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“Reader Emails” & BIP Episode 3 Mini-Recap

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Hey Steve,

Quick question- while watching the finale, I noticed that the couple meet up that the showed at the end of the episode appeared to be in the same house that Becca and Arie had their weekend trips. Can you confirm if they were at the same house?


Comment: I didn’t watch that closely when they showed Becca and Garrett on their Happy Couple visit, but a few people mentioned this. Maybe I should’ve paid more attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

Hi Steve,

I have never written in to you before but Rachel Lindsay’s blog about Becca’s season finale really got me so annoyed.

Rachel sound so entitled, ungrateful and spoiled by complaining that ABC owed her one. Is she serious? Because of ABC, she has a fiancée, a huge ring on her finger, a lifetime of memories from her vacations during her season as well as Nick’s, new experiences (ie lip sync battle), money from endorsements etc. Unless Rachel signed a contract that said she wasn’t going to participate in three hour live episodes, then she should stop complaining and be grateful for all of the benefits she’s gained from the show.

And isn’t she supposed to be blogging about Becca’s happy ending instead of talking about her own “mistreatment”. I really hope ABC sees how ungrateful she is, and not even consider offering her and Bryan an opportunity for a TV wedding.

Thanks for reading this.

Comment: A lot of people feel this way. It’s her column so she’s allowed to write it however she wants. I did think that was definitely an odd way to recap the ending that way though. I didn’t see exactly what she was trying to accomplish. What she said was true, that her finale was different than Becca’s, I just don’t know why she felt the need to harp on it then ask for a TV wedding at the end as if they owed her something. But Rachel has always been one to speak her mind and not hold back, so I can’t say that was out of character for her. I just couldn’t understand the motivation behind it.


I tried searching your page, and I didn’t find anything on this. Maybe I just didn’t look well enough. What do you think of Elan? I ask this because I saw you mention him when you said maybe he wrote Leo’s “apology”. I was wondering why he would do that for him, if he did. Then it got me wondering what kind of a dude he is, since it seems all the people on the show like him. Ok that’s it! Thanks for your great posts, they really keep me entertained.

Comment: There are people in this franchise who love him (those who don’t want to burn bridges) and there are people who have specifically told me he’s an asshole and one of the biggest liars on the show. So again, it’s a matter of preference. I’ve never interacted with the guy, but I’ve heard enough stories, and seen enough proof where I tend to lean towards the latter.

(Subject): Big Brother Production Manipulation of the Game

I have long suspected that production interferes with the contestants on the game.

Earlier this week one of contestants, Haleigh, is overheard saying on the feeds that “they told me in the DR I’m going to win HOH”.

This same contestant won HOH that night.

She, Haleigh, was also overheard on the live feed saying “they told me I’m going to win the next one”.

Which, she did.

Whether it was supposed to be HOH or not is irrelevant.

I am a Fan.

This show used to be real, the games had a least some integrity.

This year they gave 3 contestants Apps that will help change the outcome of the game.

An edge in the game.

I do not have a problem with that…

I have a problem with cheating.

Comment: I can honestly say I don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about. I don’t watch the show.

Do the Paradise couples get Happy Couple weekends until the show ends?

Comment: No. They’re allowed to see each other and basically just told to be careful. Paradise producers are much more lax about their final couples. And we’ve seen throughout the years, these couples love to post pictures of each of them in the same place, just not in the same shot. Happens all the time. We saw it that one season with Amanda & Josh, Lace & Grant, and Carly & Evan. All three of them were posting social media stuff hinting they were together without actually putting themselves in the same pictures.

Hey Steve,

I finished listening to your podcast with Sean Lowe, and thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. Outside of the meat of the interview, what struck me about this one was the organic promotional tie-in of the Vouch app. It seemed like a mutually beneficial way to get a name like Sean Lowe to join you – I don’t know if that was your hook, but if so it was smart. Following the likes of the Britt Nielsen who boxed herself out without compensation – it allows you to go a different angle of not necessarily compensating them yourself, but offering a platform to promote their business or perhaps a brand they work with, which allows compensation on the backend (and you know these people will do anything for a buck). It behooves the brand to expand their reach to Bachelor fans who may be following you but not necessarily that guest, and potentially opens the door for you to build an advertising partnership with that brand as well. I know you don’t necessarily need something like that to get a guest on, but if you’re trying to think of a big name for Podcast #100 (and beyond), I’m personally more than happy to listen to a few ads in order to get more big tea spilled. Love your work – have listened to nearly every podcast and still a regular on the site. Looking forward to many more good ones! Just wish they were up earlier on Thursday mornings so I could listen to them during my commute – don’t know if you have any control over that, but I’m just always excited for them to be posted!

