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Hey Steve,

It seems like when it comes to the Bachelor, many of the “winner’s” close friends make it far – this season Cassie is friends with Heather & Caelynn and they both make it far and yet there is no chemistry with them, especially Heather! Another example I can think of is Lauren B & Amanda with Ben – we all knew Ben wasn’t going to become an insta-Step-Dad but she made the final 4! Also, Jo-Jo and Becca were super tight. Nicki & Andi also come to mind. I also feel like maybe Carly made it far because of her friendship with Jade. Do you happen to know if the true contenders (ie the real women he’s into?) to make it to the final tell the Bachelor which of their friends they want to keep around? Like the Bachelor doing them a favor? If you’ve heard of this happening before, can you give us examples from past seasons?

Comment: Never heard of that happening before. Seems a bit far fetched.

Hi Steve!

A couple of bachelor questions and then onto my new favorite show TEMPTATION ISLAND:

– do you think the winner being bff’s with a final 4 girl/guy helps their chances at bachelor/ette (I know there were rumors about that with Nikki/Andi). Obviously the show will pick who they want, but does the winner ever try to influence it, say “I’ll do this and this for you if you pick my friend.” No.

– I follow you and Sharleen- your views are so similar. Do you think you will have her on after the finale? I’d love to hear her input and hear her thoughts on some of your behind the scenes info that she doesn’t yet know. I’m sure I’ll have Sharleen on again at some point.

Temptation Island- thank you so much for recommending this show!!! I happened to be watching one night and my husband came in and needless to say we stayed up until 11:30 binge watching and can’t wait for tonight.

Just a couple observations though: Seriously only Karl and Nicole belong together. They are the only couple that thinks about what’s best for the other person- saying things like “I’m really happy for him” and “I just want to comfort her.” Evan, Shari and Kadi really only seen to think about their own needs, what is missing for them, so and so isn’t thinking about them. When Shari said “he just likes attention” uh duhhh what person doesn’t like attention from their significant other?! Haven’t just needs to escape the toxic relationship he’s in. When he said he didn’t even feel bad that Shari cried…. Maybe a good indication she’s not the love of your life… And poor Kaci and John- their partners clearly are just not as into them and are just keeping them around for …safety?! Arggg is so frustrating and a zillion times better then bachelor. Thanks so much for getting me (and my husband) hooked.

Keep up the good work!

Comment: Hope you enjoyed last night’s episode. If you thought Kaci seeing Evan make out with Morgan in episode 4 was bad, then see what he did in the bed with her to end the show last night was bad, just wait til next week. There will be a lot of questions people are gonna have after episode 6.

No idea how to do this. Hopefully this is right.

Two questions:

1) have you seen Colton say anything about Cassie being another show a couple weeks before the bachelor? No.
2) is it just me or do they show Colton showering or in some kind of water scene at the beginning of every single episode? Seems overkill to me.

Thanks! Love your website and podcasts!

Comment: It’s definitely overkill. Usually we only get that at the beginning of a season.

Hi Steve!

Always appreciative of your insight, opinion, sarcasm, and spoilers. I have a few questions about the logistics behind the Bachelor franchise. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and information! And sorry in case you’ve already answered these questions.

1. Would you happen to know if the season’s story lines are created before Night 1 or are they more organic once they see the group of contestants and lead together? I’m sure they have ideas since they’ve interviewed and spoken to contestants numerous times before night 1. They probably have an idea what each “character” will be like. But until filming starts, you won’t know who’s giving you what.

2. You wrote that contestants for the season have already been chosen. Do you think they are chosen with certain story lines/ conflicts in mind or for how well they align with the lead’s story (i.e. Colton’s virginity). Or maybe a mixture of both? Probably both. Although, picking who is gonna butt heads with who is kinda hard to predict. I don’t think they’d know that until filming begins.

3. And lastly, are there screen writers that help create drama before/during a season or are they more involved post production while the producers are responsible for in the moment drama?

Again, thank you!

Comment: Screen writers? No. But there are people who map out things of who they think will fit a certain “character” role.

That voice-over of Demi’s was so choppy — an obvious frankenbite. And it sounded to me as if she was saying “the virgin” at the end, not “a virgin.” The editors really threw her under the bus with that manufactured remark. Yeah, it was clear she didn’t say that sentence at that particular time while she was getting ready to go to Colton’s room.

As for the preview at the end, wasn’t it about this time last year that snippets from the Arie-Becca breakup session started showing up in the previews? Carefully edited to make it look like part of the season, of course, and something other than what it was. The show is really having to work hard to gin up ever more “controversial” season endings.

Comment: Yes, it was. Because the breakup with Becca, then traveling to Virginia I believe happened Jan. 14th. So once the final teaser for the season rolled around, they had all that footage.


I actually did learn something about Hannah G this week! In her own words: “Opening up is not my jam”. This years contestants seem especially young. Even the older ones came across young. I know you said their average age is pretty consistent season to season but do you get the same vibe or have I officially gotten old? I wish they would do a season with a 35 year old bachelor and girls 28 and up. I just can’t buy that any of these 23 year olds are looking to get married, or let alone be ready to be the bachelorette.

