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Hi Steve!

Do you know about how much producers on the show get paid? I’m watching UnReal and can’t figure out if Rachel lives in that trailer because she’s broke or if it’s for convenience while she’s working? It seems like she should be making a lot based on how much she does for the show, but it never really looks like she’s got money. Do they have to work on other shows between filming of Bachelor (Everlasting) shows?

It’s been about a year since I’ve watched UnReal and I’m just getting back into it, so maybe they addressed it and I just don’t remember.


Comment: It varies because there’s so many different levels of producers on this show. I’d just be guessing, but I’m sure if you googled it you could get a rough idea. Most of them don’t have to get production jobs in between seasons. Well, those that are on the higher level. Lower level ones? Yeah.

Hey Steve,

Curious who you thought the top 10 biggest dogs of the entire bachelor franchise are. Ever. Obvious Arie is not a stand up guy but for example, I think Luke Pell is WAY worse.

Comment: There’s a lot so it’d be impossible to rank them in any particular order, because someone being a dog is pretty subjective. But the ones I’ve mentioned the most over the years – Arie, Jef, Luke, James Taylor, Robby – are certainly on that list.

Hi Steve!!

Just a couple questions. Arie and Lauren seem nauseatingly in love on social media which is fine whatever, but since he was such a playboy before, wonder if anyone had come forward to you with any proof of him being less than upstanding/faithful since his switcharoo engagement? Since the engagement? I haven’t heard anything. But then again, I don’t really think that means much because usually I don’t hear a lot once the season is over about leads/couples.

I read the Amy Kaufman bachelor book and remember seeing that the biggest reason people were turned down for the show was STDs. Wondering if they do the same testing before like bachelor in paradise? It just seems like with the way these guys behave post show (using their reality fame to hook up), there’s no way they manage to stay STD free just statistically speaking???

That is all! Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: Yes. Same medical testing is done for all their shows.

Hi RS,

I want to start by saying that I read your column when I should be working. Whoops. Second, do you think the bachelor producers will ever stop sweeping things under the rug? For example, they won’t even address the Lincoln situation on MTA and admit they were wrong. Second, remember Eric from Andi’s season who passed away? He was the one who Andi sent home because he accused her of “acting.” On MTA, his death wasn’t even addressed. It was like he didn’t exist after the episode where Andi finds out. Why is that? Thanks!

Comment: To be fair, on the episode where Eric was eliminated, they did do a sit down interview for 15 minutes of just Andi and Chris Harrison talking about him that they ran. So they definitely didn’t ignore it. As for why it wasn’t brought up at the MTA, I’m guessing it’s because they felt they covered it with that sit down.

Hi RS,

Love ya work. Fan from New Zealand. I suppose these are more comments as opposed to questions. (Sorry in advance for length.)

I enjoyed Holly Allen’s podcast and think she handled herself in a very classy way. After reading the email her friend sent in earlier, as well as the Luke Pell expose from last year, it’s clear Holly could not have been kinder in the way she retold the story of her relationship with Luke. I feel inclined to think that if I ever met the guy, and got to see him for who he really was behind the scenes (slash with what we know publicly from his treatment of Stassy), “narcissistic sociopath” would fit the bill nicely. Her comment that he doesn’t have close friends was fascinating to me – I met a reality dating show “star” in Europe once (had no idea who he was at the time) who didn’t have real friends either – and I think that is both sad and extremely telling. There’s something deeply unsettling about the reality TV world in general, as UnReal has showed us to some extent, but it certainly seems to infect many of the contestants also, and to varying degrees. I can see why a lot of the guys (Robby, Josh, James Taylor, etc.) seem to be much worse than females coming out of the shows – being a female-dominated fan base, they’ll be the ones with the most strangers throwing themselves at them when they leave. Really warps your view of the opposite gender, monogamy, and relationships in general.

In Holly’s defense (and I haven’t bothered to check the Luke crazies’ twitter hate), plenty of us have dated people that in hindsight, we realize we really shouldn’t have. Sometimes they were literally the worst people to date at all. Amongst the horrible things we know about Luke, you can see how Holly, as a kind and empathetic person, wanted to be his teammate and see him in the best light, as well as be understanding of his ‘struggles’ with fame, etc. And was manipulated into thinking your expose was tabloid rubbish. If you want to give a relationship a chance, you place your trust, and you open yourself up to being hurt. Funny, this is the stuff the show spews out all the time. Sure, in time, wisdom tells us what is actually a red flag, versus a minor flaw that can be accepted because no one is perfect. But that’s hard to discern in the moment, when you have someone constantly telling you how much they love and adore you, and want to have your children and have a big future together, and so on. Seeing someone with an incredible family is also something I think as women really pulls on the heartstrings, and I’m sure it goes for men too. Frankly his behaviour and infidelity when we now have an insight into the lovely human being Holly is, and how her heart was in the right place with someone who isn’t even close to deserving, sickens me. Very well said.