Take care.

Comment: If anyone wants to come on because they have something to promote, I’m all for it. They just have to know I’m not doing an interview just about their product and that’s it. Sean’s buddy Austin (who was mentioned in the podcast) emailed me wanting to see if I was interested in having Sean on because they were launching a dating app that week. The timing was perfect because it was right at the end of Becca’s season. So I told him sure but that I also would want to talk about his time on the show and would probably need an hour or so for the interview. He put me in touch with Sean, Sean said no problem, and the rest was history.

The thing is, I always figured Sean would be on at some point. I just hadn’t directly reached out to him before Austin contacted me. If they never did, I guarantee Sean would’ve come on. It just so happened it worked out this way. Glad it did and judging by the downloads, definitely one of the more popular ones.


I know you don’t care about social media much, so you may not know the answer to this. I noticed (while bored at work and flipping through Instagram and going down an Instagram hole) that a lot of bachelor/ette/BIP people are friends with Brandi Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’s sister). She posted pictures with Nikki Ferrell and Olivia Caridi, has Vanessa Grimaldi commenting on a bunch of pictures, and has a podcast with Wells Adams.

My question is: how is she related to the bachelor universe? Is she friends with a producer? Did she randomly become friends with one of them at one point and it spread because they’re all semi-famous and like other semi-famous people?

It just seemed odd and I was curious if you know.


Comment: I’m pretty sure it was the Wells podcast that started it and she met people through that.

I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of reaction about this but…I think it was a sh^*%# move on the producers’ part to bring back Becca. It was blatantly obvious to me that Bibiana was encouraged by the producers to keep Colton on- knowing that Becca would be showing up. I actually felt bad for Colton. And I liked Becca- even by the end of her season (I’m usually sick of the lead long before that point)- but her going along with the whole thing makes me look at her differently.

Yes, Colton put himself into the situation by going to Paradise- but I can understand his reasoning for wanting to try to move on. I think Tia has been forcing herself down his throat and isn’t taking his hints. Poor guy- he doesn’t need this silly show to find love.

Comment: You say that, and a part of me agrees. But knowing that Colton loves being part of Bachelor Nation and I’m guessing isn’t just going to disappear from this franchise and will ride that train as long as he can, I can’t feel sorry for him. If he’s obviously not that bothered by Becca showing up and not pissed at producers for it, why should we be?

Hey Steve,

I really think “Grocery Store” Joe is unintentionally hysterical. The show obviously plays it up as well. Have you heard anything about him; is he really as dim-witted as he appears?

Comment: He comes across to me as a guy who maybe just isn’t cut out for TV and this franchise. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing. It’s probably better that he isn’t.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for all the awesome content on your site. I really enjoy reading your posts and all the behind the scenes content you provide!

Last year I thought I read something about how BIP is only 2 weeks long. So last night when I was watching the rose ceremony I was curious if this occurred only on their 3rd day of being at Paradise? What is the timing between those? I always find the timing seems to really put the show into perspective on how fast the contestants can “fall in love.”

Thank you!

Comment: Yeah, rose ceremonies are essentially every 3-4 days while they’re out there. No different than “Bachelor” actually (while filming is still in the states). They just don’t film nearly as long. It’s about 2 ½ weeks total.

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  1. jlal

    August 15, 2018 at 11:37 AM

    After seeing how Colton acted after talking with Becca, I now wonder if he was faking the crying jag. Wow, if so he is good because it is hard to fake sob like that, tears and all. I didn’t realize he was only 26; that is way too young. Like tinyred said, he is a young 26 too. Way too immature and young to get married or frankly even be ready for a committed relationship. He needs to have a few relationships and get some experience, figuratively and literally

    Chris is such a hypocrite. After dogging Colton, he turns around and does the exact same thing to Tia. I do think that Chris and Krystal deserve each other though.

    Bibi better have made a deal with production to stay on another week, because I don’t think Colton will return the favor.

    Jordan and Jenna are a hoot. Jenna has a little bit of a modern day Marilyn Monroe vibe to me.

