake up together.

I need to starting writing my questions why watching. Forgotten some already. Thank you so much for spoiling & recapping!

Comment: I don’t know what time each overnight couple physically entered the room, closed the door, and took their mic packs off, but I’m guessing they get a good 6-8 hours at least before they have to wake up and film again. The next day is an off day, so it’s not like the lead has to be outta there at 6am or something.

Hey Steve,

A couple questions for you this week:

Do you think it would have been a good idea for ABC to bring Garrett to the Men Tell All so he could address his Instagram controversy and explain himself? I feel like he could have gained a lot more supporters heading into the finale if it was addressed before hand. I don’t know what more it would’ve accomplished. He’s going to talk about it on the ATFR. Whether he did it in front of the guys or in front of his fiancé, it’s still just words. His actions going forward are what matters most anyway. I don’t think it really mattered.

Does the lead and her final 3 men really go two weeks without seeing each other after the hometown rose ceremony? I think it was Blake in last nights episode who mentioned it had been that long since he had seen Becca. No, that was a screw up. Depending on what number hometown date you get vs what number overnight date you get determines how long. Say someone had hometown date #1 and overnight date #3, that’d be close to 2 weeks. You would’ve seen the lead at the final four rose ceremony, but yeah, not much interaction there.

Are you still hearing Becca and Garrett are doing well and still having weekend getaways together? I noticed Garrett didn’t post anything on Instagram about last nights episode. He usually posts something every week, as do Blake and Jason, and Garrett was the only one who didn’t post anything. I’m sure it means nothing, just thought it was interesting.

Comment: They’re still together. She says it during the MTA taping. Well, not specifically Garrett, but that she’s “with someone.”

Hey RS,

Hope this email isn’t too late for your reader emails this week. I was curious about the order of the overnights as well because for some reason I thought you had posted a while back that the order of overnights was Jason, Garrett, Blake. I did go back in your posts and in the one from May 2nd you spoiled the overnights and said “Jason’s date was Sunday, Garrett’s was yesterday, and Blake’s is tomorrow.” If that’s true it is interesting they were shown out of order and did not allude to the fact that she had let Jason go during her dates with Blake and Garrett.

Comment: Is that what I wrote? I assume you found that, so I guess I did. But I’d need to go back into my old emails to get the exact answer and at this point, it’s not something I really want to do. I don’t think it matters all that much at this point. I’ll try and remember that for next season though.

Hi Steve!

I’ll join those asking about the next bachelor. I know you don’t know, and say you don’t care, but if you had to pick who would you like to see? I’m going with Peter (obvious reasons….the girls would go apeshit over him), and Jason. While I think Blake is kind and genuine I’d really like to see someone with a bold personality get the gig after the snooze fest that was Arie.

Comment: Again, I can’t be more honest when I say this. I don’t “like to see” anyone. It doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is that there IS a next season. And there will be. So that’s all that matters. I don’t care, because I’m not rooting for any of these guys or girls in terms of what happens to them post show. If they get married, great. If they break up, sucks, but neither one of those affects my life or my business at all really. Saying who I’d like to see get it insinuates that I’m rooting for them or something. I just want there to be a season that people watch, people tweet about, people talk about on social media, and then I know inevitably that traffic will come to my site to learn about what happened that season. That’s what I care about.



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