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(SPOILERS): Update on Colton’s Season & Episode 9 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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Got a lot of stuff to get to today. It’s been a while since I’ve given you any new information regarding Colton’s season. As mentioned before, this has been the least publicly spoiled season they’ve had in probably 5 years. Once they left the country, not much has gotten out publicly. A group date in Singapore, a 1-on-1 in Denver, Caelynn’s hometown and that’s it. Which I’m fine with, since it just means when I do release the episode-by-episode spoilers, you’ll be seeing a lot of stuff for the first time. I’ve already been emailed things like “Well something must be different this season because they’ve kept it under wraps.” Nope. It’s the same thing as it always is, just with different people. There’s drama, there’s crying, there’s cattiness, etc. Just because you didn’t know what was happening every second of every moment during filming doesn’t mean the show is any different. People have become “spoiled” in every sense of the word. It’s like being spoiled isn’t good enough anymore. People expect now to know everything four seconds after it happens, and when they don’t, for some reason they take it out on me, or say I don’t know anything, or claim the show is keeping something under wraps. I hear the same stuff every season. No, this season isn’t any different. I’ve got all your major pieces. It’s the same as it always is. This season will be no different than previous ones. They’ll wrap filming in a couple weeks, I’ll have your winner for you shortly thereafter, and you’ll have your episode-by-episode spoilers after that. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Before we get into “Bachelor” stuff, episode #9 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast with myself and Ashley Spivey is here. And let me tell you, it’s a good one. I don’t necessarily wanna say get your Kleenex out, but, these are two pretty somber phone calls. Ashley definitely has hers out in the second call, and as you’ll hear, it’s for good reason. Again, we love hearing from everyone, and everyone’s got a story to tell. I think today’s calls will resonate with a lot of people, so be sure to give a listen.

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In Episode 9, Ashley and I begin by talking about her Sunday routine with her husband, which then leads to me telling everyone about my first world problem I’m having and my solution for it this Xmas. Lindsay from New Jersey joins us to talk about the post-partum depression she had after a very difficult third pregnancy (12:45). That’s followed by Lauren in Chicago who has been having a very difficult time following the unexpected death of her father a little over a year ago (41:50). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”

Ok, lets get into it. First starting off with where we’re at right now. Last week, I gave you the final four of: Tayshia Adams, Cassie Randolph, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Hannah Godwin. Hannah’s hometown was last Saturday, Oct. 27th, Caelynn’s was Monday, Oct. 29th, Tayshia’s was Wednesday, Oct. 31st, and Cassie’s was Friday, Nov. 2nd. Originally was told that Cassie’s might’ve been Wednesday, but it wasn’t. Tayshia’s Wednesday, Cassie’s on Friday. This past Saturday was the rose ceremony, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes was eliminated. If you follow this stuff enough, you clearly saw Caelynn didn’t hide the fact she was eliminated whatsoever, not only immediately running to Instagram and adding women from the season, she basically added anyone who sent her a friend request. I had at least 10 emails from random fans who told me she added them after they’d requested her. Then to top it all off, Caelynn just completely deleted her Instagram account yesterday for whatever reason.

Now your final three are headed off to overnights. At the beginning of the season, I was told two places they were headed this season: Asia and Spain. Well, they already made their trek through Asia in episodes 4 thru 6. As for where they’re headed now, they’re in Portugal. Now, usually the overnights and final rose ceremony are in the same location. Last season with Becca was an exception as they did overnights in Thailand then went to the Maldives for final rose ceremony. Chris Soules season also did Bali for overnights then back to Iowa for the final rose ceremony. But for the most part, they stay in the same place for the last two episodes. Portugal and Spain border each other obviously, so maybe overnights is Portugal and final rose ceremony is Spain. Or maybe both are Portugal the original info was a tad off. But they’re in Portugal now for overnights, so I’ll update you if something else comes down. However, these next two weeks, it’s VERY rare if any pictures get out. It rarely happens once it’s down to overnights and final rose ceremony, so I wouldn’t expect much.

Lets talk Caelynn for a bit. I brought this up in a previous post, but now that she’s been eliminated, I wanted to talk about it more thoroughly. I feel I can weigh in with a little bit more knowledge on this Caelynn situation now that I’ve spoken to some people in the pageant world. Because Caelynn was the reigning Miss North Carolina USA, it’s customary that the reigning champion be there to crown her successor. Miss North Carolina USA was held on October 20th, and Caelynn didn’t appear because she was still filming. People in the pageant world are not happy. To me and you, or anyone who doesn’t follow pageants, I’m sure your response is, “Big deal she wasn’t there to crown her successor.” Exactly. Because we don’t follow that world. I saw the responses. I read the emails. I received DM’s. This did not go over well at all in that world that she just randomly chose to be on a reality TV show over being there to crown her successor. She’s taking a TON of heat for it in that world which, lets be honest, is a big part of her life. Bachelor Nation probably doesn’t give a f**k she wasn’t there. But pageant world does, so just know that.