Reopening the Luke can of crap also made me reflect on Jared and Ashley I. For all that Ashley can drive you mad, and I’m not her biggest fan by any stretch – and yes, she’s 100% a “brand” with an interest in keeping up a large social media following and selling lots of sunglasses and tea – there is an endearing quality to just how open she is with her emotions. I mean, the girl can cry, and it feels excessive, but it’s also kinda refreshing in a way, I guess. And when it comes to her desires for fame, I feel like she’s not really trying to hide it, as she works in the industry, for crying out loud. She doesn’t feel as unnatural or fake, if you frame it that way.

Jared on the other hand unsettles me. I can see that hidden obsession with a following, the PR planning and strategising, while trying to maintain the image of the perfect gentleman that Holly described of Luke fitting very easily into the picture of Jared. He must like the girl to some extent to go to the lengths of an engagement (at least I hope, for humanity’s sake). And I genuinely hope they last, though my hopes are slim. But I can see a depth of insecurity there, and the need for external validation (which can never be a substitution for inner self worth) from as large a following as possible. Latching on to Ashley now just seems like he’s trying to jump on to a gold mine – 1 million followers, plenty of recognition from her TV hosting work, and not at all least the bloody perfect narrative of unrequited-love-turned-love-of-his-life (oh yeah, and *after* she lost her virginity first, because you don’t want the love of your life to be a virgin. But only one previous sexual partner – now that’s *wifey* material because she can’t be a sl** either, can she now, Jared? Cue *eye roll*). Nauseating. But yeah. Just feels too slick, and I get a very uneasy gut feeling from him. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

To say something positive to these people after my savagery: while we all feed your livelihood and fame by writing into RS, watching the shows and following contestants’ social media, I hope you remember how to find happiness away from a screen, in the comfort of your own homes, with a few people you truly love. Sorry we feed this ugly, poisonous bubble that nonetheless brings us entertainment and you a livelihood. But you don’t need to be perfect. And no one worth having in your corner expects you to be perfect, either. You can walk away from it all tomorrow and the world will keep turning for you, happiness is right in front of you if you only choose to see that it’s been there all along.

Thanks Steve for everything you do and also for the great podcast with Holly. You were also a classy and respectful host, allowing us to get such a good quality interview. Much appreciated.

Comment: Appreciate what you wrote. As for Ashley & Jared, I mean, I don’t really know what to say. I don’t think about them, I don’t follow their relationship, and I do not care what happens with them. If they end up getting married, great. If they don’t, sucks. But I don’t know either of them to invest any time into dissecting what they do in their relationship. Sure people will tell me stuff here and there if they say/do something, and that’s how I hear. But to go out of my way? No. That goes for pretty much every couple in this franchise post show. I report what is told to me by sources and I make fun of the show. Been doing it for years and will continue to do so. It’s why I don’t let any negativity affect me. I see a negative tweet sent my way, I just mute it. Takes .2 seconds. That person can then send 1000 negative tweets my way after that and I’ll never see it. Let them be them, and I’ll just continue to do me. Things have been great this season on the site. I don’t let things out of my control bother me. Much easier to live that way.

Hello Steve,

Long time reader, fan .. really appreciate your round the clock coverage of my favorite guilty pleasure … but writing to you for the first time.

1. Ryan the banjo guy got so much coverage when he first was introduced in March. Any idea what happened after that? He didn’t get any screen time or exit interview? If you’re an interesting character with great soundbites and/or a great storyline, you get air time. If you aren’t, then you don’t. Looks like Ryan fell into the latter category.

2. Mike the sports analyst – he’s actually quite smart and cute. Liked him on a podcast. Again, any idea why no screen time or exit interview?? Since they both didn’t get any exit interview, I totally expected them to be missing from men tell all too. And that’s what happened .. wonder why!!! Same as above. Probably didn’t give them enough good material.

3. Have you heard from anyone about Garrett??? Especially in the recent past .. any negative mails? After his apology you did say you haven’t heard anything bad about him. Hope that’s still the case for Becca’s case at least!

Love her as the Bachelorette!

Comment: Haven’t heard anything either way. I liked his apology. One of the better ones we’ve seen. Just hope he follows through on it.

Do you know who the next bachelor is going to be?

