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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Temptation Island” Gets a Season 2 Pick-Up, & The Matt Daddy Randolph

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How is it that Cassie’s Dad was allowed to fly to Portugal? Seems like producer’s had to know something was up with Cassie in order to let him fly out there. With this show being drama driven, it seems like they really were given a gift when it rocked Cassie so much that she decides to leave. How could they possibly know that would happen when they booked her father’s plane ticket??

Comment: Of course producers knew. As for who brought it up first, I don’t know, but I doubt that matters. It was arranged because it adds drama to next week. I’m sure they were speaking with Cassie after hometowns and they probably sensed she might wanna eliminate herself. Bringing the Matt Daddy in only amps up the drama factor.

Hey Steve,

Couple of questions, but first I love/hate that you got me addicted to Temptation island. I guess I’m still confused with something though, how would this experience help anyone’s relationship??? Look, I don’t think most people would choose to go on this show if they were at a crossroads in their relationship. Too risky. But once you’re there, if you open yourself up to the process, I think it can be a learning experience. I think Nicole is a completely different person by having done the show, and for the better.

Now to the bachelor:

1.) Cassie knows how this show goes, so did Elyse, so did Peter. It’s not the most logical show. Why do these people still go on it? At the end of the day, it’s more than the fame, it’s your life! I think that’s too simple of an answer.

2.) Do you know why Chase Olswang decided to talk to you? Did you have to do a lot of convincing? Idk if I’m reading into things too much. That situation was very bizarre. I emailed him back in November. Still have the IG convo. Never heard back. Then he returns the email out of the blue two weeks ago and says he would talk, we talk two Wednesdays ago, then he speaks with US Weekly at the same time. Very bizarre.

3.) Is it just me or have we barely seen Hannah’s relationship with Colton? It seems as though he’s going off of looks with her. What do you think? No, we haven’t seen much at all.

4.) Rachel mentioned that a lot of her contestants didn’t like her. Any idea who or why? Well, Vanessa for one. That’s the only one I knew about. Not sure who the others were.

5.) I’m pretty new to your site so I don’t know how much sh*t you’ve given past bachelors. But it seems like you really don’t like Colton? Why?

Comment: Because he wears XXXXL t-shirts that look like night gowns on him.

Hey Steve,

With the franchise’s dislike for you and their constant need to have the upper hand and try to make you look wrong, what are the odds do you think that they would go out of their way to fabricate an ending or story line just to prove your spoilers wrong? They showed that clip of Colton holding the empty ring box and Colton keeps saying that your spoilers are wrong, and it got me thinking….what if they faked an ending of him chasing after Cassie and ultimately proposing to her and her saying yes, just so that your spoilers were incorrect and it makes them look good and more successful? I realize it’s pretty far fetched and a desperate move on their part, but as we know they are no strangers to manipulating stories and creating false information to better their franchise and ratings. I mean they made Arie re-propose to Lauren on live tv and completely omitted the fact that he had actually proposed to her over a month beforehand in Mexico. With all of your spoiling and how much they go about in editing trying to make you look incorrect, it just wouldn’t surprise me if at some point (either now, future, or even in the past) they would go out of their way to create something just to make you look bad and make your intel seem false. Just curious on your thoughts/opinions on such a thing occurring.

Keep spoiling, you’re literally the only thing that makes this show worth watching anymore!

Comment: What are the odds? Zero. They aren’t re-shooting things or anything like that just to throw me off. They know ultimately what I do only helps their show. Would they prefer I didn’t do it? I’m sure. But there’s nothing they can do. I’ve essentially spoiled 20 seasons in a row now. You’d think if this was really bothering them, they’d do what you suggested. But they haven’t and they won’t.

Hi Steve,

I too quite liked Mr Randolph. I do wonder though as I read somewhere, possibly in your twitter replies that Lauren B’s Dad said ask again once she’s the last one left. I have this vauge memory of Ben making phone calls, but maybe that was that he forgot to ask Jojos Dad or something.

