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“Reader Emails” & BIP Episode 3 Mini-Recap

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You know, we had another episode of BIP on last night, and trying to keep track of who’s making out with who is equivalent to a Carrie Mathison board on “Homeland.” Or CT on the “Challenge” last night figuring out who are the power teams. We’re venturing into Venn diagram territory now trying to figure out all these hookups, and not only that, just the reason for the hookups. Nothing Chris did last night made any sense whatsoever. None. I’m sure he’ll take to social media today and begin to explain himself, but that one was a head scratcher. There could be some editing involved, or conversations that weren’t shown to us which would make him jumping from Tia to Krystal in 14 seconds make a hell of a lot more sense, but from what was shown to us, he was just a dog. Chris has shown he has no problem taking to social media to explain to the world what happened on his show, so maybe we can wait in anticipation for that today. Or not. The fact that Tia confronted him after the fact which will lead off next Monday’s episode makes me think that we weren’t missing out on any conversation. He just decided to flip on Tia and explore other options, which everyone who goes on that show has a right to do. But after all the pandering he did to Tia and all the things he was saying to her, to immediately explore your options shortly thereafter isn’t a good look. But it’s coming. At some point we’ll hear the reason as to why. These people can’t not control themselves when an edit makes them look bad. He owned up the first time. Lets see what this one brings.

Did other stuff happen on BIP last night? Yeah, I guess. Lets see, Caroline came in and looked completely uncomfortable being there. Jubilee came in and took absolutely zero prisoners, gave no f**ks, claimed her man and went about her business. Jenna came in and, ummmm, well you all saw it. Jenna is quite the character. Pretty much seems like she’s loopy at all times and kinda hard to take serious. But she’s entertaining, I’ll give her that. I just don’t know if she’s purposely trying to be entertaining, she’s naturally entertaining, or she’s suuuuuper thirsty and doing whatever she can to be memorable and capitalize off the show. I guess time will tell on that last one. Do I ever see her and Jordan walking down the aisle? Not in a million years. But the journey of those two sure will be crazy fun to watch.

There really wasn’t much else to come out of last night. I don’t need to break down John and Caroline’s date, or John and Jubilee’s date, or the wackadoodles that are Jordan and Jenna together in conversation. It was pretty self explanatory. I guess the only other thing that piqued my interest last night was David who has to be just like a lost puppy out there in Mexico. It’s clear he’s playing a role, and that role is to just be the thorn in Jordan’s side. The whole birthday cake with Jenna after she’d spent the day attached to Jordan’s face was so forced. Nothing about that looked natural, Jenna obviously doesn’t have any interest in him, yet he puts himself in those positions, for who? For what? I don’t get it. At least if you’re gonna sign on to do these shows, try and have fun. Go date other people or what not. The schtick is just old. I literally want David on the podcast so I can ask him what the hell he was thinking on “Bachelorette” and now Paradise.

I’ll have more next week, just wanted to give a few thoughts on last night.

By the way, apparently “Floribama Shore” ran two episodes on Monday night without giving Nell Kalter a heads up, so here’s her recap for episode 7. And coming tomorrow, yet ANOTHER recap from her as the premiere of “Are You the One” season 7 begins tonight on MTV. This is going to be good since they are a breeding ground for future “Challenge” contestants…

Lets begin our “Reader Emails” here shall we?

How much do contestants make for having a successful podcast like Ben and Ashley for the almost famous podcast?

Comment: Every podcast is different. It’s all dependent on what podcast company you’re working with (if any), how many downloads you get, what they’re selling it at, etc. I have no idea about theirs or anyone else’s. I only know mine. Impossible question to answer.

Hi Steve,

I seemed to have forgotten to send this email before the reader email deadline but I just wanted to say I enjoyed all your recaps this season, the snark was great and over all I like that you just make fun of the show. As for Garrett while I don’t agree with any of the things he liked, I believe that he sincerely apologized and obviously its his actions from here on out we have to watch for. I think people need to cut him some slack, he apologized and I do think people have the capacity to grow and if he’s committed to that then more power to him, obviously you can’t please everyone but owning up to your mistakes and trying to better yourself is a step in the right direction. At the end of the day Becca seems happy and we should all be happy for her. I agree with calling out people for inappropriate behavior but a lot of people seem to be keyboard warriors and just say really nasty things which I think is uncalled for, I believe in giving people second chances and from everything he’s shown us, he truly is in love with Becca and I do believe she picked who was right for her and the only people who really do know him are the people who are close to him and I for one am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I just wanted to reach out and share my thoughts cuz I just saw a lot of hate being thrown at both of them. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Comment: It’s all we can do at this point. It’s their life, they seem happy now, and lets hope he’s a man of his word.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your site for a few years and wanted to specifically thank you for the efforts you have been putting in in the last few season to really evaluate how you talk about the women especially that go on this show. I don’t agree with all of your impressions of people, but it is clear that you have made an effort to partner with amazing women like Sharleen and Ashley Spivey and are actively seeking out and learning from different perspectives/takes on issues.

