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“Reader Emails,” Jason Speaks Out on Possibly Being the “Bachelor,” & Podcast Guest for Tomorrow

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Hi Steve,

Just want to vent and kinda want to know your opinion on Blake.

I wasn‘t sure why is everyone go go ga ga over him but he certainly rub me up the wrong way because he is waayyyy too emotional and insecure! Is he genuine? I don’t know probably yes but I don‘t think he is the only one who seems genuine, I think Jason is way more genuine but still why is he so likeable despite the insecurity red flags that he has been showing? It‘s like you can never have fun with him without him bringing down the mood. I kinda get it why Becca picked Garrett actually based on how Blake‘s portrayed in the show. Do you think if Garrett‘s instagram scandal didn‘t happen will people like him more than Blake? I’m almost positive they would. The IG scandal turned a ton of people off to him, which they have every right to be.

Imagine Blake being the bachelor and he will be anxious and break down more than the contestants (even maybe he needs to bring her mom to hold his hands the entire season). That would be a devastating season to watch but a lot to make fun of.

I was surprise to be honest for someone who is waaayyyy insecure like him from the very beginning to last this long.

Please don‘t let him be the bachelor!

Comment: Well, I don’t have any say in anything that happens with this show, but he’s definitely in the running. He’s just like everyone else in the running. There are people who absolutely love him and think he’ll be great if he was the “Bachelor” and there are people who can’t stand him and would like ANYONE else but him. And that’s why this show is so popular. Whoever they choose, that person will have a built-in fan base.

1. I’m pretty sure I remember Becca saying “He literally just did to me what Arie did to me” after she dumped Jean Blanc. So, they probably just used that voiceover in the season preview. Wish I still had that episode on DVR.

2. Don’t you notice that every season of the bachelorette, many fans of this show always say “This season is so boring” and/or “She got a crappy bunch of guys” ? I personally think that JoJo’s season was the most boring, although it wasn’t her fault, it was the guys. They say that for every season of the “Bachelorette” AND the “Bachelor.” You’ll always find people who say that. And none of it matters. Ratings are what matters and this show is as strong as ever.

3. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Lincoln is giving Chad and Lee a run for their money for their title as worst male villian. At least those two aren’t registered sex offenders (or at least not yet).

Comment: Very possible. He’s definitely shunned from the franchise now for sure. I doubt we’ll ever hear from him in regards to this franchise ever again except when they’re talking about contestant vetting and stuff like that.

I don’t follow Ben Higgins or listen to his pod so maybe I’m just not up on his current romantic status but have you heard anything about him and that girl (is Lindsey her name?). If they’ve been together since thanksgiving I imagine he’s probably take himself off the list of potential Bachelors, right? Seems like if he decided to do it it would be a real ‘we were together until he dumped me to be the Bachelor’ situation and wouldn’t be a great look for him. He’s kept the relationship a secret since last July, there’s no need to out it now. Obviously there’s a reason he’s done that. You’d have to ask him as to why. But yet it’s another girl who’s letting a “Bachelor” guy completely dictate how their relationship is gonna go. I wish less would do that because inevitably they’re going to end up hurt. Ben is not marrying Lindsay Duke. She should have some self respect and end it. That’s my opinion. Which I’m sure means nothing to her.

Also. Have you heard anything about any guys in Paradise are getting a Bachelor edit? I actually really like Jason and Blake but think they’d both be super boring to watch a whole season of. Same as Becca. Even if you really like her this season has been a snooze.

Comment: No one from Paradise that I’ve heard. I think it’ll be one of the four I mentioned earlier. And Colton I think is a looooooong shot. So I guess technically we have to include him in the “Paradise” list, but I don’t think he’s getting it for reasons I stated last week.