Anywhere, that’s where I’d be *at best*. Here’s my number, if the other three girls are gone and it’s just my daughter left then call me and then ask me. Up to that, are you f****** kidding me? I might also throw in a comment that I know this show expects and has gotten an engagement 36/37 times or whatever but I don’t give a shit because we’re talking about my daughter. Maybe some do say that and it gets cut, that would not surprise me.

Anyway, that would be with the strong proviso that it’s a blessing to ask and I trust my own daughter enough to make that decision or not.

And for what it’s worth, I know a few successful marriages that were formed extremely quickly. One person asked their father in law if they could marry their daughter after two weeks, he was told to wait, which he did (about two months), happily ever after. Of course, they had more than three hours together and were exclusive – so there’s that 😉

Just wanted to share, and get your take on the Ben and Lauren comment, I can’t recall that far back…

Comment: On page 1, a reader of mine reminded what Andi Dorfman’s dad said when Juan Pablo came to see him. That’s probably the first one who really laid down the law.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your spoilers, but I am confused with the timeline.

Did Colton propose to Cassie first and she said yes then her dad came to Portugal and she got cold feet and left?


Colton proposed to her when he was begging her to stay and she immediately said no?


There wasn’t any proposal at all, Cassie just wanted to leave?

Hopefully my email will make it as I am very confused about that proposal part.

Comment: There was never a proposal.


As I recall, in Brad Womack #1, father of third runner up woman didn’t give his blessing. I don’t remember her name.

I remember her family received a really bad edit, which was unfortunate.

Have a great day!

Comment: Her name was Bettina, but yeah, I don’t remember what her dad said at all. All I remember was her hometown date was a disaster. Weren’t her parents asking Brad how much money he made or something?

Hey Steve,

Finally got around to watching Cassie’s “Young Once” show, so my questions/comments are around that topic (although not sure how much you’d be able to answer since you haven’t watched):

Cassie’s house seems super nice, right on Huntington Beach – Do you happen to know if her family is wealthy? I have to imagine that’s a multi-million dollar house that she’s living in with her sister on Young Once. I’m not sure of the Randolph’s financial status. But since Matt is such a big baller and shot caller, I’ll say he makes $500 million a year.

I found it ironic that Tayshia and Colton went to the EXACT same skydiving location, Lake Elsinore, during their date as Cassie and her ex, Caelan, did on Young Once.

Additionally, also very ironic that she takes Colton out to surf when that’s another activity date that she had on her previous show.

Do you think Bachelor producers knew any of this? Do you think they watched her other show?

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: They knew of “Young Once” for sure. I mean, I think Cassie’s hobby is surfing, so I don’t think taking Colton to do it had to do with anything other than she wanted to show him one of her favorite things to do.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all the your hard work! Hopefully this isn’t too late for the batch of reader emails.

I was wondering if you think it’s likely that Colton will propose to Cassie on ATFR. We all know that he’s a fame seeking dolt, so it seems like he would do anything to gain more attention.

I really appreciate your spoilers, they’re the reason I keep watching this trainwreck.

Comment: This seems to be the narrative that people are going with since they aren’t engaged. Honestly, I’d be surprised. Yes, they’ve spent more time together since the show ended filming in November, but Cassie is still only 24, and I just don’t see them doing the engagement at the ATFR two seasons in a row.

Hey Steve!

Hopefully I’m not emailing too late and you can fit this into your reader’s emails for this week. You have mentioned previously that the order they show Hometown visits on the air and the actual order they film them in aren’t always the same. Do you know what order they filmed the Hometowns this year, and if they aired them in the same order on Colton’s season?

Thanks for all the spoilers! They truly make watching these shows all the more enjoyable for me.

Comment: Yes. Was in the spoilers and spoiled in real time back in October. Order filmed was: Hannah, Caelynn, Tayshia, then Cassie. Order shown was Caelynn, Hannah, Tayshia, then Cassie.