Comment: Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to keep dreaming. The majority of the women cast on the “Bachelor” will always be in the 24-27 range, with a few 30 year olds thrown in. Been that way for 23 seasons now. It’s not changing.

Hello Steve,

It is that it is my impression that this season of “the bachelor” is one of the most, if not the most, physically provocative seasons, so much that it is uncomfortable to watch. What do you think? All this dry-humping, groping, excessive making out, inviting women in the Bachelor’s room to make out during cocktail parties etc. is too much. I really think this is because with Colton being a virgin, they are trying to use these over sexualized scenes as bait in the weekly previews to get people to wonder in every episode, whether Colton will be losing his virginity in that episode (and subsequently make them watch every single episode). In that sense, Colton is such a hypocrite. Pretending he is so proud of his virginity, and then using it to land the bachelor gig, and continuing to use it in order to boost ratings. What is your take on this? It’s exactly what I expected them to do.

Also, I have to say that as much as Arie was boring and couldn’t put two words together, he was more convincing as a bachelor. Colton seems emotionally void. I don’t see convincing connections with any of the girls, even the finalists. The words that come out of his mouth are like a robot speaking, not to mention it is so obvious he is using prepared speeches and phrases, some even stolen from Becca (Becca told Garrett from night one that he reminded her of home, only she backed it out. Not sure how Hanna G, reminded Colton of home). Overall, this season is boring, lacking of emotion, and obvious that Colton is just going through the different phases of being the bachelor as if jumping over hurdles.

Also, you had mentioned that Colton landed the gig because he had promised producers he’d do anything they want him to do. I think that starts with him heavily making out with some girls for the reason I mentioned above. Also, the fact that when a girl bashes another to him and then he always goes to the person of interest and transfers everything word for word, is not a result of him lacking diplomacy, but rather him doing what producers want him to do in order to cause more impactful rifts and confrontations between the girls.

Interested to see what is your take on the observations above,

Thank you!

Comment: I mean, there’s a lot I could say about Colton. I’ll just leave it at this. I believe the guy is a liar and is a phony.

I thought this was funny and wanted your thoughts on it. I know there’s no way it would happen probably but the talk about Johnny Bananas for bachelor. Do you think he would make for a good bachelor and would you enjoy seeing it?

Comment: He has more personality and charisma than probably all 23 previous “Bachelors” combined. With that said, he’s never going to be the “Bachelor.” They’ll never ask.

What is up with all the girls greeting Colton by running to him, jumping up, and wrapping their legs around him? Do producers tell them to do that? Just doesn’t seem like a natural thing to me, especially when you hardly know the person.

Comment: Have you never watched the show? This is a running joke every season. They do it ALL. THE. TIME.

1) Who are the essential locks for paradise this szn? Demi, Tayshia, Nicole, Hannah B., Onyeka, and whoever is not the “Bachelorette” between Caelynn and Hannah G. Those are locks. This is all under the assumption they are single by June. Then people that finished like, 7th through 18th or so, most of them will make it on at some point as well.

2) When you say you hear of a lot of things you cant say is that because of legal issues? Or more than that? Usually never has to do with anything legally. Just times have changed, and you can’t just say things anymore without a mob coming after you. You have to back it up with something, and usually for me, that would mean outing a source, which I’m not gonna do. So I just am more careful about what I reveal.

3) What happened to Rachels legal career? She was a good prosecutor down in dallas and all of the sudden she just gave all that up to join a fantasy football show i believe? Does she not care about being a lawyer anymore? I believe she’s spoken on this, so I don’t want to speak for her reasoning. But yeah, she’s getting into the sports broadcasting world now.

4) People seem to love Hannah B , obviously people are going to be rooting for her to be the bachelorette next week when she’s eliminated like Elyse. Hey who remembers her now? Anyway back to the point she doesnt have a realistic shot does she?

Comment: Anyone who’s ever been on the show technically has a “shot.” But no, she’s not gonna get it.

For Reader Emails: Do you think that Jordan would go on bachelor in paradise again this summer? I think he and Demi would make a great pair because they are both so dramatic. Hmmmmm, good question. I don’t know. But if I had to guess, I never got the impression from him that he’d never deal with the show again.

Also, not a question, but Caelynn seems so fake. Hannah b. just seems like a goofy girl being played by the producers which is about what you have said before, but Caelynn seems like she is only there with the goal of the being the Bachelorette. But everyone online seems to scared to say that just because of her sexual assault story. Having a horrible experience doesn’t mean you are perfect sweetheart.

As a fellow sexual assault survivor, I wish ABC would have put a trigger warning in front of Caelynn telling her story. I see people online saying “real life doesn’t have trigger warnings” but the warnings are for survivors. RAINN had a long hold caller line because of all the rush of survivors calling who were having panic attacks and flashbacks. Even a few colleges in my area put out a PSA afterwards not to watch that episode because help lines were overwhelmed. I respect her for sharing the story, but ABC should have given respect to other victims with a warning.

Comment: Unfortunately it’s too late now, but knowing this show, I guess we should applaud them for even giving RAINN a shout out. Baby steps with this show. To them, they felt like they did everything right and it was handled perfectly. Plenty disagree.

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