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Hey RS,

Something that came up over the weekend was the fact that these Instagram sites started posting about how you were wrong about Colton and Cassie in CA and they found all this evidence in the preview. They also posted some of the contestants early even though you had given us their faces in a tweet. It really bothered me that these people try to take credit for what u do. I know you probably don’t care, but is there something that can be done about these people. It’s blatant stealing!!!!

Comment: Yes, I was informed this past weekend numerous times from people about that. Here’s all I’m going to say on it. Is it annoying? Yes. But there’s nothing I can do. I’ve said it directly to one of them because I was informed of what they were doing, but it goes for all those IG pages. I’ll never understand it. You start a site or an IG page that centers around taking what I post and re-posting it, whether you credit me or not, to me that’s just lazy. It’s obvious what you’re trying to do. How about getting your own original content and not relying on what I post? This site didn’t start because I just took what someone else said and re-posted it 14 seconds after they posted it. But like I said, there’s nothing I can do. They’re not breaking any trademark laws or crossing any Instagram boundaries. But it doesn’t affect my traffic or my income, that’s why I can’t get too bothered by it. I just think it’s just annoying and lazy and I’d never do it myself. But it is what it is at this point. I have no use for people like that. I will continue to do my spoiling thing like I have for 10 years now, and they’ll continue to do their thing and take stuff from this site and put it on theirs. People know where to come every season to get their information. It’s sad they do it, but what can you do?


First, can I just say thank you for publishing so many reader emails?!

When I first started reading your site years ago I couldn’t believe that you paid special attention to the people who looked at your site. I remember being amazed that you took time to do that! And years later, you still do it! It’s a really cool practice, and I think it shows your appreciation for your readers!

Now people interact and get questions via social media and such, but you’ve been doing it before the fan interaction was as prevalent. You’re rad. Thanks for it! Thanks. I think I’m rad too.

Second, I’m curious about why there wasn’t a “main” villain this season.

At first I thought, “Maybe they’re giving up this terrible notion of villainizing women and pitting them against one another. They’re moving forward into the me too era. After all, there won’t even be a two on one…”

Well, that was wrong. They don’t seem to give a crap about any of that.

As more of the season has unfolded and with the Hannah B announcement, I’m wondering if production chose not to create a clear villain, wanting to leave room for various candidates for bachelorette. Hannah B. And Caelynn were clearly in the bachelorette running but perhaps editing them as villains would have eliminated them from contention.

I felt like both of those women said enough things over the weeks where production could have set sinister music behind them and really played it up. Or even put them on a two on one. But they didn’t- maybe to leave room as bachelorette contenders.

It was kind of perplexing how little we got to know all of the women this season, so I don’t know how anyone else could have emerged as a villain with exception of Demi.

But even Demi seemed to really win the audience over and seemed to be in with a lot of the women in the house. She was just immature, outspoken, and trying too hard, perhaps- but not necessarily villain.

No worries if this doesn’t make it into your reader batch! I’m sure you’re flooded with end of the season stuff!

Thanks, Steve!

Comment: Villain has so many different meanings when it comes to this show. It really varies from season to season. Demi could definitely be considered the villain of this season. But she wasn’t a villain like a Courtney or Vienna or Corinne was.

Hi Steve,

I have a few questions I hope you can answer.

1) I was so happy that you said Hannah B would be The Bachelorette. However, now I think Hannah G should be The Bachelorette. My heart just went out to her. Is there any chance that Hannah G might get it? Uhhhhhh…

2) I know you said Cassie was supposed to be on Arie’s season, but backed out. Do you know why? Not sure. I don’t even know if she’s the one that backed out or they didn’t choose her.

3) Is there anyone from the bachelor franchise that you want on the podcast, but they don’t want to come on? If so, who is it? Yes. But I don’t reveal that stuff because then they’ll be hounded by readers to do it. They don’t want to do it, they don’t want to do it. I’m not gonna beg anyone. It’s a simple yes or no answer when I ask.

4) How long do you think Cassie and and Colton will last? I give in 6 months. By January 2020, I predict they will be broken up. Well, that’s 9 months. I’m done giving “how long will they last” predictions, because to me, all that matters is if they get married, since that’s what the show would like to happen.

5) Did you catch when Hannah G almost said to Colton when he was ending things that she didn’t even get to explore Portugal, but stopped herself and said us? I heard the word Port and then right after that she said the word us.

Comment: No missed that one, but I heard her tell Colton last night she’s glad he’s happy, which kinda gave away the ending.

