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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Temptation Island” Gets a Season 2 Pick-Up, & The Matt Daddy Randolph

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Hi Steve,

Can you explain what happens at the After the Final Rose? I saw somewhere that Chris Harrison, gives the couple a trip somewhere, considering it’s no engagement this season. Do you think a trip for the couple will still happen?

Comment: That’s only happened a few times. They’ve been doing that more recently. I have no idea what they have in store for these two kiddos, if anything.

Hey Steve,

I know the men have talked about (with you specifically) having barbers provided to them by production. Have you ever heard or asked about how these services are provided to the women? Their highlights and extensions seem to be kept up and their nails are always flawless. Just curious how picky the contestants are allowed to be with these pretty personal services. Would love to hear the response if you ever get a chance to ask a female contestant on the pod. Outside of the finale, the women do their own hair. And maybe the first night too they can get help. But throughout the season, they’re on their own.

Also, Arie snapped listing a house with Courtney the other day. Wondering if you have spoken to her, and if they are still close? Seems like a questionable friendship choice (given their past) for a newlywed and expectant father. Disappointing, yes. Shocking, no.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I don’t think they’re nearly as close as they were and it’s strictly business now. I mean, it has to be, right?

Hi Steve,

Mike Fleiss seems to be confused about the purpose of ‘Bachelorette’ as he tweeted it’s all about finding true love … I don’t know what’s more worse: Lying big to be the guy with the good intention (and throw shade on Khloe being humorless and ungrateful), or he really believes it. Then we should be concerned about his cognition and how he can blend out how manipulative the show is, using the contestants (aka human beings) as rating material.

I actually believe he reached out to Kris Jenner and offered the job (because it is a job, right?). I actually believe there was a moment he was orgasmic about the possibilitiy and the ratings when Bachelorworld and the Kardashians would collide – and he reached out.

If he really reached out there are 2 possibilities: There is NO WAY Khloe would do it, Fleiss knows it and is trying to get at least as much attention and drama about it as possible.

Or there IS a chance she’ll be on the show (no clear answer yet or more talking), then this is part of a media offensive. Would people rule for Khloe? And wow, her backstory is Bachelor material 100% … Now everyone wants to know about it. And I guess it is possible to add some guys that are able to handle the Kardashian level.

Whatever his strategy was, those tweets are bad style anyway. He throws everyone under the bus, the timing is more than insensitive – but necessary for a producer when you want to stir the pot but nothing else. This is not about Khloes heart at all.
And even for the next (regular) Bachelorette it could be daunting when you have to deal with the possibility Khloe was an option – but now it’s ‘just’ you.

Well, when I send a mail to Leonardo DiCaprios managment asking for his partivipation in my graduation film … I guess it’s correct to inform the media I’m in contact with him about it 😉

Do you think Fleiss reached out? Do we know Kris Jenners reaction already (today is sunday)? Or was it all out of thin air and he is a complete moron and liar about it?

Thank you!

Comment: Lets put all the Khloe stuff to rest. She was never asked, she never will be asked, and she’d never do it. Period. End of story. Fleiss was just looking for attention per usual. Lets never bring this up again.

Hi Steve,

I know this is early, but I have a few questions.

1) When did you find out that Andi had a boyfriend? She was doing some instagram questions in her stories, and she said that you were wrong and that was she single. Maybe when you found the information out she was dating someone, but maybe she broke up with him. All I’m saying is maybe check with the source who told you Andi had a boyfriend, because it doesn’t look like she does anymore. Then they must’ve broken up recently because she was definitely seeing someone as of a few weeks ago. If she says she’s single, then she must be. I have no reason to doubt her. But she was definitely with a guy within the last month that she’d been seeing for a bit. She just never went public with him.

2) Do you think that they may not want Caelynn as the lead since she got a bad edit? Things seemed like it was all good for her to come the The Bachelorette, but then things went bad for her. I really can’t remember any lead that got a bad edit. However, I do think that every girl going on that show has Bachelorette on the back of their mind. I’d be surprised if she got it, but you can’t rule anything out at this point.

