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“Reader Emails,” & Mini BIP Episode 5 Recap

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Did you see the multiple TMZ articles about Colton? Do you think he is paying paparazzi to take pictures of him and promote him? I find it a bit odd they would care about some d-list star doing pull ups on the beach.

Comment: People notified me of them. His thirst is probably running a little high right now.


When Becca and Colton were talking, she told him that she would Garrett he said hi. Do you think they told him what happened or filmed that one and filmed one with Blake’s name and just put in the correct scene? Interesting theory. I don’t know. My guess would be no since it was a horribly kept secret.

I follow Tia on Instagram and lately when she posts, she is wearing shirts with Colton’s Charity on it. Are they together and hiding it or is she just being a supportive friend?

Comment: They’re not together.

Hey Reality Steve! Im a huge fan hopefully to take over your job one day!!?

1) So I was watching BIP and I realized since Nick left paradise when does his relationship with Chelsea start? Does he come back on the show? They’ve seen each other at least twice post show down in FL where people have seen them. But no, he doesn’t come back.

2) Is it just me or have we seen none of David and Chelseas connection, yet they keep getting each others roses? It’s not just you.

3) Which couples do you expect to announce they’re together on After Paradise? I’d have to go over everyone, but Astrid & Kevin, and Nick & Chelsea for sure. Then again, I don’t even know what “together” means for these people.

4) Do you expect Tia and Colton to end up together like Ashley and jared? Expect it? No. But Jared and Ashley basically have set this bar where any couple on any season will have a selected amount of fans who, no matter if they broke up on the show, will always hold out hope and say, “But look how long it took Jared to come around on Ashley,” and we’ll all be worse off for it.

5) Last but not least Is Wills in contention to be the bachelor, because I feel like with. all the scandals they could use a black bachelor to boost their public image?

Comment: No. Wills is not going to be the “Bachelor.”

Any chance you might illuminate your fans about how “The Proposal” is filmed ( is it over a day or couple of days and compressed into 47 minutes?0 and whether there is any followup on the couples?

Thank you.

Comment: They filmed multiple episodes in the same day and it was filmed back in April and May. It’s a joke.

Hi Steve – Just wanted to say how much I love reading your comments, columns and podcasts. I wish you a lot of luck with Luca. She really looks adorable.

I wanted to bring up a point about Ben Higgins. After he finished his season of The Bachelor, he seemed to want to go into politics and had his name in the running in Denver. From what I read, the bachelor/bachelorette world put a stop to it. Perhaps he still was under contract and they did not want someone to be political.

This has never been addressed again. He seems to be in tight with Chris Harrison and the entire franchise. My question is did they promise him something to give this up.? Maybe that is why they consistently utilize him every chance they can get. I cannot imaging that he was happy about not be able to get into politics but I never heard his side of it.

No one seemed to ever address this. Anything you can add to this situation. Thank you

Comment: Not really. I know nothing about that.

Hey Steve, first time chiming in for these reader email things! Appreciate all of your work to keep us updated and recap the episodes. It makes the season a whole lot more enjoyable to watch. Everyone always ask me why I look up spoilers and I just think it’s because I like knowing who to keep my eye on and form an emotional connection to (weird I know) but thanks for that ha! Couple questions:

Did you see Becca and JoJo’s interviews with OK! Magazine? They were talking about how Becca snuck a phone onto Ben’s season and how JoJo snuck an iPad AND phone onto her season of the bachelorette to keep in contact with Becca. Long story short her iPad got taken up and she said she was scared to ever use the phone and Becca replied with, “Yeah I was so pissed because I wanted you to tell me how you were liking the guys and where y’all were at but I never got anything so I had to follow Reality Steve to know where y’all were at!” I just thought that was funny! Didn’t see that, but good to know they’re paying attention and following along. Or at least Becca Tilley was.

In following that, I wonder if JoJo ever used the phone to look Jordon or Robby up?

Another question I had is that, I know Elan Gale is really close with pretty much everyone from the franchise but I noticed that he doesn’t follow Garrett? I know he has made it known he’s left and considering the scandal, I wonder if Elan still doesn’t like him? I noticed he never offered up any congratulatory posts for them, but he has for every other season before theirs? (Besides Arie and Lauren) and he actually doesn’t follow Lauren either! Any thoughts on this?

That’s pretty much it! Both of these questions prove I’ve got way to much time on my hands! But thanks again for your dedication to making this site good!

Comment: Yeah, I have no idea on that one. As mentioned earlier, I don’t pay attention or really care who follows who in this franchise.

Congrats on finally getting new dog. (It’s been 7 months for me and I’m still not ready, so hearing you finally were gives me hope for the future). My q is- did she come with the name Luka or did you pick that out?

Comment: That was the name the Humane Society gave her when they rescued her from a backyard Oklahoma breeder where she was living in a dirt pen. Her name when they found her was Birdie.

Hi Steve,

How realistic are Colton’s chances of being the Bachelor? I ask because I am a bit tired of his and Tia’s relationship drama. Plus, I think that Colton will just use the show to promote himself.

Comment: Not very.

Hi Steve!

I have a past-season question that I’m hoping your expertise can help answer. Who was the woman whose dad died but whoever the guy of interest was had met her dad like a thousand years ago so she was fixated that he had to be her guy because he “had her dad’s blessing?” I tried googling around but all I found was someone from Arie’s season, and I feel like it was someone else. Do you know of anyone else who had that scenario?

Thanks, you’re an icon!

Comment: No, you were on the right track. It was Jessica Carroll from Arie’s season.

Hi Steve,

I can’t remember if you’re doing reader emails during paradise, but I wanted to see if you noticed that during tonight’s episode while Tia and Colton were on their date and David was at the bar talking to Wells and Yuki, you can clearly see Kenny talking to Benoit behind David. They hadn’t shown his arrival in paradise yet. I’m sure they don’t show events in the order they happen all of the time, but I just thought that it was really poor editing because it wasn’t hard to miss.


Comment: I didn’t notice it at the time, but you’re one of many who sent it to me. Chalk it up to another bad editing job in continuity. Happens all the time every season.

I stumbled on Josh Murray’s new podcast and it was all… very weird. In it he mentions on his season that the producers told Andi she was falling for their “next bachelor” and that they even talked to his family about it during his hometown, and I think he even said they were trying to get him to leave her on the show so he could be the bachelor but “he didn’t want to hurt her” and wasn’t a guy like that. Any idea if that’s true or if they actually talk to contestants about being the bachelor while they are still dating the lead on their show? I heard that particular story after Andi’s season was done filming, so I’m not too surprised. Whether or not they’ve done it on other seasons, I don’t have any specific examples, but can’t say I would be surprised if they did.

Second question about BIP, you had a picture of Chelsea and Nick post show, but they never really showed they liked each other on the show and he went home the first ring ceremony? Also I think they didn’t have any ITM of him leaving and thought that was weird, did they just decide to get together post show and do you know if they are still kind of dating? Just curious.

Comment: They were together last weekend in FL again, so, it certainly looks like something is going on considering she’s left her son in Maine twice now in the past month to meet up with the guy down in FL. I don’t think you do that for someone that’s just a platonic friend.

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