Hi, I can’t believe how much I’ve been sucked into Temptation Island. In general I like these people and wish them all the best. I’m enjoying your interviews with Kaci. I like Evan but didn’t find him very self aware. He told you he was “falling in love with Morgan and we didn’t see all of the deep conversations he had with her”. He also said “relationships are hard”. Here’s the thing he’s having sex and conversations with Morgan. That’s the easiest part of any relationship. In fact you can have great sex and great conversations with complete strangers. A real relationship is when you accept that your partner will never hang up a towel after a shower even though it drives you crazy. A real relationship is when you deal with the consequences of your partner booking a boy/girl weekend right after you decided to spend more time with each other. A real relationship is deciding on major life events like where to live, when to get married, and if/when to have children. A real relationship is not just having good conversations and sex. Kaci/Evans relationship clearly had serious problems. But he can’t possibly compare it to what’s happening with Morgan. I’ll respect Evan if he ends this show by telling Morgan that he can’t keep seeing her. That he has to go home and either end or repair things with Kaci. He shouldn’t talk to Morgan at all while he does that. He should also reach out to a counselor for advice. He needs to figure out why he’s always looking for something better. Because otherwise he’ll be hurting/cheating on someone again in the future. Can’t say I disagree with much of that.

And now for the real reason I emailed you—- it’s getting close to the NFL draft. Can you please, pretty please have Mike Renner on again to talk about it. Or at least sometime this summer when training camps start? I loved your football talk with him last time. I get that most of your audience won’t care. But I think it’s a nice break from bachelor stuff! And you asked his some great questions last time.

Comment: I definitely think I might have him on again as we get closer to the NFL draft.

Hey Steve!

First off good luck in the Reality TV awards! I went through the whole voting process just to vote your site :).

Anyways, I have a few Temptation Island questions:

How often did they do the Bonfires? Good question. Since filming was only three weeks long, and we’ve had what, 4 or 5 bonfires, I’d say they had one every third or fourth day.

I saw that TI is coming back for Season 2. Will you be able to cover it like you are this season? Really hoping so because I love being able to hear from a cast member while the show is airing! I hope so as well. It’s a long way off, but I think the partnership is working pretty well this season. I’d love to do it again, but it’s their call.

This is more of my opinion and hoping to get your thoughts. Obviously production had a lot to choose from with Kacis Bonfire clips. Seeing your boyfriend hook up with someone would be devastating, however, I feel it may have been more hurtful to show the clip where Evan and Morgan say they’re falling in love. Kaci said a hookup is a deal breaker for sure, but at this point she just thinks it’s a physical thing that Evan is caught up in. She has no clue that Evan is developing actual feelings. I would just think that hearing the emotional cheating would be more devastating.

Do you think they chose to show her the hook up scene for the shock factor of a physical act of cheating? Maybe they are just building it all up to wait and show her that they’re “in love” at the end or something I don’t know. What are your thoughts if you have any?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: It’s tough for me to comment since I’ve seen through the next bonfire. Honestly, I forgot what they show Kaci at next bonfire because it’s been two week since I watched episode 8. I just remember it not being a good one for her.


1) Why did producers allow Cassie’s dad to go to the overnight date to talk to her. I thought producers want ppl on show shut off from social media, family etc so the ending doesn’t get out (haha!) Did producers know the outcome and purposely allow Matt F’ing Randolph to go knowing it would create the story line and drama they want (aka the most shocking ever BS !) Of course they did. They knew it would advance their story. Matt Daddy didn’t just show up on his own. Nothing is organic on this show. Now, I don’t know if Matt Daddy was the one who suggested he wanted to go to Portugal first, or the show did, but I don’t think it matters. I think after the hometown date, it was clear Cassie was struggling and adding him into the mix after what he said on the hometown only makes things more juicy.

2) Do producers tell Tayshia and Cassie’s family to not bring up certain topics like Tayshia’s Bahamas trip and Cassie’s reality show taping with her boyfriend. I would think that both their families know that Tayshia went on a trip with supposed boyfriend and Cassie’s boyfriend. Why can’t they say something along lines of “why are you bringing Colton here to meet the family, didn’t you just go on a trip with some other guy?” They’d never allow something like that. They have to pretend this is happening in a bubble. We’ve never heard a family say, “Well, we’ve been reading on the internet stuff that’s been going on, etc.” Never happen.

