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The “Bachelor” Colton Finale – Part 1 Recap & (EXCLUSIVE) 15 Guys on Hannah’s B.’s “Bachelorette” Season (UPDATED): 13 Guys

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-Well they certainly filled the time even with lack of footage from Portugal last night, didn’t they? Lets first talk about this “search” for Colton after the fence jump. You know, the one where they had a camera trailing him from like a foot behind him and in front of him, yet production was acting like they couldn’t catch up to him? What the hell was that? I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: Colton was overly dramatic. He could’ve easily told production “I’m done,” took off his mic and went his room alone. Walking away was done for TV. I just have a hard time buying it. I definitely believe he was upset. For sure. I just think he played it up for the cameras.

-The amount of times Chris referenced Colton’s virginity last night was downright disturbing. It easily was at least 10. “Is Colton still a virgin…we’ll find out coming up.” Look, I understand he has to tease suspense, but could you imagine just for one second if the “Bachelorette” was a virgin. You think Chris would be teasing it hard like that? Hell to the no. The worst part is with as much teasing as he’s doing, there’s not gonna be a payoff. You truly honestly think tonight Colton is gonna say on stage in front of a nationally televised audience that he’s no longer a virgin with Cassie sitting right next to him? I can’t imagine that. And if he does, he will take so much sh** for it, and this guy can’t handle an ounce of criticism. So I highly doubt we’ll get a direct answer to that question.

-Colton was horrible at breaking up with these women. Tayshia’s I guess was fine because he just cried for 5 minutes and sniffled non stop. But Hannah’s? Ouch. “I thought it was gonna be you?” What? Why would you say that? Is that supposed to comfort her? Because I’ll tell you what, it had the opposite effect. No woman wants to hear that in a breakup. And I’ve addressed this numerous times in the past, but break ups are the worst. It’s impossible to say the right thing in that moment because the person being broken up with is too hurt to even listen to what you’re saying. However, what I DO know is you don’t say “I thought it was gonna be you.” That’s just taking that knife and jamming it inside her even deeper. No, no Colton. Never again.

-Chris Harrison didn’t Colton any favors when he was up on stage with Hannah either and asked, “Do you think if we had more time, would you have wanted to take Hannah on the overnight?” Chris, Colton can’t answer that. He has Cassie’s feelings to worry about. Could you imagine if he said, “Yeah, I think I should’ve taken Hannah on her overnight” how that would’ve felt to Cassie? I mean, if she’s sane at all, she has to already be questioning some of the stuff she’s seen this season, but that was an impossible question to answer. Colton had to say what he did.

-Tonight will be telling for sure. One thing I thought we were gonna see last night is in that last scene with Cassie, I was expecting her to say something along the lines of, “It’s been a day or two, and I’m really starting to question leaving Colton” or maybe even “I think I made a mistake.” We got the OPPOSITE. Cassie is content with her decision and even made a comment about how she can’t wait to go home and see her friends and move on with her life. So Colton just showing up and basically groveling about how much he wants her is what changes her mind? This is all too baffling. I was NOT expecting to hear that from Cassie last night. I thought we’d get some sort of trepidation about leaving, but when we didn’t, now I’m even more confused about her reasoning tonight. Put it this way, nothing she says tonight will have me, or probably most of you, 100% convinced she reached his level. Why? Because he let the other two women go? Please.

-With that said, if you’re Cassie in that situation, and Colton comes to the door in tonight’s episode, said he loves you, he’s not giving up on you, he’s gonna fight for you, and he sent the other two home, I mean, there’s NO WAY Cassie could’ve said, “Yeah, you know what? I’m still good with my decision. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m gonna bounce.” She would’ve been crucified by America. Which I know of course has led a lot of you to believe that, “Well, she left at 3 because she wanted to be the Bachelorette, and when he came back, she had no choice but to take him back or else she comes off as a giant bitch.” I don’t think the “Bachelorette” played a factor, but I do think she’s smart enough to realize how bad that would’ve looked for her if he went through all that and she STILL said “peace out homie.” Does that mean she’s stuck in a relationship now? Hell if I know. They’re together, seemingly happy, will be making the media rounds all this week in New York, and we’ll see how it goes. But til the end of time, no one’s gonna buy that she’s suddenly into him more than he’s into her, or even on his level. I’m sure she likes him and they’ve obviously spent plenty of time together since the show ended, but people are always gonna think he’s way more into her than she’s into him.

-I think we’ll have a clearer picture of these two after tonight and the subsequent media interviews we’ll see from them over the next couple of days. It’s just very hard as a viewer to watch last season, see where Cassie was at right before she was about to wheel her luggage out of Portugal and back home, and now all the sudden Colton convinces her to change her mind because, well, I guess HE wants her. That’s great. What about what she wants? She’s almost put in this position of damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. She takes him back after just saying she wants to leave, and it’s, “She didn’t want to look like a villain. He’s way more into her than she’s into him,” or reject him and have a majority of people reject you. I hope these two have thick skin, but the skepticism is coming big time, and not just from me. Good read social media. For a guy so offended by everything, I truly don’t know how Colton is gonna handle this.



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