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Podcast #96 – Interview with Mike Renner, & (EXCLUSIVE) Ten Women Who Will Appear on Colton’s Season

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A few things to get to today since I haven’t posted in a week. We’ve got our weekly podcast, this time with Mike Renner from Becca’s season. Also, I’ll give you some thoughts on the Jordan/Jenna situation, and exclusively I can reveal to you 10 women who will be appearing on Colton’s season. Three of them will be appearing on “Ellen” today (filmed yesterday) and already met Colton. Two of those three I had and are on today’s list. One of them I don’t know yet, but I’m guessing now that it’s out there, within hours, someone will tell me who she is. Kinda the way it works. UPDATE: Told you that wouldn’t take long. Got her. She’s been added to the list. Anyway, good to talk to Mike today and even though he only lasted 3 episodes on the season, still had some interesting stories from his time there, especially concerning Lincoln. Yes, the last half of the interview I go into sports talk mode as Mike and I talk nothing but football, so be prepared for that. I love nerding out on sports every once in a while, and Mike certainly knows his shit. I’m amazed at the work he and his company puts in to breaking down football. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Mike’s Twitter handle (@PFF_Mike) in your replies so he can see them. Thanks again to Mike for coming on. Hope you all enjoy it…

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(SPOILERS) Mike joins me to talk about how he got cast (5:32), was his limo entrance of the Arie cutout his idea (9:11), did he recognize Clay (11:08), what his thoughts were on the 5 guys he saw on the ATFR that Becca met (14:05), what his problem was with Lincoln (19:31), how bored was he in the mansion (24:09), being on the football group date – his only date (26:33), did he think he was going home at rose ceremony #3 (29:33), post show disappearance – no Men Tell All or Paradise (30:31), his thoughts on some of the other guys in the house (32:55), we spend the next 30 minutes talking about his work for Pro Football Focus, what he does, his thoughts on players, teams, etc (37:52), and we end with the Final 10 (1:08:24).

I mention this at the beginning of the podcast, but for those that aren’t going to listen, here’s the update I’ll give on the Jordan/Jenna situation. I stand by my reporting. There’s nothing new to report. I don’t out my sources, so there’s nothing more to share. The story is 9 days old, Jenna has released 2 Instagram posts and that’s it. I haven’t heard from her, I haven’t heard from anyone involved from her legal team – nothing. I’ve moved on to Colton’s season. If Jenna does anything, then I’ll respond to it, but honestly, I don’t think she will because I don’t see anything she can do. And the longer she takes to do anything, the less I’ll believe it anyway. Her last IG post she mentioned this stuff takes “weeks.” Uhhhhh, no it doesn’t. If you have some sort of proof of anything, you would’ve posted it by now. Saying it’s fabricated on an IG post means nothing when you follow it up with nothing.

I’ve been sued by ABC twice. We settled twice. I never had to pay them a dime. I’m honestly not the least bit worried about anything that Jenna Cooper comes up with legally, to be honest. Bring it. I never had anything against Jenna. This isn’t personal. I didn’t have some sort of vendetta against her. I was given information that I vetted and reported with you all regarding their relationship, you heard her response to Jordan when he confronted her with it, you heard him on the podcast, he believes it was real, he ended the relationship, and she hasn’t done anything to disprove it. And if she does this late after the fact, not only will I not buy it, I doubt any of you will either. Lets move on to Colton’s season…



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