3) Do producers severely manipulate fathers to give their blessings. I find it hard to believe in 23 seasons that most fathers just go along with the manipulation or is it really the few fathers like Matt F’ing Randolph that say they won’t go along with the show’s manipulation. I’m sure every father on this show, if they could go and take that moment back, wouldn’t say what they said on the show.

4) It seems like Cassie’s non committal attitude and her indecisiveness is all from that she still has feelings for her boyfriend. Probably never thought she would get as far as she did and now that she has, is really having an OH SH*T ! moment. I know the show is not about love but it seems like she is leading Colton on and that is a low blow and shady. She doesn’t seem sincere at all and her tears when Colton confronted her about wanting to be the Bachelorette were so fake. Thoughts. I don’t see it that way at all. Cassie addressed this on IG. She’s done with Caelan and that relationship ran its course. Of course, with exes you never know what can happen in the future, but she seemed pretty confident that that relationship was over. That’s all we have to go off of in regards to Caelan.

5) I know you wrote about the WTA spoilers yesterday, but what is your opinion on the whole Katie / Caelynn conversation that turned into a she said – she said thing. Who do you believe.

Keep up the good work.

Comment: I tend to believe Katie’s side because she has way less to lose than Caelynn. I don’t see what Katie has to gain by completely making everything up that she said.

Hi Steve,

Even though Colton said you were “wrong about spoilers” I’m excited to see things continue to play out how you say they will.

My question this week is kind of more of an observation. I’ve followed Kaitlyn since her time on the show. She had so much animosity toward Mike Fleiss, talked bad about the show constantly, complained about not getting DWTS, and really seemed to want to distance herself from the whole thing (with the exception of interviewing contestants on her podcast). Now that she’s not with Shawn and she’s with Jason, she’s doing the whole bachelor song and dance all over again and it just seems odd to me. Do you know what caused her shift? Did Shawn hate the show? Have you heard anything else?

Comment: I’m not sure what you mean by “she’s doing the whole Bachelor song and dance thing again?” What is she doing? I don’t follow that closely. I listened to about 20 minutes of her podcast with Colton, and that’s it. Is she pro-show now or something?

Hello Steve,

Thank you for all the spoilers. You’re doing such a great job, as always.

I don’t really have any questions, just a few thoughts:

1) you mentioned that Colton is telling all 4 girls he is falling in love with them, because being inexperienced, he doesn’t know what to say or how to compliment them. I doubt his motives are that innocent. I think it has more to do with having promised the producers he would do anything if he was bachelor. They think that the more women he confesses his love to, the more dramatic and uncertain the finale will be, so they asked him to do so and he delivered. I wish they knew that this makes this season even more ridiculous. Ok, tell 2 women you re in love with them…we might buy it. But 4? No f$&$*$ way, as Caelynn would say. Certainly possible, but did you see Colton immediately run to Twitter Monday night and defend those words?

2) Apart from Cassie’s dad, her sister and mother were also negative. I don’t doubt that maybe this family has their minds in their heads, but I am thinking that they knew she was not into that into him and were trying to help her get out of it. I don’t know, when Cassie was telling Colton she was “not there” yet, and that she wouldn’t stay unless she had hope she could get there by the end of this, I didn’t buy it. I think she knew she was not going to “get there” with Colton, she knew she was not going to change her mind about an engagement, but she just wanted to stay in the running and make the final three to also increase her chances of getting the bachelorette gig. At the same time, she planted the seeds of doubt in Colton’s mind, to help her make her exit before the finale. A lot of people are jumping at the “Bachelorette” gig with her and that’s why she did what she did, but it’s just too big of an assumption to make. She’s not going to be the “Bachelorette” so trying to convince people “Well, uh huh. That was her plan all along” seems like an effort in futility. What’s the point? You’ll never be able to prove that she was or wasn’t. Seems a bit far fetched.

3) You mentioned that Cassie dumps Colton telling him that she loves him but is not in love with him . That’s such bs! Usually, people fall in love with someone first, and over time, bonding, and shared experiences, these feelings deepen and grow into love. This show is already ridiculous enough with participants claiming to fall in love and love a person in such shirt period of time, but Cassie claiming she loves Colton, without being in love makes no sense.

