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Podcast #94 – Interview with Taylor Nolan

One of my favorite podcasts I’ve done to date is today’s with Taylor Nolan. I don’t really know what I was expecting going in because I try not to set any expectations before I interview people. I make my judgement after the fact. And to me, Taylor passed with flying colors. I appreciate her being so open and honest about her most recent public break up, how difficult it was, some of the reasoning behind it, how tough it was deal with in the public eye, and some of her abusive relationships in the past. It’s never easy to talk about stuff like this, but if you’ve heard Taylor’s podcast, you know she’s very descriptive and she’s certainly well spoken and this kinda comes naturally for her. Couldn’t have been more impressed by her and what I took away most from it was she was a lot stronger than I guess I had perceived. Be interesting to see what image people had of her before this podcast and if it changes afterwards. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Taylor’s Twitter handle (@TayMocha) in your replies. It’s long, coming in at over 2 hours, but I definitely think it’s well worth it. A lot of good stuff talked about in this one. Hope you enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Taylor joins me to talk about how she got cast (4:04), did she ever notice Derek during JoJo’s season (8:53), how she managed her dresses (9:52), being one of the younger ones on the show (10:57), who’d she bond with on the first night (14:27), when did she realize Corinne would be the villain (17:58), we break down her “emotional intelligence” line to Corinne (25:54), what she went through while the show was airing (30:10), going on BIP 4 knowing Corinne would be there (38:07), her relationship with Derek on BIP 4 (42:42), was she expecting an engagement at the reunion taping (52:53), being engaged and having to do a long distance relationship (56:41), the up-and-down relationship she had with Olivia Caridi (1:02:45), her abusive relationships in the past (1:15:39), how did she deal with a physically abusive relationship (1:21:47), starting her podcast and what she’s doing post-show (1:26:50), her meeting up with Jason in Seattle and the picture that surfaced (1:41:05), and we end with the Final 10 (1:43:48).

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