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“Reader Emails,” & Mini BIP Episode 5 Recap

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Hey Steve!

Couple things…..

I introduced my grandson to Grease II this past weekend and thought of you. Gotta start them young! As you should. If he doesn’t want to be Michael Carrington by high school, there’s probably something wrong with him.

I am sure Colton is a fame whore like the rest of them but I can’t help but feel he is catching crap for doing the right thing this time. The boy told Tia the truth unlike Chris. I just don’t get how telling the truth on these shows is such a bad thing! Up front and honest certainly beats faking it till the next one comes along. BIP in showing Tia to look like a stalker at the moment….do you think that is editing or coerced?

Thanks for keeping me company so often on my lunch break!!!! You make me laugh out loud!

Comment: I don’t think that’s what Colton is taking sh** for. At least not from me. I think what Raven expressed last night is a big thing. And then I think even before that, just being so wishy washy and giving her false hope, then taking it away, then taking it back again a day later? It’s a bit much.

Hi Steve,

I saw in today’s Reader Emails that one reader asked about Kevin being full of it when they aired him making the “I knew I wanted to marry her” comment about Ashley I. However, when I watched that I immediately assumed he’d been speaking about his Bachelorette and they edited that sound bite in to make it out like he was talking about Ashley. He was on the Almost Famous podcast right after they broke up, and recently on Kaitlyn’s and in both interviews he made it sound like they were on the same page of liking each other but just seeing what happened. I’m sure he did feel some type of way about her kissing Jared while they were together and him not finding out until way later and all that, which is totally fair, but I doubt he actually said the marriage thing.

Thanks for the spoilers and recaps!

Comment: It’s certainly possible. But Kevin has definitely had an agends since he arrived on Winter Games and it’s well known in certain circles. Nothing he’s done has surprised me.

Why on earth is Wells the bartender now on paradise

Comment: Because he was last season?


Just wondered if you’d ever thought about delaying the occasional spoiler to stop the likes of Kimmel stealing them from you?

I’m guessing you just don’t care any more, but while I enjoy watching Kimmel, I’d love to see him “pick” a winner without having more then the final 3-4 from your site to guess at from! No. Kimmel is not going to dictate how I do my job. As I say every year – just let him do his thing. It’s flattering more than anything.

On Paradise, watching last nights ep and noticed Becca tells Colton she’s goons say hi to Garrett from him. Clearly confirming she was engaged and seeing him. As I understand it, this was filmed waaay before this was meant to be public. Do the producers just not care about the rest of the cast knowing, because the Paradise air date was so far away? But we don’t know that Colton went and told everyone. Maybe he kept it to himself. But people pretending they don’t know the spoilers nowadays are just kidding themselves. I’m guessing every person out there knew already so it didn’t matter.

Also did I miss something or did Jordan basically tell Annalise he’d settle for her if Jenna changed her mind. Is this guy for real? Yup. Pretty much.

Thanks for the reviews and all. I noticed last weeks post Paradise was missing and was oh darn he doesn’t do Paradise ones any more. Glad I was wrong, enjoy reading the write ups!

Comment: My Tuesday recap will be the longer one. Even though each episode is two hours, I just feel like Tuesday’s episode is the lesser of the two.

Hi Steve,

Just to throw this out there for next weeks reader emails (because I have way, way, WAY to much time on my hands to find this kind of stuff)

I don’t think Elan (considering his political views (via his twitter) likes Garrett. I was looking and he doesn’t follow Garrett on any social media, but follows every other past winner. He doesn’t follow Lauren Burnham either, and Arie and Becca are the only ones he didn’t offer a “congrats” post to?


Considering he doesn’t follow him and didn’t offer up a congrats seems like he may not be very into her final choice

Comment: I’ve just never put much stock into who follows who on IG. Could mean something. Could mean nothing. But it’s never 100% all the time, so I don’t bother.

Yeah I know you are a Grease 2 fan but seriously how could you not have been crushin’ on Olivia Newton John? I am guessing it’s our age difference otherwise there is something seriously wrong with you! Thanks for what you do every day as it provides some needed relief from the stresses of life! Have a great one.

Comment: Who said I didn’t? For sure guys were drooling over her back in the day. Especially when she sexed it up at the end of “Grease.”

But “Grease 2” is just, I don’t know how to explain it, basically the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time.


Sean came across in his interview as both likeable and sensible, but one thing he said was kind of jaw-dropping and speaks volumes about the franchise. The fact that he had to beg producers to allow him to spend 10 minutes with Catherine off-camera discussing politics, religion, life priorities, etc. – in other words, the stuff that any stable couple needs to find compatibility on (yeah, 10 minutes ought to cover it) – pretty much shows you why this is the only Bachelor in 22 seasons to marry his F1. Jason and Molly are a success story, but what if Jason had gotten 10 minutes to discuss Melissa’s evangelical faith before asking her to marry him? He could have saved himself a crying fit on the balcony, not to mention being called a “bastard” by Melissa on national TV.

It seems pretty clear that forming lasting couples is the last thing on the producers’ minds.

