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“Reader Emails,” & Mini BIP Episode 5 Recap

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Well that sure was an interesting night last night. I’m sitting watching Paradise minding my own business and the power goes out with 30 min left in the show. I’ve been in this house 5 years (almost exactly to the day), and I can count on one hand how many times the power has gone out. When it has, it’s momentarily and comes back on seconds later. There was no storm last night, no rain, nothing. I guess something must’ve happened to a power line. After about 30 minutes, I realized it was probably lasting longer than normal. So Luka and I just sat there in the dark doing nothing other than me reading stuff on my phone while Luka jumped in my lap. At 11:00pm, power finally came back on after 2 ½ hours. It’s amazing how little there is to do during a power outage. Seems simple, but outside of looking on your phone, what is there to do? Nothing. I did take Luka on a walk to kill time and saw that other houses were out so it wasn’t just mine. But yeah, I realized Tuesday night is my biggest night of shows DVR’d so either some never fully recorded or some didn’t record at all that started after 9:00. First world problems I tell ya’. I guess you could say I’m a fan of electricity. Let not have that happen again. Thanks.

Small BIP recap coming since, well, I only saw the first 90 minutes, and secondly, not a whole hell of a lot happened last night. There were three major storylines, and that was: the arrival of Leo and him invading the Joe/Kendall relationship, Colton and Tia (shocker), and Benoit arriving putting a wrench into the Jordan/Jenna relationship. Nothing that happened was too much of a surprise, but there were some things to note in these relationships.

-The funny thing about Leo (if there is anything that could possibly be funny), is the fact that all this went down before news broke of his past, his alleged treatment of women, his Twitter meltdown with Bekah, etc. So to hear all the women swooning over Leo showing up like he was some Greek God was utterly hilarious and I’m sure all of them felt like taking a cold shower watching that back last night.

-The Leo/Kendall connection was interesting because they didn’t address the fact they were talking/seeing each other before the show started. They were. Not sure why they wanted to hide it, but by all accounts, they were very much talking, had been on date(s), and they knew they were both going on the show. Kendall was not surprised he was there as much as she tried to pretend she was. Say what you will about Leo, but he’s much more geographically desirable to Kendall than Joe is. That’s just a fact. They live in the same city. One thing Joe has going for him? He doesn’t have multiple women accusing him of sexually harassing him. So I guess he’s got that going for him.

-As for their date and that whole romance novel by Jorge bringing back Ben, Amanda, Arie & Lauren, uuhhhhhh yeah, your guess is as good as mine. That thing couldn’t have been any more stupid if they tried. I get that was just their way to shoehorn in former contestants for cameo’s, but at least have them do something that’s relevant to the episode. Talk to the cast, be part of a date, be judges in something, hand out a date card, etc. None of that was remotely interesting. Just bizarre all around. The best thing to come out of it? Arie & Lauren will forever be referred to as Raul & Margarita. I hope they put those names on their wedding invitations.

-As for Colton & Tia, just when you think things are going as well as they can be since the two arrived, someone’s got to throw the ol’ monkey wrench into the situation, and we’re back to more crying and questioning by Tia. That person happened to be her good friend Raven who came in and laid the smackdown to Tia questioning Colton’s motives. Nothing Raven said was out of line in my eyes. Hell, I’ve been saying the same thing since he was confirmed as a contestant on Becca’s season. And seeing the way Tia has acted over him all season, there’s definitely a reason for us to question why she feels this way. Somehow, the two of them ended on the note of being boyfriend/girlfriend, which only lasts a couple days in Paradise time, but a week in TV time. Since next week is when I believe Tia and Colton break up and leave the show. So for those asking, they are not together. I know she posts on IG about him and they talk to each other on social media, but are they a couple? No. Probably for the best.

-The Benoit entrance was right around the time my power went out, but just looking at the previews for the episode that ran during commercial breaks, I’m well aware they hit it off and it had Jenna questioning her relationship with Jordan. Since we know how that all ends up, I guess it doesn’t make much sense to dissect the Jenna/Benoit relationship. One thing I think producers could’ve done is maybe given Jenna a mirror at some point before her crying ITM when her lipstick looked like Heath Ledger’s as the Joker. Not to mention Benoit had it smeared all over his lips. Maybe when you’re down in the heat and humidity of Mexico you don’t go full blast with your lipstick. Just sayin’.

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