    The chick who likes Jordan (forget her name, Elise Annalise??), is 33 Jordan is I think 26 (a more mature 26, but still), that is a seven year age difference. Not insurmountable, but it can be tricky. A good friend’s wife is seven years older than he and they have been married almost 40 years and have grandchildren, so it can work. I actually think seven (I’ve dated younger too) is as much as you should go. When it gets to 10 or more years it can be really tricky, because you’re almost from different generations. It also depends on what age you get together. It is a big difference between 25 and 35; not so much between 45 and 55.

    Grocery Joe is so genuine. I hate that people are calling him a doofus. He is a successful business owner, so he has to have some smarts. He is just not cut out for the immature, drama and shenanigans that go along with this franchise. I don’t think he finds love, but I wish he would have.

    David is still a weenie.

  2. ctrealitygirl

    August 15, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    Grocery Store Joe is no doofus. I think he’s just not comfortable being on camera all the time. He’s actually a normal person…which is extremely rare for this franchise! I find him quite refreshing and genuine. I like him and Kendall together. And David needs to go and stay away. He’s been on two shows and on neither did he ever attempt to date anyone! He just wants to spoil everyone else’s fun. Go away!!! As for Colton…I fear he’s in WAY over his head. My guess is that producers are desperate for him to be the bachelor (for what reason I cannot fathom), so they’ve been pushing him to act the way he’s acting…but he is NOT pulling it off. He must be home cringing as he watches himself on TV. So far, the best “act” on BIP is Jordan and Jenna…hysterical pair!

  3. jlal

    August 15, 2018 at 4:03 PM

    Ctrealitygirl, we agree again.

  4. corn29

    August 16, 2018 at 1:21 PM

    Nysha’s boobs, will you accept this rose?

  5. corn29

    August 16, 2018 at 1:23 PM

    John is a moron for not being into Caroline… John, here’s a hint… even with all your money, a Miss USA contestant will never be in to you as much as Caroline was throughout your life ever again!

    Looks aside, Caroline comes across as decent, well rounded, person… odd for this franchise I know!

  6. corn29

    August 16, 2018 at 1:32 PM


    > As for Colton…I fear he’s in WAY over his head.
    > My guess is that producers are desperate for him
    > to be the bachelor (for what reason I cannot
    > fathom), so they’ve been pushing him to act the
    > way he’s acting…but he is NOT pulling it off.

    Just a thought… I’m not disagreeing with anyone here but Colton struck me as sincere. I know the show is manipulated and the producer influence makes it a bit artificial… but I had a situation in my life which played out EXACTLY as Colton’s did Tuesday night.

    Mine took a year and a half rather than 5-6 weeks but when you tell someone you love them, and I don’t use those words loosely… and they meet your family, and you think it’s being reciprocated… it’s a kick in the crotch.

    Moreover when someone like Becca, who is says inappropriate things during heavy moments or during breakups, it just makes matters worse.

    I’m not on the Colton bandwagon per se, don’t give a crap if he’s the next bachelor or not, but his emotions are real. I cried like that once too. I felt confused and loss like he was once too. It’s horrible to go through that and still fit into other’s expectations of masculinity. Colton may be confused, and I’m glad he got closure, but he’s not fake or phoney like people are suggesting on the interwebs.

    Personally, the people watching that should be cringing are Jordan and Chris. Chris’ IG apology after getting sent home on the Bachelorette turns out to be complete BS now. Chris is who he is… and Jordan is just a world class ahole.

  7. tinyred500

    August 17, 2018 at 5:28 AM

    I like Joe, I had to look up ‘doofus’, it’s not a word we use of over here…and he isn’t stupid, he’s just a normal man whose just not as polished as most of the type of contestants that are the norm for this franchise. I find him very agreeable and very likeable. Charming. 😀

    I like Kendall too, again, not your normal contestant that comes on these shows. I’ve not taken to Tia (I find her too whinny) and I didn’t like her on The Bachelor, and so any more airtime given to her is overkill for me.

    Jordan is very funny and makes the shows more fun for me. He’s got an overall self deprecating demeanour and humour that too many peeps miss, and thus miss take his model and narcissistic talk and stance as serious. Agree David needs to go…just irritating!

    I haven’t decided whether I think this years season of BIP is worse than any of the others. I didn’t see last years, but the first and third season’s were my favourite to date.

  8. upmyalley

    August 18, 2018 at 2:42 AM

    I have watched the first 2 episodes of BIP so far because I just never had an interest to watch it before. Now I understand why I had no interest. This is the lamest pile of crap show. No real purpose, no real people and the ones playing people roles (haha) are high school brats, fboys, and hoes basically. And yeah, David needs to just disappear, so annoying! Oh, I get it…mindless background noise?

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