Former contestants from the show that have podcasts, end up being glorified puff pieces. They interview current contestants, and it’s all just meaningless, self gratifying fluff. Your podcasts, however, get to the heart of the prevalent issues. You always ask the right questions, and leave no stone unturned. Your podcasts have teeth, but you are always empathetic and respectful to every guest that you have on. Just wanted to pay you a compliment for having the only outstanding bachelor related podcast out there. Thanks. All I try to do is ask questions that people want to know. I think there’s this stigma if you come on my podcast I’m gonna be mean, or I’m gonna grill you. I don’t see it that way. I’m just gonna ask about what I think most people want to know. I understand that by going on podcasts of former contestants, you won’t necessarily have to do all that. I don’t know. I’ve listened to like two segments of one show outside of Olivia’s, which I’ve listened to full episodes of. And you know I love Olivia and I think she does a great job. My thing is, my show is my show. I will have a guest on and ask them whatever I think is interesting. Not all shows are like that. But that doesn’t make it right or wrong or better or worse. Some like my podcast. Some like others better than mine. That’s fine. All I’m doing is trying to put out the best show possible each week and get my guests to open up about things maybe they normally wouldn’t.

My question is about after the final rose. We know that the tabloids always come up with stories at the end of the season, but there have been a few saying that Becca has cooled on the guy she chooses. I wanted to know how you predict after the final rose will go after Garretts controversial instagram likes? Do you think that Becca will stand behind Garrett, despite the controversy? Do you think it’s even possible for Becca and Garretts relationship to survive with their polar opposite political views? I wanted your take on how you think this will turn out, and what should be addressed on ATFR?

Thank you

Comment: Well, they’re still together as we speak. So I fully expect her to support him on the ATFR. But do I think these two are made for the long haul? I don’t. I think this is one couple that got taken by the “Bachelor” bubble during filming and will realize they aren’t a good match in the real world. But who knows? We’ll see.

It may be too late for reader emails, but I’ll give it a shot! I find it interesting that Caroline Lunny likes tweets spreading some hate toward Garrett, yet follows him on Instagram and likes pictures of him and Becca. 2 thoughts: 1) I think I would want my best friend supporting me and my relationship with my fiancé & 2) I’m curious which social media side of her is real. Just my thoughts. I haven’t followed what Caroline likes or doesn’t like on IG, so if that’s what she’s doing, it is somewhat confusing.

Do you think Ashley Spivey will change her mind in Garrett if he sincerely apologizes on AFT?

Comment: I think Ashley is in the same boat as many people, including myself. We both thought he was very stand up in his apology he released and was impressed he owned what he did. But it’s still only words, and his actions moving forward will define more about who he is. Anyone can say anything to make themselves look good. It’s too early to tell. We’ll see what happens from here.

Hey Reality Steve,

Hi I’m a first time writer with a few questions

1) Do you think Jordan and Jenna will last? No.

2) Are Jacqueline and Kenny still together? No.

3) Do you think there is any chance Tia and Colton will end up together? No.

4) Since the dates for the week only last like 3 days what does Becca do after there all over? I’m not sure what you mean? I think you’re under the assumption that what you see on TV is real, and the three dates we see over the course of an episode (whether it be two 1-on-1’s and a group, or two groups and a 1-on-1) actually take place over a week’s worth of filming. They don’t. Dates are shot on consecutive days. It’s date-date-date-rose-ceremony, then the next episode begins filming.

5) Is there any chance Dean will be the next Bachelor? Comment: Zero.

Do you know if Becca or any other Bachelor franchise cast members are in discussions for the fall season of Dancing With The Stars? It’s always a possibility, but remember, the only people that get on DWTS up to this point after 20+ seasons, are leads. No “contestant” has ever gotten on that show outside of Melissa Rycroft, but that was under different circumstances. And in the last 10 years, the only “Bachelor” nation people who have gotten on the show are male leads. So things don’t look good for Becca and who even knows if she would want to do it.

The Paradise casts always speak about the sub-par living conditions while they are on the show. Do you know of Chris, Wells, and Yuki are in those same types of rooms or are they blessed with AC and crab free rooms? Chris Harrison definitely not. I can’t imagine Wells and Yuki stay on the beach either with cast, but I could be wrong.

At what point will we know if Winter Games is being renewed?

Thanks again for all you do!

Comment: Good question. I’m not sure when that schedule would be released. I’ll see if I can find out. Might be a question for Andy Dehnart.

I’m gonna spare you the “who’s the next bachelor” questions but if you were a betting man would you bet on someone from Becca’s season or a past contestant aka Ben, Peter, maybe someone from Paradise like they did with Nick? Honestly, I think it’s 50/50. They’ve pulled someone from a past season out of their ass two seasons in a row now. So you can’t say 100% they’re going to do it again. Nor can you say with 100% certainty that they WON’T do it again. We just don’t know.