3) How many emails did you got from people asking if Khloe Kardashian was going to be the Bachelorette? Some fans will believe anything.

Thanks for all you do! Thanks for always spilling the Tea.

Comment: Between the tweets and emails, one gazillion and it was incredibly annoying.

I am rooting for Hannah B as bachelorette and I’ll tell you why. She is very reminiscent of Ashley Hebert to me. Ashley was so fun and quirky on Brad Womack 2.0 season but she also kinda unraveled a bit (and kinda is an understatement…) regarding the other girls, and got pretty insecure throughout the season. This showed she was really genuinely feeling for him and not an influencer or there to be famous. She was super genuine!

She had one of the best bachelorette seasons if not the best in my opinion. I LOVED her. She’s still married to her guy. She was hilarious, cute, genuine, emotional , all the things us girls are in real life.

All that to say, Team Hannah B!

Comment: Hey, you never know. Not much longer to wait. I’d say the person who is gonna be the “Bachelorette” will be informed about it in the next 7-10 days. How soon after that I’ll find out I don’t know.

Hi! Been reading the site for a while now, but first time emailing. Have some (rather long) thoughts/questions:

1. It’s kind of funny hearing Tayshia tell Colton that Cassie and Caelynn aren’t ready to be engaged, they’re concerned with being the next bachelorette and what parties they’ll go to and people they’re going to meet when he’s not even in this for marriage. He went onto Becca’s season for TV time and for fame. And then goes to every possible bachelor event with other bachelor people, publicizes the sh*t out of their friendships. So how are we supposed to buy that he’s sad and upset and throw off about the whole thing? Here’s the thing with Colton. Of course he went on to gain fame and increase his visibility out there. But I fully believe he fell head over heels for Cassie. Without a doubt. I just don’t think he knows how to handle himself from the point she leaves going forward. I know some people will look at it as, “Awww, look at that. He didn’t settle for either of the final two and followed his heart.” Ummmm, I don’t see it that way. At all.

2. Interested to hear what Katie has to say at the WTA, but it’s not going to change anything, right? Him and Cassie are still together? Yes.

3. Never in a million years would I have believed Mike Fleiss’ tweet about Khloe Kardashian on Saturday, but what the hell is up with him keeping it going? Why is he trying to use that as click bait and when he was called out on it, he kept it going? It was weird as hell. It didn’t even feel like a joke. Reminded me of the time when he said he would release who the bachelor was when he got to 100k and he never got there, he still hasn’t gotten there haha. It’s better if you just ignore everything he tweets. They’re pointless.

4. Lauren and Chris Lane moving in together? After a couple of months? Is this a joke? Either she’s desperate for a public relationship to work (being in a relationship with someone semi famous) or she’s just… blind. He can post as many pictures of her as he wants professing his love publicly, I still won’t buy that he’s ready to settle down and be a one woman man.

Comment: Some things in life you just shake your head at and move on. This is one of those things.

Hey Steve, thanks for another great week of commentary and spoilers.

My question has to do with contestants who have not been eliminated yet and their social media. Do you know if it’s in their contract that they have to promote the show before they’ve been eliminated? I would think it would be super weird to tell all of my Instagram followers “hey everyone watch tonight’s Bachelor episode”, especially if I knew I was about to get dumped on National Television. But then again, I’m not trying to promote my own brand haha. Anyway, I just wondered what you knew about that? Is it in their contract that they have to hype up the show every Monday night?

Thanks again, and looking forward to the rest of the season.

Comment: Is it in their contract? No. Their contract is more about what they CAN’T do. They can’t force them to tweet or talk about it. But lets face it, every one of them is going on this show to try and get something out of it, and continuously talking about it on social media only helps that case.

I don’t know if you caught the “ITM” that was clearly not filmed “in the moment” (for those people who still don’t believe how much post-filming interviews happen):
At the beginning of Tayshia’s hometown (filmed October 31st, according to you), she says while blindfolding Colton: “this isn’t the ‘Bird Box’ challenge”…
“the Bird Box” didn’t even come out on netflix until November 12th and the “Bird Box Challenge” didn’t even hit the internet until early January… which means that Tayshia was probably filming this “in the moment” when the show had already started airing— two months after “the moment

Comment: I only included this email since it was the first one of about five or six that came in about this subject. You are correct. Tayshia’s hometown was filmed on Oct. 31st and “Bird Box” didn’t come out til November. So yes, this was recorded during “pick ups” after filming was done.