I appreciate the open dialogue in those conversations and I also appreciate that you have been proactively giving women opportunities to discuss real issues in a safe space.

It’s great to get spoilers, but it’s even better to see evidence that people can change over time in positive ways and become allies.


Comment: Thank you. I’ll be the first to admit I was way more brutal in my recaps, and in general, just even a few years ago. Times have changed. If I didn’t change with them, I’d be an idiot. But as you get older, you certainly do see things differently as well. My views now at 43 were a hell of a lot different than they were 10 years ago. Hell, even 5 years ago.

People like Sharleen and Ashley certainly helped in that respect, as well as just reading up on a lot of stories in the #MeToo movement. Before I either didn’t pay attention enough or just never comprehended why women didn’t come forward right away with attacks against them. Now I get it because I’ve seen the backlash they get and the few amount of people that believe them. I think it’s something everyone should take into consideration, but I know that’s asking a lot.

Hi Steve,

You’ve probably heard this many times, but your web site and tweets are the best part of every Bachelor and Bachelorette season.

One thing I have always wondered is why the people on these shows don’t use tissues or handkerchiefs. It’s not just eliminated contestants…Becca did her share of weeping, as have others. When Blake had his face in a towel, it was the first time I had seen it. The producers should have the decency to provide a way to wipe tears (and runny noses) besides their hands.

Thanks for the entertainment!

Comment: Must be a TV thing. It would look pre-planned if a tissue was readily available. I mean, technically we don’t know what’s going to make someone cry, so, there’s no need to always have one handy. Hey, at least they had a towel for Blake. There’s a start.

Hey Steve,

Love reading the content on your site! One quick question here… I’ve noticed Jason has done a ton of interviews, started hanging around a ton of people in bachelor nation (I.e. the whole paradise crew for this year, dean, Becca T, etc) and he’s gone on a lot of pods including almost famous… is it just me or is this guy campaigning harder than most for the bachelor gig? Like it kinda sucks because he seemed so nice and genuine but the things he’s doing literally SCREAMS that he desperately wants to be the bachelor and is doing everything he can to get former contestants to rally around him. Has this happened before ever? Do you think it’ll work? I know a lot of people are torn between Jason and Blake for the bachelor gig but some facts:

– Jason is verified on Twitter and insta already, Blake hasn’t done that. Not that this necessarily means anything but I kinda like that Blake hasn’t gone out of his way to get verified. To me it seems he cared less about followings and more about Becca.
– the almost famous pod definitely LOVES him and had him on after MTA for Jason Tells All… both say he is bachelor material and what not, yet nothing with Blake after he goes home… they also did a pod with Colton when he got sent home so why not Blake?
– Jason literally tweets or makes Instagram posts all the time and will be with other BN people, which I think is a way he’s trying to gain a bigger following on social media so he has a better chance. Again screams desperation in hopes of getting the bachelor gig.

Maybe I’m way reading into things but Jason’s blatant attempts at getting more followed by leaning on former contestants like dean or Becca T or now the people on paradise just makes me so turned off. I guess at this point I don’t get why girls are so in love with him because he seems to have thrown out the genuine, sweet Jason, and is no aggressively pursuing the bachelor gig. I know you said you heard some bad things about both him and Blake, but out of curiosity, have you heard more bad things about Jason or Blake? Do you think Jason is just in this for the fame? I know Blake isn’t perfect but at this point, he seems ten times more genuine than Jason and I would rather see him as the bachelor than someone who campaigned like he was running for office…

Comment: He’s definitely campaigning hard. It’s a case-by-case basis whether or not that’s a turn on or off to some people. The people that want him to be the “Bachelor” don’t mind it at all. Sounds like you’re a Blake fan, so naturally what Jason’s doing isn’t your thing.

What I’ve heard about either guy isn’t horrible. But yeah, there’s some negative stuff out there.

Do you think they would ever consider Nikki Bella to be the Bachelorette? Now that she is done with John Cena, she would probably be interested.

Comment: No. Way too popular. She doesn’t need this show.

1. Does all the episodes editing happen before they air or as they air and they get a response from the audience do they up some narratives or take away others if they don’t work? Editing is happening all throughout the season. Definitely they are adding and taking things away as the show is going on.

2. Do they ever blur body parts even if they don’t show just to get a reaction from the audience?

Comment: Absolutely.

Hey Steve,

Had 2 quick questions for you.

First, wondering if you know anything about why Yuki and Wells were back in Mexico this week. Don’t know.

Second, wondering if you have heard anything about Kaitlyn and Shawn? She insta storied a pic that looked like she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring so wanted to see if you had any details?