That is all!!! Thanks again!!

Comment: It’s certainly a cliché we hear a lot in relationships, but from personal experience and the experience of others, I absolutely believe that can be true. Now, to say you love him as a person after hanging with him for a few weeks might be a bit of a stretch, sure. I think all of us watching are well aware that things are exaggerated on this show for the sake of how quickly your relationship moves on TV. So we’ve just come to accept that when people say “love” on this show, they are moreso saying it out of necessity to advance a storyline, not necessarily because they believe it.

Hey Steve,

Nice wrap up and preview post! Two things about Matt F*ckin Randolph I wanted to comment on:

1) While I agree that yes, he’s kind of the bomb for not just automatically giving his blessing, doesn’t the fact that this is coming up now on hometowns (and later during overnights) seem to suggest that Cassie did not go on the show with the intention of actually falling in love, i.e. not being there for the right reasons? Otherwise, why wouldn’t he have voiced these concerns to her before she even went on the show, if her intentions from the start were pure? I can only imagine that the conversation they had before she went on the show included her assuring him that she was just going on there for publicity or other reasons. In which case, how does Colton not realize this? Maybe he did warn her before the show. How do we know? I don’t think Matt Daddy sent her off to do the show and was 100% convinced she could fall in love so quickly. I don’t think any parent honestly believes that. I’m sure he sent her off with a “have a good time, experience new things, but take things slow.” For all we know, he could’ve told her that whatever feelings she feels on the show, just remember it’s a TV show. You’re answering for him when none of us know what he was saying before she left. Judging by what he said to her at the hometown, I’m sure he was skeptical from the get go. And her coming home and gushing about Colton only made him want her to tap the brakes even harder. At least that’s the way I saw it. But again, we have no idea what he was saying or thinking with her before the show.

2) I assume we will see more next week, but can you comment at all on how it works when people from the cast’s real life come to see them on set, especially when it involves international travel like Cassie’s dad and Becca’s ex from last season? Is this set up by producers or would Matt F*ckin Randolph had to have instigated this and made the initial contact?
Comment: I don’t know who came up with the initial idea, but yes, of course this is all set up by production to get him out there, when he would arrive, at what point in the date he would show up, etc.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. tinyred500

    February 27, 2019 at 9:49 AM

    I struggle with the whole Bachelorette and Cassie thing and whether she discussed it during filming. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but she has zero credibility for wanting it if she says she’s too young and isn’t ready to be engaged. I think she went on the show for fame.

    Of course the producers organised Matt Randolph’s visit (in next weeks episode), just like they have on previous seasons. Nothing is left to chance and Mr Randolph didn’t fly there on his own steam/inclination or without producer say so. I still think the whole non engagement is part of Colton’s narrative as well as Cassie’s.

    For emailer saying ‘Cassie claiming she loves Colton, without being in love makes no sense’. Yes, you can love someone for who they are as a person etc., but not actually be ‘in’ love with them, there is a big difference between the two and makes perfect sense.

    Where did Steve get the $500 million annual salary for Mr Randolph from? Yes, he’s a CEO, but the company would have to have a multi billion dollar annual turnover to cover that salary. Is the company listed on Forbes? Mr Randolph would be a multi billionaire with that kind of salary. I’m just curious, is there anyone out there that knows more or better, or did Steve get keyboard happy and get carried away with the extra naught?

  2. tinyred500

    February 27, 2019 at 9:55 AM

    That should be ‘nought’ and not naught. 😉

  3. meredith1972

    February 27, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    The Reality Show in which Cassie starred 2 seasons was based on her college – a Christian school which strongly encouraged no alcohol, tobacco, or pre- marital sex.
    Based on that, I suspect Cassie has been raised in a conservative, Christian home.

    Cassie’s Reality Show also featured her former boyfriend of a very long time. I suspect the family knew him and knew the length of the relationship.