Hi Steve,

I thought it was a little odd that there wasn’t any food or wine served on Cassies family home date. It felt really quick like the family wasn’t at all on board with filming in there home. What are your thoughts?

Thanks Steve,love your site!

Comment: I’m sure they had dinner. We just didn’t see it because they focused on the Matt Daddy. See what I did there?

I just have so many thoughts. One, kudos to the producers because I really felt so bad for Caelynn. I really don’t care for her, but I definitely feel like America will feel a lot of sympathy for her. So maybe despite how catty she’s come across, she could have kept herself in the running for Bachelorette? I’m still rooting for Hannah B. though. I 100% agree with all the points your friend made. Also, I feel like that’s maybe why the producers didn’t include her going back to him. It maybe isn’t a good look for her to go “begging back” to him (don’t know if that’s what it was) after she made such a graceful exit last week. Yeah, like I said yesterday, it’s tough to know their reasoning for that. I think you can look at it both ways. And even when we get our result of the “Bachelorette,” whether Hannah B. gets it or not, I don’t think it really means much in regards to that getting cut from the show because it could be a completely different reason. But since editors and producers don’t do interviews about the show, we’ll never know.

And regarding the WTA, so weird how they edited a just a bunch of random in show fight scenes to look like it was from the actual taping of the WTA. I’m not sure if you saw Demi’s tweet about all the “tea”, but if it was so scolding, why wouldn’t they show actual footage from the WTA. I’m excited to read what you’ve heard!

Comment: They actually never do. Since the WTA was only filmed 3 days prior, I guess they don’t feel they want to turn it around that quick. Could they? Of course. But they never show “Tell All” clips on that episode preview before it. Always been weird to me. They just use highlights from the season.

Hi Steve,

While reading your response to a question from last week regarding your career plans for “Post-Bachelor”, if that ever occurs, I began to wonder… IF the Bachelor franchise closes shop, do you plan to do your own tell all? Will you ever reveal how you got some of the scoops you got and spill the T on everyone? Do you have material that you have kept under wraps that you could reveal if they stopped producing The Bachelor? I don’t think I will ever do that. Over the years, numerous people have told me stuff in confidence. Even if it’s years later, I don’t think outing them for personal gain to sell a book is something I’d ever be interested in doing.

P.S. Yeah, you lost me with your confession of the Amanda-Challenge thing!

Comment: Hey, don’t be hatin’ on Amanda. What can I say? I knew some people wouldn’t get it. Sometimes even I don’t. Then I watch the show and she just does it for me.

Hi Steve,

Upon reading your recent comments on producers choosing the bachelorette at the last moment, I became curious about past bachelorettes. This may have been something you’ve touched on before. Are you aware of any contestants, male or female, who were extremely close to being cast as the bachelor or bachelorette and were then switched at the last moment? Do their contracts/agreements make it so they’re not allowed to talk about it after the fact?

Comment: Puke Lell was. Then he trashed the show about it in interviews. Then the second they came calling for “Winter Games,” he jumped right back in bed with them, then bitched about the edit he got. That level of stupidity you can’t really beat. Caila shot an intro video and signed a contract, but they went with JoJo over her. Same with Arie during Chris Soules season. Shot an intro video in AZ, they’d hired him a personal trainer, and he’d signed a contract. Then they gave it to Chris. It’s why it’s really the only secret they can keep now.

Do you think the Hannah B clip will be shown in the Tell All episode? I think it’s important, especially since they traded it so much!

Comment: It wasn’t. And I don’t think we’ll ever get an answer to why. But it definitely happened.

Hi Steve,

I think this is my first reader email of the season which I guess goes to show how incredibly unremarkable and boring it’s been up to this point.