Comment: If Kaitlyn and Shawn break up, trust me, it will be covered by all the media outlets and they will put out a statement. I don’t follow either of them so all I’m hearing is the same thing you sent me along with what probably 100 others have sent. Kaitlyn isn’t wearing her ring, she’s posting cryptic things on IG, and she went home to Canada for a month without Shawn. That’s all I know and all we know. Doesn’t sound great, but I have no inside knowledge of what’s going on.

Hi there,

I have to ask, do the bachelors/bachelorettes spend more time with the contestants that is not aired. Every time I watch this show they go from getting to know them to falling in love right away and then when they choose someone it’s like they’ve known them for sooo long. Do they spend more time together in between dates?

Comment: Not really. From the beginning until the end of filming, the lead probably spends a total of 3-4 days with the person they chose if you add everything up.

Hey Steve,

This isn’t so much a question but just an overall observation I’ve made from watching the bachelor franchise over the past couple years. I had watched some seasons of the bachelor and the bachelorette really Spotify but it was JoJo’s season of the bachelorette whenever I really got hooked on it. And I have noticed that almost every season since then (and counting Ben’s season cause what motivated me to watch JoJo’s was seeing the huge backlash to Ben’s finale all over my twitter feed when it aired) they all have ended with the lead getting a significant amount of backlash for their final pick. Like I’m curious if it’s always been this way or what cause I can’t recall a season (perhaps Arie’s ending would’ve been a little more positive if he would’ve stuck with Becca and didn’t go back to Lauren) where it felt like it ended on a truly positive note. I know they have to find some way to get people to keep watching, but it would just be nice for them to make the final pick look like complete garbage so viewers would get upset that the lead picked them. I mean, no person on this planet is universally liked. And especially the die hards that watch this show always have their favorite. So no matter who the lead chooses, a faction out there will always say they chose the wrong person and made a mistake.

Also this is just a side note: but looking back on JoJo’s season, I realize that no matter what she would’ve done, she was going to look bad in some sort of way. Cause both Jordan and Robby seemed like pigs, and say if she didn’t choose someone people will still get mad cause they expect this show to end in an engagement. And knowing how big of a fan favorite Luke and Chase were and seeing how they’ve turned out, it really does feel like even though Jordan did seem really shady at the time she made the right call with him. But I feel for her, cause that’s gotta be a tough spot to be in knowing no matter what you did, people weren’t gonna be happy with you.

Comment: Yeah, pretty much. Every lead goes through that. Would more people have been happy for Becca if the Garrett stuff never came out? I’m sure. That no doubt tainted some people’s perception of him. All you need to do is go check Twitter on the night of the finale. Random keyboard warriors saying they were over it because Becca is an idiot for choosing “the racist guy.” But there still would’ve been detractors even if the story didn’t come out because people who wanted to see her with Blake would’ve been unhappy. Yeah, you can’t win over the whole audience. It’s impossible. I gotta believe the leads know this by now though. And if they don’t, they should never sign on to do it in the first place.


I’m a huge fan – I’ve been reading your site for about 6 years. I want to say that I really appreciate how you’ve covered really serious issues within Bachelor Nation, specifically the interview with Meredith you did. That was a really personal, huge thing that she shared and you responded with respect and concern, treating it with the seriousness it deserved. The interview was so much more than “Bachelor Gossip,” it was good journalism and I know it meant a lot to many of your listeners who may have had similar experiences. It was really brave of Meredith to share her story – I wish her healing and happiness. I’m also really enjoying the He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey! Keep up the great work. Thank you. Got a real interesting caller on the next episode (coming out Aug. 21st). One of the most f***ed up situations you can imagine. And a lot of it is just horrible luck. Very interesting call that goes on for 45 minutes. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the only call on that show, since I feel it’s a such a compelling and interesting story. Ashley even comments it’s a story that could be made into a book or a movie.

My question is about the editing of the show. I read somewhere that the actual editing of the show is not done by producers, but instead is done by people who never interact with the cast. So producers may not actually know how “their” contestant will be edited until after filming is actually done. Is this true, or do producers know all along how contestants will be edited and encourage them to act in ways they know will make them look bad (i.e. Olivia, Krystal, etc.)? I’m always so surprised when “villain” contestants buddy up with the producers after the show.

Comment: Yes, that’s true. Producers are just there to ask the questions behind the camera and make suggestions about what to say/do before certain situations. Listen to the podcast I did with former “Bachelor/ette” producer Michael Carroll. He talks about that exact thing. Very interesting stuff.

The buddying up with the producers is definitely more about not burning bridges. The producers that are with you during filming basically have nothing to do with the “edit” we see on TV. That’s all done by professional editors back in LA. However, the producers do know what buttons to press to give those editors great material. So I guess you could say they are indirectly responsible. But most that suck up to the producers and what not are just looking to keep a good standing with the show so they can appear on future seasons, etc.



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