Comment: I think I feel confident enough to report this. This may surprise some of you, but I’ve got it on pretty good authority. The next “Bachelor” is going to be a white male.
This was an email conversation on Monday with a reader…

Them: I would like some more spoilers on tonight’s Episode (July 30, 2018) would be great if you get a chance too. Thanks Reality Stevie your a boss!!

Me: It was posted in last Tuesday’s column that said EXCLUSIVE Men Tell All Spoilers

Them: Can you send me the website for it I can’t find it thanks

Comment: Would someone be a peach and help this person and let them know what website posted the MTA spoilers. Can’t seem to find it. Thanks a billion.

Hello Steve,

Long time fan! So I really enjoyed your podcast with Holly this week! After it just really changed my opinion of Luke (I never really had an opinion about him either way before). He absolutely seems like an opportunist. He just made a post on instagram about some dating app and I made a comment on it saying something to the extent of “everyone should go check out reality steve’s podcast this week!”. Left my personal opinion out of the comment and didn’t even make a mention of who was on the podcast. Well, kid you not, within ONE MINUTE, my comment was down and I had been blocked by Luke on instagram!!! How much time does this guy have on his hands?! Just found it to be funny!!! I am sure that you wont be surprised to hear this.

Comment: Can’t tell you how many of these emails/messages I’ve gotten since Thursday. He’s blocking anyone who says anything negative. You won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last.

Steve, my friends and I are having a REALLY hard come believing that Colton is a virgin. Are you sure he isn’t just a “born-again virgin” like Sean Lowe? From what I remember, the producers made it seem like Sean was a REAL virgin when he first got casted, and we didn’t find out until later on that he actually had sex before. Have you had anyone email you saying they’ve had sex with Colton? Or can you reach out to Aly Raisman to get confirmation of this so-said virginity? I feel like he’s pulling this v-card out in hopes of getting casted as the next bachelor. It certainly makes him stand out from the rest. Thanks, Steve!

Comment: I’d rather not because I really don’t care whether he is or isn’t. If someone wants to reach out to me I’ll gladly pass the information on. But I’m not gonna go searching for whether or not Colton has been with a female. With as much as he’s stood by this storyline all season, I gotta imagine he is. Why anyone would put this much effort into something that wasn’t true and deal with the backlash that’s come after it is beyond me. Then again, he’s already lied twice on TV about other things, so I guess I can’t rule anything out.

Hi Steve,

Colton seems to be going scorched earth and very much on the defensive in his live tweets tonight. It doesn’t seem like the high road someone who is aiming for the next lead would be taking. Thoughts on why he’s tweeting so freely? Please tell me he’s not going to get the gig!

Comment: All he did was keep digging his grave deeper. No idea why he was so loose lipped on Monday.

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  1. jlal

    August 1, 2018 at 11:15 AM

    Colton just seems very immature. Also, once again who cares on what date he and Tia hooked up? Tia, if I remember correctly, also said they only spent a weekend together. Whether the date was in December, January, or February doesn’t really matter, especially now.

  2. ctrealitygirl

    August 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM

    I’m thinking that Colton’s recent social media rant may be partly him feeling frustrated/angry/jealous that he’s pretty much out of the race to be the next Bachelor. That was probably his main reason for wanting to get cast in the first place, and it’s all backfiring on him. Meanwhile, he’s stuck sitting at the MTA watching Jason sitting pretty. I never for a minute bought that he was sincere or that he was developing feelings for Becca…and certainly he wasn’t falling in love with her. All BS

  3. tinyred500

    August 1, 2018 at 12:48 PM

    I know I said Colton was immature previously, I still think he is. I doubt very much he’d be considered for the bachelor, so I’m still hopeful for Blake or even Jason.

    My personal feeling is, if contestants are sensitive to criticism about their time on the show and all that comes with it, they should deactivate or stay off social media till everything dies down. I know Olivia Caridi shut down all her social media accounts after all the terrible backlash she received for being the seasons villain. Speaking of which, she’s got Tierra (from Sean’s season) on as her podcast guest this week, so I’m going to listen to ole Sparkle! Lol 😀

    I like Southern Charm and found Cameran Eubanks really funny, I hope RS has her on a Podcast!

  4. jlal

    August 2, 2018 at 3:37 AM

    ctrealitygirl we agree once again, well all three of us really. I never for a second thought Colton was sincere; just never bought what he was selling. I think it was obvious from the start he was in it to build a brand and be the next bachelor. I realize most if not all have the same goal, some are just better at hiding their real motives.

    tinyred, agree about shutting down SM, but then I don’t get the whole SM thing anyway. No way in heck would I ever want all my personal information out there. I’m way too private.

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