Now, Caelynn I’m guessing will not be able to speak publicly on this for months, so we’re not going to get an answer anytime soon. But in looking at both sides of this, and because none of us know exactly her reasoning for not going, I’ve basically come up with three possibilities:

1) She went on the show knowing that if she made it that far and was still filming on Oct. 20th, she wouldn’t be able to be at her successor’s crowing and had made her mind up before she left that she was fine with that.
2) She went on the show thinking that she wouldn’t even make it that far and fully expected to be back by the 20th and would appear.
3) She was told before she left something to the effect of, “If you’re still on the show, we’ll let you leave and come back” and was lied to and wasn’t allowed.
From everything I’m hearing, it was most likely #1. Caelynn knew what she was getting into when she left for filming, she knew there was better than a 50% chance she’d still be filming when Miss North Carolina 2019 happened, she knows her appearance on this show will bring her more opportunities than the pageant world would since her reign ended on Oct. 20th, and she’d made up her mind she was fine with that. We’ll see what Caelynn says when she’s finally allowed to talk, but its my understanding Caelynn knew exactly what she was doing when she signed up for this show.

Now, the next question on everyone’s mind is “Will Caelynn be the next ‘Bachelorette’?” We know that in their 14 seasons, every “Bachelorette” they’ve chosen finished in the top 4 of the season they were on. They’ve never strayed outside of the top 4. So of course Caelynn is in consideration. And certainly a strong candidate no doubt. But it’s way too early to say they already know or she’s already been chosen. They don’t know yet. But I mean you’ve got the runner-up to Miss USA 2018 finishing in the final four of the “Bachelor.” We’re not dumb. Of course she’s a major candidate and will probably have a lot of people hoping it’s her. And I’m sure she wants it. Whether they ultimately choose her, time will tell.

One thing to keep an eye on though is Miss Universe, which takes place Dec. 2017. Wanna guarantee that Caelynn WON’T be the next “Bachelorette?” That’ll be the case if Miss Nebraska and current Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers, wins Miss Universe. If that happens, Caelynn becomes Miss USA. And Miss USA and Miss Universe contractually have to move to NY and live there for a year and do numerous appearances for a whole year. Zero chance she’d be able to go film the “Bachelorette” for a couple months if she’s Miss USA. But from what I’m hearing, Miss Nebraska probably isn’t winning Miss Universe. Kind of a long shot. But just know if she does, Caelynn’s chances of becoming “Bachelorette” become moot. Can’t happen. Something to pay attention to. If Sarah doesn’t win Miss Universe, then yes, you can officially begin the “Caelynn for Bachelorette” campaign, something that I’m sure she will be spearheading because, yes, it is a topic that is brought up by the women during filming.

A few posts ago, I teased a few things to expect this season. I’ve cut and pasted what I wrote and filled in your answers in bold where it’s needed.

-This season started with 30 women
-There has been someone who was eliminated before a rose ceremony (no, it wasn’t Annie) At the time I wrote this, the answer to this question was Caitlin Clemmens. I can tell you now there are numerous women this season who were eliminated before a rose ceremony.
-One of the dates this season had a guest appearance by a fairly well known TV/movie actor. I’d say they are B list, but have become more famous in the last couple years. Terry Crews and his wife are part of one of the group dates in episode 3. And Fred Willard is on a date again for the third season in a row.
-There is definitely a villain this season. Demi Burnett.
-No single mom’s or divorcee’s this season. At the time I wrote this, I didn’t know of Tayshia Adams yet, so that’s changed. More on her on page 2.
-As I suspected when I posted the bios, Heather is the virgin on this season and it’s definitely going to be her storyline.
-I might be very close to giving you a front runner that I’m hearing about. In the past when I’ve posted what I’m hearing early on about a front runner, that person has always ended up being the winner. I’d like to keep my streak intact, so gimmie a little bit and then I’ll let you know about who this woman is. I will be stunned if Cassie Randolph doesn’t win. The one thing I heard a few weeks into filming more often than not was, “Cassie is gonna win, and Caelynn will be Bachelorette.” I mean, Cassie has a 1-in-3 shot of winning now and Caelynn has a 1-in-3 shot of being “Bachelorette” if we are to assume that they aren’t going to stray from their 14 season run of their “Bachelorette” being from the top 4 of the “Bachelor” season they were on. Who finishes 2nd vs 3rd I have no idea. I don’t think it matters at this point. I’ve been hearing Cassie is going to win since mid-October.

Some other spoilers to give you:

-Alex Dillon dresses in a sloth costume the first night. Guess it didn’t go over well since she was eliminated night one.
-Hannah B. showed up with a balloon on her and popped it, making a reference to popping a cherry. Oh boy.
-Caelynn wore a sash that had “Miss North Carolina” on front and “Miss Underwood” on back.
-Hannah B. and Caelynn’s pageant past becomes a major storyline this season. Even though they roomed together at Miss USA, something happened to where they were not friends after that and it becomes something that both of them talk to Colton about.
-There is a cocktail party cancelled so they can have a pool party at the mansion. Something they’ve done numerous times before.

Now head to page 2 for some interesting news regarding one of Colton’s final four women…



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