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Hi Steve,

Just a thought given recent Bachelor events. Do you think some of these bachelor couples psyche themselves out in to taking things slow to the extreme because they’re paranoid about the unique way they met and short time together before engagement? In real life couples can know each other a short amount of time and marry very quickly. Look at Jordan Roger’s brother Luke – broke up with Airelle and now is suddenly marrying this other girl very quickly.

It’s kind of hard to believe that Jordan and JoJo at this point aren’t ready for a wedding or ready to break up. Marriage seems important to both families and they’ve made it through the cheating rumors to a fairly normal routine.
Makes me think they’re overthinking ala Kaitlyn and Shawn. Based on both Kaitlyn and Shawn’s comments it sounds like their relationship was never really strong and they tried for far too long. How long do you think it should take to “know”? I really think it lives in your gut, you know either way.

Rachel and Brian seemed to be going down the same path until their recent announcement — and of the longer timelines this one doesn’t feel exorbitant.

Not a Lauren, Arie, Carly or Evan fan but they all seem to be the real deal.

Some rambling I suppose, but just wonder if these couples are forcing themselves (good or bad) to drag this out.

Comment: I don’t think there’s a universal answer. Every couple is different. Personally, I would think I’d know within a year if I could see myself married to someone, assuming I’d spent a ton of time with them. For me personally, people that are together 3, 4, 5 years and don’t get engaged, I just don’t get it. You should know by then whether you want to marry someone. Unless you went into the relationship and both of you already stated you have zero interest in getting married, then sure, have at it and stay together as long as you want with no real commitment. But guys that take years to propose, I’ll never quite understand that.

Hey steve,

few questions..

1. why do you think the edit of cassie so far has been this bad? like barely any screen time When I hear the word “bad,” I think “negative.” Cassie surely hasn’t gotten a negative edit. Not even close. The only winners who got negative/villain edits were Vienna and Courtney. Cassie isn’t anywhere close the league those women were in. I just don’t think she’s gotten a ton of camera time for someone who won.

2. why did they show colton with a ring and ready to propose???? They didn’t. There wasn’t a ring in the box.

3. can you please explain these previews?!????

Comment: All in yesterday’s column.

I’ve only been watching since Nick’s season…so I don’t know if this goes further back. Do you believe their may be a Bachelor self fulfilling prophecy curse?

Nick: This has to work…this has to work…
Yup…It didn’t work.

Arie: I’m afraid I’m going to mess this up…
Proposed to the wrong girl and then blindsided her on national television to get to the right one.

Colton: I’m so ready to get engaged…
Picks the girl who didn’t want to get engaged.

Were there any more of these you could think of?

Comment: Not that I can think of, but that’s because once the season is over, I’m on to the next one. Hard for me to remember exact things people said certain seasons.

Hey, Steve. Hope you’re doing well. I always enjoy your tweets and spoilers and look forward to them every season.

Here are my questions/comments:

1. Do the producers edit the shows in reaction to your spoilers? For instance, Monday’s episode made it look like you got it wrong. Do the producers go back and re-edit the show to make it look like your spoilers are wrong? Has that ever happened, or do you think they don’t pay attention/care? They know what I post. They read everything I write and are well aware of everything I say. But I don’t know the exact answer to that, nor would they ever admit to it. To guess, yeah, I’m sure they know the spoiler that’s out there and made sure to show certain things in that preview last night. But honestly, they do that EVERY season. I say it all the time. The fans of this show have some of the worst short-term memory ever. They do this every season with clips in previews that never end up airing, get taken in a completely different context, etc. It’s nothing new. So to say it’s in direct response to me? I really don’t know.

2. I know you’ve said it’s very likely Caelynn will be the next Bachelorette. I don’t have a problem with her and I admire her courage, but I don’t want her to be the Bachelorette. It used to be that Bachelors/Bachelorettes were people who were having trouble with their love lives. In the past it’s usually been women/men in their late 20’s or even early 30’s who just haven’t been able to settle down for whatever reason. And I know social media has made the tone change and 99% of contestants do it for publicity. But I miss those days. Caelynn is a Miss USA runner up who is still in her early 20’s. There’s no reason to suspect she won’t find a partner. I wish the show would go back to those roots. Alas, I don’t think we’ll see that happen. Just wanted to vent.

Thanks again!

Comment: Ok. Hey, we’re still a month out. No announcement has been made. She’s obviously in the running, but I really don’t know what they’re looking for. To me, having sexual assault survivor be your “Bachelorette” in the middle of the #MeToo era seems to be exactly the publicity this show is looking for. But it’s their decision, not mine. I’d honestly pick Hannah G. over Caelynn if it were my choice, but it’s not.

Hi Steve,

I hoping you could answer a couple questions for me:

1) Do you know when Chris Harrison contract ends? I love him and cannot see the show lasting without him being the host. Well, I wound have a hard time watching it without seeing him on it. I don’t think he’ll ever NOT be the host of this show. As long as it’s on, I think he’s the host.

2) Do you think at one point Catherine Lowe can be on the podcast? I love her and I’m still in awe that I met her and Sean. Nicest people ever. Tough to say.

3) I’m still wondering what the big fight that happened with Rachel and Vanessa was on Nick’s season. Do you know anything? Sorry if you already said it and I missed it. Yeah, it’s old news now. But if you Google it, you can certainly find stuff about it. Both have spoken on it since.

4) Not really a question, but a comment. I’m really disappointed in Becca. I was expecting her to just go back to work and live in normal life. I just wish she and Garret would have just done that. All these couples do the same thing. Move to California and sell stuff on instagram. Some of these couples have gotten so annoying that I just don’t even bother to watch their Instagram stories anymore since it’s all about trying to sell me something. I know they make a lot of money, but it’s so freaking annoying.

