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Colton Filming Update, Caelynn and Miss North Carolina USA, & Episode 8 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

Finally we get some action in “Bachelor” filming yesterday. Not hours after someone tweeted at me asking for more information and I responded with this being the least public season that I can remember in at least the last 5 years, Colton is seen on a 1-on-1 date yesterday in downtown Denver for episode 7, the episode before hometowns. And it just so happened to be with one of the 5 women I hadn’t released yet. So now you have 26 of the 30. I’ve got the other four women I will release within the next week or so. Just curious to see how everything plays out in Denver. Like I’ve said, it’s hit or miss in terms of pictures/videos when they’re traveling overseas. Sometimes I get a ton of stuff, sometimes I get very little. When Arie was in Paris and Italy last year, you pretty much knew every date. Tons of pics and videos got out. Outside of the group date picture in Singapore, there were no other dates that got out publicly in episodes 4-6 for Colton. Which I always say is good for me because when I release the spoilers, you’ll be hearing it for the first time. I’ve got all your eliminations up to this point, and only missing a couple dates. You’ll get it all eventually like you always do.

Episode 8 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast with Ashley Spivey is now up for your listening pleasure. Another good one if you ask me. Two very different and interesting calls. If you want to be a part of an episode in the future, just email/DM myself or Ashley, let us know what time zone you’re in, when the best time for you to record is, and we’ll work out a way to get it recorded. This show has been a lot of fun and it will continue to be released every other Tuesday.

You can listen to today’s podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in by clicking the player below:

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Music written by Kate Bass

In Episode 8, Ashley and I begin the podcast by talking about the complicated issue of is it possible to be friends with your ex when you’re in a new relationship. Dana in Tampa is our first caller and she talks about her mother’s drinking which is starting to interfere in her life (10:59). Then Marissa in North Carolina joins us to talk about her older boyfriend that she moved in with a few months ago whose attitude seems to have changed (35:41). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”

As mentioned above, Colton had a 1-on-1 yesterday with someone I hadn’t released to you yet. Well now you know who she is:

I had some other pictures of them walking around Union Station, but they came third hand and I haven’t gotten permission from the original picture taker yet. If I do, I’ll post them. If not, oh well. Nothing too revealing. Just them sitting in a shop, then walking around outside with ice cream all while walking Colton’s dog. I’m sure now that they’re in Denver, more dates will get out. As long as they’re in public anywhere, it’s almost impossible for them not to be seen. I’ll keep you updated on Twitter today if any new pictures or video get out.

One other thing I tweeted about yesterday was the “controversy” regarding Caelynn and Miss North Carolina USA. As you know, I reported last week she wouldn’t be there this past weekend to crown her successor. Well, apparently that has a lot of people in the pageant industry up in arms. I know this because I was shown some of the posts being made on a private FB group, and the posts weren’t being made by just random fans. They were being made by former winners of the pageant who have held the exact crown she currently has. Words like “disrespectful,” “integrity,” “respect,” and “distasteful.” It’s actually kinda fascinating. I’m not the least bit involved in the pageant world, so something like this would never be on my radar if a reigning titleholder wasn’t at the next year’s pageant to crown her successor. But in that world, apparently this is a big deal, and Caelynn choosing a TV show over fulfilling her responsibilities is not sitting well with a lot of people. And not to mention, this will definitely be a storyline on Colton’s season going forward.

Now, on the flip side, we don’t know Caelynn’s side yet. My guess is she just decided to do the show knowing she wouldn’t be able to make Miss NC USA this past weekend. Simple. However, for the sake of giving her the benefit of the doubt, there are a couple reasons that I can think of as to why she wouldn’t be there:

1) She never thought she’d last that long on the show and would be back in time
2) She was told even if she was still on the show, they’d let her attend

So once this is all said and done, I’d be interested in hearing what she has to say about why she didn’t attend Miss NC USA this past weekend. If she knew from the moment she left for filming that if she lasted that long she couldn’t do it and she made that choice to do the show over the pageant, well, then know she’s being criticized heavily in that world. If she was lied to by production and they told her she would, but then reneged on it, then that sucks for her since she’d be getting undue hate thrown her way. Both are possibilities and we don’t know until we hear from her, which I’m guessing won’t be for a while since contestants aren’t allowed to do interviews while the show is airing. Stay tuned.

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  1. upmyalley

    October 23, 2018 at 1:09 PM

    Looks like nothing to read here this season so why let my phone or laptop get all jacked with an overload of ads for nothing? Maybe Steve’s sources are scaredy cats after the whole texting fiasco he got too involved in and they want to protect themselves and their job. Sure is looking that way.