Since the finale is next week, have you heard anything about Becca and Garrett and how they’re doing? I assume they’re still together as you haven’t reported anything about them breaking up but I also assume it hasn’t been smooth sailing and I wouldn’t be surprised if at the ATFR, they aren’t all loved up or even announce they aren’t together. They just seem so different, beliefs wise. They’re still together and engaged.

Not really a question, but Colton lying to Becca about her being the first girl he brought home, I mean… did he really think people wouldn’t dig up the pictures of him and Aly? I don’t care for the guy and I see through his facade. I can’t be the only one. Yeah, not really sure what he was thinking there. And here’s another point. It’s not like it was a big deal either. Like, why lie about something like that? Big deal if you have introduced a girl to your parents by 26 years old or whatever age he is. I mean, in the context of this show, you say it because it makes Becca feel special since she believes she’s the first one, but yeah, just seems dumb to lie about that.

A few Challenge questions:

Any particular duo you’re rooting for this season? I loved hearing your interview with Jemmye and am hoping you have other challengers in future podcasts. I need to watch a few more episodes before I give my answer. Still early. I like Bananas obviously and it’d be quite a win if he can pull it off with Tony. I’m not sure yet, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some fresh blood with this thing. Like a totally random team that rises up out of nowhere to win. I’d be down for that.

If you could bring back any challenge, which would you like to see again? I really liked Battle of the Seasons but know that’s never going to happen again since there are no more Real World seasons.

Comment: Since they all hook up with each other, I’d be good with another Battle of the Exes season.

Hey Steve,

1. At the Men Tell All, did you hear anything regarding Becca’s response when Chris Harrison inevitably asks her at the end if she’s in love/happy? Assuming she says she is..Chris never specifically asked her that, however he did ask her about the many comments she made towards Jason being the best kisser and if that’s true, and her answer referenced “the guy she’s currently with.” Like “I am with someone, so while I want to respect him, yes Jason is a great kisser.”

2. I thought you’d have mentioned Bekah M on your list of Bachelor Nation contestants who would fare well on The Challenge. Seems like she would play the social game well. Any other additions to that list after thinking about it more?

Can’t wait for this week’s podcast and the coverage still to come as this season winds down. Thanks!

Comment: She never crossed my mind. I don’t think she’d do well on that show. Haven’t really come up with anyone else, but I know there’s probably a few I’m just not thinking of. I mean, Jordan Rodgers would do well, but are we talking about people from the franchise who actually would consider doing the show? Because he’d never do it.

Here are a few questions I forgot to ask in my earlier email:

1. Do you think that if Lincoln had made it to hometowns, the show would have aired it? I reluctantly admit that I would’ve been curious to see his family. They would’ve had to.

2. Do you think that it is ironic that the one successful final couple (from the bachelor side of the franchise at least) is the one that did not sleep together in the fantasy suite (Sean and Catherine Lowe)? It’s certainly possible, but who knows how much that played a factor.

3. Do you think the reason why Colton and Aly Raisman never slept together is because she was emotionally scarred after being molested by Dr. Larry Nassar? She was just talking about that at the Espy’s last week. I’d say that’s definitely a possibility. That was a pretty amazing thing they did at the ESPY’s.

4. Are you surprised that Andi is the only former bachelorette that is still single? Do you think that some guys are afraid to date her because they think that she might write a tell all book about them? No, I’m not surprised. I mean, if I were a guy that was interested in her, it’d for sure be in the back of my mind. But it wouldn’t prevent me from dating her. I just think there are other things going on there as to why she’s still single.

5. Are you surprised that the producers brought Shushanna back to paradise after she cursed them out last time? She did? I don’t even remember what she did last time ha ha.

6. After listening to your podcasts, I think you kind of sound like Jimmy Fallon.

Comment: Well, that’s a first. Never got that one. Uhhhh, is that good or bad?

PLEASE tell me there is at least a day in between all the fantasy suite dates!?!?! or do they wake up with #1 and then spend the rest of the day with #2, then wake up the next morning with #2 and then spend the rest of the day with #3???? because i know whenever they say ‘weeks’ on the show it is really days. please and thanks.

Comment: Yes. There is a day between each one.

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