Comment: Remember what I just said about short-term memory? Ummm, “all these couples move to California?” Not quite. Trista & Ryan didn’t. Ashley & JP didn’t. Jason & Molly didn’t. JoJo and Jordan didn’t. Desiree & Chris didn’t. Sean & Catherine didn’t. Arie & Lauren didn’t. Rachel & Bryan didn’t. So you’re way off on that.

Here’s the amazing part about that though. You don’t have to follow them, watch their IG stories, or ever talk about them. No one’s forcing you to. If you don’t like them, then just stop following them especially if it bothers you that much.

I want to start by saying that I had really enjoyed that Danielle and Cara Maria came together to expose Paulie. He’s a piece of trash. However, since then, as I’m sure you know, Paulie and Cara are back together. This leads many (like myself) to believe it was a publicity stunt for her. Maybe not, but it definitely seems that way. Cara is getting a lot of backlash for this alleged publicity stunt. I’m not even a Cara Maria fan, but my question is…why is Danielle not receiving the same backlash?

I’m sure she still had fans of course, but we hadn’t really heard much from/about her since her run on the Bachelor. Then all of sudden she exposes Paulie and she’s the feature on Jimmy Kimmel’s bachelor segment? Seems like interesting timing. I liked Danielle, but it seems like a publicity stunt for her as well. Thoughts? I don’t get what you’re saying her publicity stunt was? Why should she get backlash for telling the truth about what a guy did to her? I’m missing this.

Speaking of The Challenge, did you watch the premiere last week? Any early team favorites? Yes, I did. I’m into it. I gotta get a better handle on these newbies, but I will as the season goes on.

PS: Some of the comments on your Twitter last night after the remaining season preview was shown were hilarious. How do people really not understand by now what the producers are doing with those previews?

Comment: It’s easily the most frustrating and annoying part of what I do. Because it happens every season, and the second something comes up in a preview, everyone runs to me, when in reality if you actually watch the preview closely, there should be nothing that freaked anyone out.

Hey Steve!

I caught that comment about who Sydney may or may not be dating. Care to give us a little more on that? No.

Also, I know I think it’s hilarious that Tayshia is leading the pack on the whole “there are a lot of girls who aren’t here for the right reasons” campaign…but anyone who reads your content knows what she was doing literally a week before they started filming. Smh.

Comment: I don’t know if it was a week, but it was very close to filming. Hopefully I can get more on that soon.


OMG!!!! Steve the message boards are going crazy. I swear these people hate you!!!! All they do is talk about how much you DON’T know this season and they get some sort of perverse joy if you end up being wrong. You should see some of things they are saying. They actually think Cassie goes home next episode and you got that wrong. And that Hannah B. does get a hometown date even after you clarified today that she didn’t. The most ironic thing about all of it is that all they do is talk about everything you report, but then pick holes in all of it in hopes that you’re wrong. These people are such losers! You shoudl really go over there if you want a good laugh for the day. I can’t believe they care so much about wanting you to be wrong. Like they have an investment in it or something. It’s creepy! Anyway, just wanted to fill you in on that. Love the site and keep up the great work.

Comment: Quit proving the point I’ve been making about message board people for years. I don’t care what they say about anything. They are irrelevant.

Hi Steve!

I know you’ve said in the past that the contestants spend almost no time together after hometowns. I was wondering from a logistical standpoint if they fly to the overnight/final rose ceremony destinations together or if they go on separate flights. Do they stay in the mansion if the hometown date rose ceremony takes place in there?


Comment: No. Once the final four comes around, the only time contestants are in the same place at the same time is at the rose ceremonies. You don’t see them ever once hometowns start.

No, the four people with hometowns are put in four different hotels in LA (assuming the final 4 rose ceremony is in LA which it usually is), and they just hang out with their handler until it’s time for their hometown. They fly out the day before, stay in a local hotel in their hometown, have their hometown date, go back to their hotel that night, then back to LA first thing in the morning.

1. Didn’t you say when you spoiled Hannah G. as the recipient of the first impression rose that she was a virgin? Or am I confusing her with Heather? No, I never said that. Heather was always the one who was the virgin.

2. Also, there are stories online saying that Hannah G. dated Chris Cupcake. Did you hear about this? Nothing other than what you read. No idea if it’s true or not or if it was even serious.

3. Speaking of Chris, have you heard stories about him hooking up with women from this franchise (besides Hannah G.)? He seems to go under the radar compared to most guys who last long on this show, probably because he never went on paradise.

Comment: I’ve heard things, sure.

Hi Steve!

I read where you had said the WTA will be aired the day after fantasy suites, so does this mean that Hannah G. and Tayshia will both be at the WTA? I had assumed they wouldn’t before that announcement in order to throw everyone off, but oh well. If so, I am thinking it will be odd that Cassie is the only one not there.

Also, do you know when the WTA will be filmed?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I don’t see how Tayshia or Hannah G. will be at WTA. The overnight date episode that airs on the 4th I don’t think will end with both women already eliminated. Because then what’s the cliffhanger for the finale on the 11th? There’d only be one woman left. I really don’t think they’d focus a whole episode on one woman left. There’s not much suspense there. I’ve said it a few times already, but I would think that episode on the 4th will end with Colton’s fence jump. Makes the most sense. But again, I don’t produce the show, so I have no idea what the plans are.

Hi Steve!

Quickest of quick questions: When are they taping the Women Tell All? Feels like with the ending, it’s all so jammed into the next couple weeks! I’m going to have serious Bachelor burnout by the time ATFR is done!


Comment: Next week.

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