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“Reader Emails,” BIP & “Bachelor” Talk

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One thing that I know I constantly harp on about this show and its contestants is that so many of them love the perks that come with the show (i.e. – the travel, the shilling, the appearances, the social media adoration) but very few seem to be able to handle the criticism. That manifested itself earlier this week when Colton just decided to go scorched earth on Twitter Monday night during the show. Very bizarre. Very defensive in everything negative thrown his way, and this is where these people seem to miss the difference between criticism and hate. If you’re getting death threats, being bullied, etc that’s wrong. We’ve been over that 100 times. But if people are just giving their opinions on social media of what they’re showing on TV and you immediately begin jumping down their throat and responding passive aggressively, it’s obvious you’re having a hard time with it. It’s why I tell anyone who asks me if they should go on the show, no, don’t do it. Because as much good comes out of it, just know there will be a faction of people that don’t like you for whatever reason. And Colton isn’t the only one obviously who does this, but it’s most recent so it’s fresh.

For example, I reported last week that Colton called Jean Blanc a pussy during the MTA tapings. When it aired Monday night, then never show Colton saying it, just Jean Blanc’s reply to him. Well I still stand by what my sources told me, then Jean Blanc put Colton on blast yesterday saying he absolutely did call him that. Ok, so one of them is lying. Colton is saying he never said it, and Jean Blanc is saying he did. I don’t really understand why Jean Blanc would reply to Colton with “How can you talk about someone being a pussy when you’ve never been in one” if Colton never uttered the word. It would make no sense and have no context. So Colton said, “You’re an ass***e,” or “You’re a d**k,” or “Quit being a b***h,” and Jean Blanc replied with that? Makes no sense. People that were there said Colton said it. Jean Blanc says that’s why he came back with what he did. I guess we’ll truly never know but there seems to be pretty good evidence he did.

The other Colton lie that he’s telling is his story with Tia. Dude is continuing to mix up his story, and it’s making it worse for himself. In yesterday’s recap, I said I could’ve sworn Colton said in an interview he met Tia once and that was his bday weekend in LA in January. Yet on the MTA, he sat up there with Chris and told him “I saw Tia before Arie’s season ever aired.” UPDATE: The exact quote from the MTA was “I spent time with her before the Bachelor actually aired.” Well thanks for being even more clear that you’re admitting you saw her, in person, in the flesh, before Arie’s season started airing, which was Jan. 1st. So unfortunately, I had to get to the bottom of this myself, and I listened to the segment on Ashley & Ben’s podcast where they had Colton on. And it’s clear as day. At the 18:25 mark, this was the conversation:

Ben: “How many times did you hang out with Tia?”
Colton: “One time for a weekend in LA.”

So he either lied to Ben or he lied on the MTA. You couldn’t have only seen her once and that be in LA in January (which you admitted on Ben and Ashley’s podcast), but also see her before Arie’s season started (which you admitted on the MTA). It’s literally impossible. So it’s tough to take this guy at his word when he’s already been caught in a lie about how many times he saw Tia before he went on Becca’s season, which means he’s covering his ass. Dude, just own it and people will respect you more. You’ve been caught. Enough already. Your Twitter meltdowns are making this worse, not better for you.

As for Paradise, I don’t know if I will have a thorough episode-by-episode breakdown by next Tuesday when it starts. I will post what I know in Tuesday’s recap. I know a lot of you asked after seeing the promo what all the alumni were doing on there. We saw Amanda, Arie & Lauren, Raven & Adam, Carly & Evan, Jade & Tanner, Ben, etc. Those people all come on for cameos. They aren’t there to compete and they don’t go on any dates with anyone. They all come on a do different things, not all of which I’m aware of. I know Carly & Evan and Jade & Tanner give a date card to Kendall and Joe, and their date is to watch their kids, while the four of them get to have a night out without their kids. Raven & Adam we know are part of Tia and Colton’s date, as I tweeted pictures of those over a month ago. But Ben and Amanda and Arie & Lauren’s role, I’m not sure of. Other than they come and give date cards and what not.

Finally, when I was recording the next “He Said, She Said” podcast with Ashley yesterday (Episode #3 coming out Tuesday), we got to talking off-air about the next “Bachelor.” Neither one of have any idea who it’ll be right now, and it brings me back to last year when the speculation started. The first thing was, going into last year, I think a majority of people thought, “Well, they picked Nick out of nowhere. No one saw that coming. They won’t do that again.” And they did by picking Arie. So going into this decision, it’s hard to even guess because we don’t know if they’re going to go for shock factor again, or just go with one of Becca’s guys. Do they go for shock value for the third season in a row and skip over a guy who was on the previous “Bachelorette” season? If we knew the answer to that, it’d be much easier to determine who it’ll be. But since we don’t, it’s basically a waiting game. I never would’ve thought they’d do it two years in a row by going with an alumni, yet they did. Arie wasn’t announced until Sept 7th, so we’re over a month away if they’re keeping with that schedule. The previous two seasons (Ben & Nick), were both announced on “After Paradise” at the very end of August. So just keep that in mind.

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