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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, Final Thoughts on This Season, & The Amount of Things We DIDN’T See

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Remember all the freaking out a lot of you did when they ran the trailer of Colton at the “final rose ceremony” holding an empty ring box and everyone thought there was an engagement, or something I had was wrong? Yeah, that scene was never even shown. So they literally shot a whole scene of him standing there with a ring box knowing they’d never show it, because they wanted to mislead their viewers. Think about that for a second. And even Colton after the fact saying “rings are meant to be on fingers,” just stringing people along. So ridiculous. I mean, I say it every season but ultimately it will not matter because people are going to freak out anyway, but those trailers for the season are NEVER EVER EVER 100% how they seem. Ever. Don’t read into them so much. They are purposely done to mislead you. Or how about the footage of Chris Harrison on a couch saying “This changes everything?” Never shown. Or the scream of “Oh My God!” when Colton jumped the fence? Nope. Didn’t hear it. Hannah B saying “What…just…happened.” Never shown. The list goes on and on and on this season. In fact, lets go take a look again at the pre-season trailer shall we, and just pinpoint all the things we never saw:

Geez, I lost track. So lets get a pre-emptive strike out there. Right now, on March 13th, I’m telling you before her season even starts filming, at some point when promos and trailers start airing for Hannah’s season, you will see footage in there that will have you questioning the spoilers, or something I wrote, or a scene that looks out of place – IT. DOESN’T. MEAN. ANYTHING. Just remember that for next season (I’m sure it’ll be forgotten by tomorrow, but hey, I tried).

Another thing was the whole “Bachelorette” announcement. Last Monday I spoiled it was gonna be Hannah B. and it’d be announced on the ATFR. There was video footage of them shooting with her in Alabama this past weekend just days before the announcement is made. Yet, the show did whatever they could to make you think it was wrong. Fleiss throwing out dumb tweets saying they talked to 5 women, which they never did. Them showing a silhouette of a woman backstage last night that wasn’t Hannah. It’s all a song and dance they do to try and get you to believe something it isn’t. So many people even saying, “With you spoiling it so early, Fleiss is just gonna let that happen?” Well, yeah. Hannah’s announcement I made last week is clear proof going forward that if I spoil something early, it doesn’t mean the show will change it at my expense. I knew when my source told me, that it was her. There was never a doubt. There’s only so much the show can do at that point, and that’s just try and deflect and misdirect the viewers. Remember when I said the “Bachelor” was gonna be Luke Pell and Fleiss specifically tweeted out the night of that it wasn’t Luke? That’s because he knew it was wrong. So obviously Fleiss couldn’t tweet anything of the such the last week since he knew Hannah was his “Bachelorette.” All he can do is tweet other people’s name and reference other women. But he knew. So basically, if Fleiss doesn’t specifically say something is wrong, assume it’s right. It’s a cat and mouse game between me and the show. They win on occasion, but most of the time I get them. Sure is fun though.

The virgin stuff I thought was bad on Monday night. Holy crap, did Chris Harrison take it to another level last night that I didn’t even think it could get to. What is he doing? That was a horrible look for him. Like dude, back off. I understand Colton was a virgin because you drilled it into our heads all season, but Chris, don’t make me go back to the beginning of the season where you specifically said in numerous pre-season interviews that the virgin is a “cocktail joke” and “punchline” the first night, but that the season is “much more than that.” Uhhhh, really? Because for the last 48 hours, all you talked about and teased was if Colton lost his virginity. And when you never got the clear answer you wanted, you just assumed it was a yes. Man, that was brutal. Yeah, it’s pretty clear they probably did but I couldn’t believe how bad Chris handled that. And like I tweeted out last night, do you think if we ever had a virgin “Bachelorette,” Chris Harrison would tease for 2 days, “Hey, do we think she lost her virginity that night?” My God, he’d be crucified if he did that, and rightfully so. Yet, he had no problem doing it with Colton. I needed to take a shower after that.

As for Colton & Cassie, honestly, I’m gonna spend enough time on the podcast with Sharleen talking about this tomorrow, so I don’t want to deep dive into it too much here. The one big thing is the idea of Colton being way more into her than she’s into him. People are gonna think that no matter how they acted last night or on their media tour this week. People will never understand how she came around so quickly on him. One thing I can say while watching last night was, I didn’t feel any of that mattered. We were watching their relationship 3 ½ months ago when she was still uncertain. So everything with the family, and her being wishy washy, you have to remember she was saying all that stuff to a guy she had been on TV show with for 2 months, but in reality, had probably spent a total of 48 hrs with the guy last night. I think people watching last night were watching it but placing it in March 2019. Not that you thought it was live, but you lost concept of how long ago that footage was. To me, everything Cassie was saying was valid. How could she commit to someone she barely knew?

So watching it back in that first hour, none of that mattered to me. All that mattered is what they said when they came out on stage, how they are now that they’ve spent the last 3 ½ months getting to know each other, and what their plans are. Now granted, they didn’t say anything on stage last night that ANY final couple doesn’t, sans Ben & Courtney. They’re in love, they’re happy, no regrets, yada yada yada. She obviously likes him a hell of a lot more now than she did in Portugal. Will they get married? Probably not. You know how I feel about these final couples. I’ll believe it when I see it. “But they looked so happy and love last night!” Yeah, so does every other couple that sat up there. You’re still in the honeymoon phase. You BETTER be happy and everything be peaches and rainbows, or else you’re in trouble. Time will tell if these two make it. The track record doesn’t bode well for them, the fact they’re both living in LA isn’t helping either. Colton moved to LA. Gee, shocker. Again, I hate to say this, but tell me one thing about this guy from the moment he was on Becca’s season that I was wrong about with him? He’s so transparent, it’s almost laughable. But hey, maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

Hannah took a beating on social media last night for her performance. I will give her the benefit of the doubt because nerves obviously got to her. A week earlier we saw her on the WTA and she was fine, very well spoken, and seemed super confident. I can see how last night would’ve rattled her. She obviously knows how to handle herself in the public eye being a former Miss Alabama USA. Was she good last night? No, not at all. In fact, it was hard to watch. But lets give her a break for one 15 minute segment. She’s got time to gather herself and be ready for filming. We knew she wasn’t as polished as previous leads, and she’s much more goofy and smiley than probably all of them combined. It’s going to be different, that’s for sure, but I think way more women watching this show see themselves in Hannah than they do in Caelynn or Hannah G. And in case you missed the tweet, the second guy she met is Dustin Kendrick, a realtor/model out of Chicago. The other 4 guys were all guys who were released yesterday as contestants on this site: Luke Parker, Connor Saeli, Cam Ayala, and Luke Stone the Nick Viall clone. I’ll add Dustin to the Hannah’s guys list shortly.

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