  2. GoingBlonde

    October 23, 2018 at 6:13 PM

    Steve really needs to stop talking up the Ashley Spiteful podcasts. He acts like it’s the best thing ever and it’s so ridiculous. He must be desperate for listeners.

  3. tinyred500

    October 24, 2018 at 8:38 AM

    upmyalley and GoingBlonde I agree with both your comments. I do think it’s a mixture though, as to why there’s fewer spoilers with less input and feedback via outside sources. I wanted to go spoiler free for a while, though that said, I’m not happy with the choice of Bachelor so I’m not even sure I will bother watching! Lol

    I personally don’t think Steve or Ashley are right to take calls etc regarding suicide or rape etc., because neither are professionally qualified or trained. Even if they are empathetic they could give the wrong advice which could cause more harm than good, and it could backfire on them.

  4. nitejen

    October 24, 2018 at 1:31 PM

    WOW tinyred. Are you serious? They’re giving advice on suicide and rape? Ashley of course thinks she is an expert at everything, so now she gets to play therapist since her new job seems to be sticking her nose in everyone’s business. I have not listened to any of Steve’s podcasts with her and no interest to either, but if they are giving advice on sensitive subjects like this then they could do some serious damage to someone. Ashley needs to get over her God complex where she thinks she can do no wrong.

  5. tinyred500

    October 24, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    On Steve’s last podcast with Mary Delgado he said they’d take calls via Skype regarding rape, suicide and (then the other end of the spectrum) wedding advice etc! I found it scary that people would even call in with such serious issues. I’ve not listened to any of their podcasts, so I’m hoping they haven’t ever received any to date….but I’m kinda guessing they may have going on what Steve says they are open to.

  6. upmyalley

    October 25, 2018 at 3:52 PM

    I have never listened to any of the podcasts. I tried to once but it was too long and too tedious. I lost interest quickly. I too can not stand listening to anything Ashley has her nose in. She’s such a busy body. With all the drama those two have gotton themselves in olved in I can totally see his “sources” afraid of what they may find themselves involved with and what might come back on them. Besides, why give Stevo free info when tmz will pay? Haha! I know, I know, Steve will sing his own praises and credit himself for “showing us” he’s still the man blah blah. But I’m thinking his gig will be up at some point and he better have a back up career. After all, isn’t thst the point of getting a college degree? Being a blogger with barely average writing skills can’t possibly provide for retirement one would think. I’ll read the episode breakdowns probably but I have little interest in watching the 27 year old virgin. I think he’s turned 27….

  7. upmyalley

    October 25, 2018 at 3:59 PM

    Yeah, that blows my mind. Can you imagine what sort of judgey statements Ashley might make to someone suicidal? Back the hell up girl and let the professinals handle things. Does she have to be caught up in everything. What Ashley and Stevo both need most is wisdom and some humility would be great as well. Narcissists do not have those virtues unfortunately.

  8. meredith1972

    October 26, 2018 at 12:44 PM

    If this is the episode just before HTs, he often has 1-1s with the top 3 and a group date with the 4th one. We may be seeing Top 4 and maybe top 3….they occasionally change it up but that is frequently the way of it.

  9. trainwrecktv

    October 28, 2018 at 11:01 AM

    I am not a huge Ashley Spivey fan either, but I prefer podcasts to listening to the radio, so I have listened to a couple of the “He Said/She Said” podcasts. They have had callers with VERY serious issues. One had a serious rape issue bordering on torture. It definitely made me feel uncomfortable enough to stop listening because if the callers are legit, I don’t understand the value of broadcasting a rehash of their story with two people who aren’t equipped to offer more insight than the average person. Also, in a different podcast, Steve did something that is a major pet peeve of mine…he said something to a caller like, “oh, something way worse than that happened to me, but I’m not going to get into it.” Multiple times. It was disrespectful. I think it comes from the fact that he and Ashley aren’t therapists/counselors and aren’t wanting to comiserate with their own personal stories, so they have to grasp to justify their place in the conversation. It feels like the callers are mostly calling to vent and Steve and Ashley spend the time trying to figure out exactly what the callers are trying to get out of the call and how they can sound helpful. Granted – this is based on me only listening to a couple of episodes before I stopped.

    I *by far* prefer Steve’s solo podcast because he has his format dialed in and he is coming from an established, knowledgable position so it makes the conversations much more interesting and focused.

  10. meredith1972

    October 29, 2018 at 7:44 AM

    Reality Steve, sometimes you have a sense as to a front runner. Is there anything you can share with us as to this at this point? Thanks!

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