Comment: Something I’ve been saying for years. It’s a TV show. It’s on for your entertainment and not to be taken seriously. 16 years and 36 seasons in, there’s still plenty that take it seriously.

Hi Steve,

So I’m wondering. Back in February Raven, Alexis and Danielle L said on extra that Kevin was ‘sliding into two of their friends DMs’ and not being a ‘good boyfriend’ Now that Astrid is Kevins love interest in Paradise, I’m curious if she was one of the girls he was DMing back then?

To my knowledge, Kevin never addressed this… On the I don’t get it podcast, he was asked what he thought of Ashley when he first met her and Kevin said that Ashley was on his list based off what he saw from her social media, that the only season he watched was Nick Vialls and how he “wanted zero of them there.” This seemed like a subtle way of shutting down any rumors since the friends that Raven was referring to were likely from Nicks season.

For everything Raven, Alexis and Danielle L said about him in that interview about his ‘intentions’ it’s interesting that they are supportive of his relationship with Astrid now.

The more I hear from Kevin he seems super shady to me. I’m not buying what he is saying about his relationship with Ashley I especially since he keeps changing his story, and because of what his ex fiancée said about him on Olivia’s podcast last week. Thoughts?

Comment: Not sure. But wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. I’d say what Jasmine said on Olivia’s podcast last week is pretty accurate.

Who do u think will be the bachelor 2019.

Comment: A guy.

Dear Steve,

I have followed your site for over seven years! Thanks for all of the great insight and spoilers! On another note, congrats on getting your new dog! She is adorable! I know how hard it is to lose a pet as I lost my second dog five years ago and now have a third one! I have a few questions about some current bachelor and bachelor in paradise stuff.

1. On this past week’s episode of BIP, I had no doubt in my mind that Bibiana giving her rose to Colton was orchestrated by producers. I wanted to ask you if you knew if producers also told Chelsea to give David a rose to stir up note drama between him and Jordan? I found it odd that Chelsea would give David her rose after we saw no interaction between them. Not sure, but wouldn’t be surprised.

2. Are all of the BIP couples who ended up together during filming or after filming this season still together? The engaged couples? Yes. Everyone else? Hard to say.

3. I wanted to tell you that I loved your podcast with Sean Lowe. You asked great questions about his time on both shows! It was interesting to hear about his experience since I read his book a few years back and couldn’t remember everything. Do you think that you would ever consider doing a podcast with him again with Catherine joining him next time? It’s possible but it wouldn’t be for a while.

4. I wanted to voice my opinion on the press repeatedly asking Garrett about the Instagram likes. It was getting so redundant as almost every interview post-show involved it. I am not making excuses for Garrett’s behavior in Social Media, but I think that he was simply ignorant and he realized that he made a huge mistake! Even though I must admit that in the beginning of the season, I was not crazy about the way Garrett spoke about his ex as I felt like he was not taking responsibility for the demise of his marriage. After I saw how emotional he was with Becca’s family, his last date with her and his apology on Instagram and post-show, I thought that he is a decent guy who made a mistake. Do you think that he was sincere in his apology based on what you have heard about him? His sincerity is based on what he does going forward. Did it sound sincere? Sure. But so did James Taylor on my podcast, and look how that turned out. Actions speak louder than words.

5. Do you think that Becca has a good chance at being casted on DWTS this season? No female lead has ever been on that show besides Trista, and that was season 1 when that show wasn’t what it was now. I’d say no.

6. I know that it’s fairly early but have you heard anything about producers considering Peter Kraus for bachelor this season? No.

7. I see that Jason has been campaigning for bachelor since his elimination from the bachelorette aired, do you think that Blake has also been campaigning for the gig? Sure.

8. Did you hear about Josh Murray’s new podcast? Apparently, Amanda Stanton is going to be a guest on one of the episodes. That has to be awkward? Did I hear? Yes. Have I listened? No. I think Amanda going on that show is a terrible idea. But hey, I don’t expect anyone to listen to me.

9. I am a big fan of Rachel, but I don’t know if ABC will give her a wedding since she wrote the blog post about Becca’s finale. I agree to a certain extent that producers protected Becca from watching her full break up with Blake while Rachel had to sit there and watch Peter say she should go have a mediocre life. I just think Rachel might have went a bit too far with her comments. Do you think that this might cost her a TV Wedding? Don’t know.

10. Since Peter’s ex came forward with Sydney for a podcast, have any other girls come forward about Peter? Yes.

11. Lastly, since four seasons in a row the winners of the bachelorette have been the first impression Rose recipients, do you think that producers will encourage the next bachelorette lead to choose someone who is not necessarily someone they see as the one for the first impression rose to make things more interesting?

Comment: You could’ve said they’d encourage them after 1 time. Then 2 times. I have no idea.

Hi Steve,

Love your site and your insight into things.

Few questions –

1) Do you know if Blake tried to contact Becca after the break up? Like Nick tried with Andi and Arie tried with Emily. He said he didn’t. Guess we have to go off that.

2) Will you ever release the negative info on Jason or Blake? Is it as bad as Peter? I can see them both as the type of guys who “ghost” girls. Probably not.

3) do you know if Jason or Blake are DMing any girls in bachelor nation?

Comment: Yes.



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