I know you said it’d be pure speculation, but who do you think they were protecting by cutting Hannah’s visit out? Do you have any idea what she went there to say? I’d guess it was to specifically warn him about certain girls right, so if not for Hannah’s image, maybe for Cassie’s? I really don’t know who they were protecting. And I don’t know what she went there to say, either. I assume it was more about “what happened to us and I need closure” more than it was to rat on others. Maybe some day Hannah B. will address it on social media or something.

Regarding Caelynn, there are rumors she already withdrew from contention for the Bachelorette gig because of Miss USA obligations or something like that. All made up, or have you heard anything of that nature? I haven’t heard anything of the such, and her reign is over. I can’t imagine what that has to do with anything.

Have Colton and Cassie had fewer happy couples visits than previous couples? It just seems like they’re both always posting and doing stuff publicly so I don’t see how they’d have the time. People say that every season. And every season the couple is together just as much as previous ones. Just because they haven’t blatantly screwed up on social media and given anything obvious away like Arie & Becca did, doesn’t mean they haven’t been together much.

Last, I’m curious where you fall on the permission vs blessing thing, and do you think it was an intentional decision of the producers to not show him asking the moms too as he claims he did?


Comment: I don’t think they’ve ever shown them asking the mom, have they? Unless that person didn’t have a dad in the picture whatsoever and she was raised by her mom, or the dad wasn’t on the date, have we seen that? Someone mentioned Catherine’s hometown date to me, and I do remember that one because her dad lived overseas.

Hey Steve,

Long time reader & I look forward to your posts every week! I did have a question on why do you think the producers tend to show more on one story line versus another even so far along in the season. I noticed they released a bonus clip on twitter before the hometown dates where Colton tells Hannah G. Outside that he is falling in love with her while he gave her the group rose. Wouldn’t that be an important detail especially when going into hometowns? I feel like for her to be in the top 3 and potentially a candidate for the bachelorette we barely see any of her personality. I follow her on Instagram & think she is very sweet, has a good personality & I just don’t feel like they have given her a chance for the audience to get to know her like some of the girls. What are your thoughts?!

Comment: I think it’s just a staple of the show. They would much rather focus on drama and cattiness before any love story. It’s the way it’s always been.

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  1. tinyred500

    February 27, 2019 at 9:49 AM

    I struggle with the whole Bachelorette and Cassie thing and whether she discussed it during filming. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but she has zero credibility for wanting it if she says she’s too young and isn’t ready to be engaged. I think she went on the show for fame.

    Of course the producers organised Matt Randolph’s visit (in next weeks episode), just like they have on previous seasons. Nothing is left to chance and Mr Randolph didn’t fly there on his own steam/inclination or without producer say so. I still think the whole non engagement is part of Colton’s narrative as well as Cassie’s.

    For emailer saying ‘Cassie claiming she loves Colton, without being in love makes no sense’. Yes, you can love someone for who they are as a person etc., but not actually be ‘in’ love with them, there is a big difference between the two and makes perfect sense.

    Where did Steve get the $500 million annual salary for Mr Randolph from? Yes, he’s a CEO, but the company would have to have a multi billion dollar annual turnover to cover that salary. Is the company listed on Forbes? Mr Randolph would be a multi billionaire with that kind of salary. I’m just curious, is there anyone out there that knows more or better, or did Steve get keyboard happy and get carried away with the extra naught?

  2. tinyred500

    February 27, 2019 at 9:55 AM

    That should be ‘nought’ and not naught. 😉

  3. meredith1972

    February 27, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    The Reality Show in which Cassie starred 2 seasons was based on her college – a Christian school which strongly encouraged no alcohol, tobacco, or pre- marital sex.
    Based on that, I suspect Cassie has been raised in a conservative, Christian home.

    Cassie’s Reality Show also featured her former boyfriend of a very long time. I suspect the family knew him and knew the length of the relationship.