    If the Dad did not know the format of The Bachelor, it was easy to find it out online. I can imagine it was a shock to that family for Cassie to even bring Colton in, let alone for Colton to ask for permission to marry Cassie after one 1-1 date and all those group dates.
    Therefore, her Dad’s reaction is not that big of a surprise to me; the surprise is that they flew the Dad out to the Fantasy Date to give him another shot at “talking sense into her.”
    What I don’t think they counted on is Cassie completely caving, leaving, Colton leaving, and them being left with no show.

  4. jp22

    February 27, 2019 at 11:14 PM

    Even if Colton saved himself for someone special, it doesn’t mean he’s a serious Christian. You’re right that the religion may be a factor in the family’s objection. Or it could even be the idea of Cassie famously being the one with whom Colton finally ends his virginity on national TV doesn’t sit with conservative values. Finally, Cassie seems very young to me, I think her parents/sister may understand this.

  5. rob22

    February 28, 2019 at 11:20 AM

    I agree with @meredith. It makes no sense to me that the show allowed Cassie’s Dad to fly out to torpedo the relationship. It sounds like they miscalculated, thinking they’d add some more drama and then instead ended up torching the only viable relationship. I’m not sure whether they knew that Colton was going to send two girls home (wouldn’t they have had some influence in getting Colton to not do that?) And certainly they probably didn’t think that Cassie would have deleted herself. Any way you look at it, they have six hours of programming to fill with very little in the way of plot lines to fill it. It makes me wonder if Colton did go a bit rogue when he sent the two girls home. I can’t imagine they would have allowed Cassie’s Dad to come talk to her if they knew that was going down.

  6. tinyred500

    February 28, 2019 at 12:38 PM

    I think Meredith has raised some interesting points too, and I agree with rob that it seems like a miscalculation on the producers part with her Dad etc. It blew up in their faces.

    With regard to producer influence, I’m pretty sure there’s been many previous bachelors that have wanted to send girls home much sooner, but didn’t, because they couldn’t. I heard Clare Crawley say she wanted to leave when Juan Pablo said his piece in the helicopter to her, and she wanted to leave. It came across like she had no choice other than to stay, because she was one of the final two. Maybe the producers have more recently loosened the reins and allowed more free will with both the lead and contestants. So Colton going rogue is possible!

    It’s all subjective as we know, nobody will ever truly know the truth, like pieces in a puzzle and trying to make the pieces fit together. 😀

  7. taxionna

    February 28, 2019 at 3:01 PM

    @tinyred500 re: the $500 million salary – Steve was clearly being facetious. The only people who have $500 mil/year salaries are Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett.

  8. meredith1972

    March 1, 2019 at 5:47 AM

    The voluntary exits and even the leads wanting to leave are manipulated by the producers and their contracts as to timing and even if they leave. Case in point recently is Heather leaving dramatically on the train right before HTS. I suspect she was ready to leave earlier.
    Then there are the leads who set their hearts on contestants who want to leave (we find this out much later). Dr. Andy Baldwin wanted Tessa who wanted to leave. They moved everything around to make that one happen.
    Bachelorette DeAnna set her heart on Graham, and it was obvious. When he found out he was expected to propose, he wanted out. They made him show up at the RC, and he was a slouchy mess. DeAnna threw a hissy fit! She threatened to leave, they had to talk her into staying so her season would not be a failure.
    It was clear Bachelorette Ali wanted Frank. She said he was”her type,” and indeed she married a guy who looks a lot like Frank. Meanwhile, on the show, Frank informed the producers as early as the 3rd episide that he wanted to go back to his old girlfriend. Unbeknownst to Ali, they filmed Frank during HTs getting back with her, and we saw Frank dump a sobbing Ali on the beach during the Fantasy Dates. They talked her into staying, and she chose Roberto.
    Colton didn’wait or talk to the producers it appears. Cassie left, and so did he!

  9. corn29

    March 5, 2019 at 12:50 PM

    > I’ve had one of my highest traffic and highest
    > grossing “Bachelor” seasons these last two months.

    Yep… and using without an ad blocker is borderline unusable these days. Ads in the middle of text, popups all over the place, and popovers blocking content.

    I don’t begrudge anyone for getting paid and generally don’t promote ad blocker use, but the ads around here are getting silly.

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