    If the Dad did not know the format of The Bachelor, it was easy to find it out online. I can imagine it was a shock to that family for Cassie to even bring Colton in, let alone for Colton to ask for permission to marry Cassie after one 1-1 date and all those group dates.
    Therefore, her Dad’s reaction is not that big of a surprise to me; the surprise is that they flew the Dad out to the Fantasy Date to give him another shot at “talking sense into her.”
    What I don’t think they counted on is Cassie completely caving, leaving, Colton leaving, and them being left with no show.

  4. jp22

    February 27, 2019 at 11:14 PM

    Even if Colton saved himself for someone special, it doesn’t mean he’s a serious Christian. You’re right that the religion may be a factor in the family’s objection. Or it could even be the idea of Cassie famously being the one with whom Colton finally ends his virginity on national TV doesn’t sit with conservative values. Finally, Cassie seems very young to me, I think her parents/sister may understand this.

  5. rob22

    February 28, 2019 at 11:20 AM

    I agree with @meredith. It makes no sense to me that the show allowed Cassie’s Dad to fly out to torpedo the relationship. It sounds like they miscalculated, thinking they’d add some more drama and then instead ended up torching the only viable relationship. I’m not sure whether they knew that Colton was going to send two girls home (wouldn’t they have had some influence in getting Colton to not do that?) And certainly they probably didn’t think that Cassie would have deleted herself. Any way you look at it, they have six hours of programming to fill with very little in the way of plot lines to fill it. It makes me wonder if Colton did go a bit rogue when he sent the two girls home. I can’t imagine they would have allowed Cassie’s Dad to come talk to her if they knew that was going down.

  6. tinyred500

    February 28, 2019 at 12:38 PM

    I think Meredith has raised some interesting points too, and I agree with rob that it seems like a miscalculation on the producers part with her Dad etc. It blew up in their faces.

    With regard to producer influence, I’m pretty sure there’s been many previous bachelors that have wanted to send girls home much sooner, but didn’t, because they couldn’t. I heard Clare Crawley say she wanted to leave when Juan Pablo said his piece in the helicopter to her, and she wanted to leave. It came across like she had no choice other than to stay, because she was one of the final two. Maybe the producers have more recently loosened the reins and allowed more free will with both the lead and contestants. So Colton going rogue is possible!

    It’s all subjective as we know, nobody will ever truly know the truth, like pieces in a puzzle and trying to make the pieces fit together. 😀

  7. taxionna

    February 28, 2019 at 3:01 PM

    @tinyred500 re: the $500 million salary – Steve was clearly being facetious. The only people who have $500 mil/year salaries are Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett.

  8. meredith1972

    March 1, 2019 at 5:47 AM

    The voluntary exits and even the leads wanting to leave are manipulated by the producers and their contracts as to timing and even if they leave. Case in point recently is Heather leaving dramatically on the train right before HTS. I suspect she was ready to leave earlier.
    Then there are the leads who set their hearts on contestants who want to leave (we find this out much later). Dr. Andy Baldwin wanted Tessa who wanted to leave. They moved everything around to make that one happen.
    Bachelorette DeAnna set her heart on Graham, and it was obvious. When he found out he was expected to propose, he wanted out. They made him show up at the RC, and he was a slouchy mess. DeAnna threw a hissy fit! She threatened to leave, they had to talk her into staying so her season would not be a failure.
    It was clear Bachelorette Ali wanted Frank. She said he was”her type,” and indeed she married a guy who looks a lot like Frank. Meanwhile, on the show, Frank informed the producers as early as the 3rd episide that he wanted to go back to his old girlfriend. Unbeknownst to Ali, they filmed Frank during HTs getting back with her, and we saw Frank dump a sobbing Ali on the beach during the Fantasy Dates. They talked her into staying, and she chose Roberto.
    Colton didn’wait or talk to the producers it appears. Cassie left, and so did he!

  9. corn29

    March 5, 2019 at 12:50 PM

    > I’ve had one of my highest traffic and highest
    > grossing “Bachelor” seasons these last two months.

    Yep… and using without an ad blocker is borderline unusable these days. Ads in the middle of text, popups all over the place, and popovers blocking content.

    I don’t begrudge anyone for getting paid and generally don’t promote ad blocker use, but the ads around here are getting silly.

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