Hi Steve,

Not that this show deserves such deep thought, but, Colton is a little like Gatsby chasing Daisy. Obviously, you’ve told us they’re together now, but I think Cassie’s “love” is fickle. I keep hearing the Great Gatsby theme song “will you still love me…when I’m no longer young and beautiful..” as I watch Colton discussing his “love” for Cassie, while she can’t wait to ??out. I am actually impressed by Colton’s passion, but the dude needs to stop chasing butterflies. Haha enough music references. Love your blog and sarcastic, no-nonsense attitude.

Comment: I missed those song references.

Hi Steve,

Love your spoilers! Can’t wait for the bachelorette now that the bachelor is pretty much over!

Quick question as I was watching bachelor finale part 1 when Colton was breaking down after the break up with Hannah G.

Do producers ever share like secrets or tips to the lead or even the girls/guys about what may happen in the end? Or if the lead has stronger feelings for one over the other? No. But they sure manipulate the hell out of contestants towards the end to get the desired effect they want.

When Colton was hugging that woman (assuming it’s a producer), it made me think when he said he’s giving up a sure thing for something impossible and keeps saying how much he loves Cassie to be doing this, could the producers ever be like… yes, she says she wants you type of thing. Whatever to make him believe or even if it’s true to help point him in a certain direction?

If that makes sense.

Comment: Sure. That’s why they’re master manipulators.

Hi Steve !!!! First time writer LONG time reader …… with the few men you released today there seems to be a lot from the south… do you think that was on purpose because Hannah is from Alabama or it just happened to be that way…. ALSO do you think Hannah G will do paradise ? Is she still DMing Blake ?

Comment: Were there a lot from the south? I just noticed only 1 dude from CA, which has to be a record or something.

She absolutely will do Paradise. And I never said that she was DM’ing with Blake or vice versa.

Hi Steve,

Now that March madness is fast approaching, what is your honest opinion about UVA’s chances for at least a Final Four berth? I’m a bit biased as both my husband and I attended UVA and we love Coach Tony Bennett. Personally, I think this is the strongest team he’s had to date. Our mercuric scoring however, has me a little concerned. I’d love to hear what you think.

Love your column and am glad you can continue to stomach watching the shitshow the bachelor/ette shows have become.

Comment: As I mentioned in my first paragraph today, I’m fired up for next week in Vegas and just this tournament overall. Giddy, in fact. Like, I want it to be next Wednesday RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, here’s the thing about Virginia. If you actually want to win your office pool this year, your best bet is to take Virginia. I’m not saying they’re gonna win it all. I’m just saying if you want the best chance to win your pool, you pick them. Why? Because after what happened last season, NO ONE is gonna pick them to win it all. Every pool you enter, most people will have Duke, UNC, Gonzaga, Tennessee, Mich St, etc winning. So if you pick one of those teams, it’s gonna come down to how you do in the early rounds and maybe the points tiebreaker in the championship game. You don’t want that. But since the championship game is worth the most points, if you pick a team that very few have, you won’t have to worry as much about the early round games.

With that said, I don’t think Virginia is winning it all this year. And not just because of what happened last year. Because of what happens EVERY year with them. I’ve seen how this story ends too many times. That type of team just does not win 6 games in this tournament. I can’t remember the last team that played like that who did. But good luck.

Ok, Steve. Help me here. I’m trying to get this straight…

Cassie applies to be a contestant on The Bachelor, goes through the casting process, the intent being to DATE a man who is also dating 29 other women. He chooses her, even sending the other final 2 women home. And after he’s narrowed it down from 30 women to just her, she’s not even sure she wants to DATE him??? What exactly does she think she signed up for? I understand not being ready for an engagement, but to go through this whole thing and make it to the end, and not even be ready to be in a committed relationship…I just…

Thank you for being the only man in my life who spoils me

Comment: I think this just goes back to my point on page 2 that everything we saw last night from Portgual and Spain was 3 1/2 months ago. I think that was meaningless now considering how much time they’ve spent together since filming. Yes, she said she wasn’t ready for a committed relationship…in November. After knowing a guy for maybe 48-72 hrs total. Now it’s 3 1/2 months later and she is. I don’t see the need to really talk much about what happened back then because it doesn’t matter now. Well, other than what she was feeling back then was totally normal.

What happened to his lisp? Do you believe they have him speech therapy to help before he became the Bachelor? It was much more pronounced last season and on BIP but I haven’t noticed it this season at all.

Comment: He said it comes and goes. I definitely noticed it this season. Last night I saw it during the live portion. And then it’ll go away.

Steve people love to hate,it boggles the mind. I am from New Jersey
and I’m saying that because people from the South talk like Hannah B.
I guarantee most who have this negative vibe about Hannah are not from the south.
Her voice/accent,her cadence they are not familiar with.
She does have a unique southern drawl which is a change for most and as we know people hate change.
The majority of posts are always negative, people who think are always more positive.
She is going to be just fine.

Comment: Oh for sure. If you’re not from the South or ever been to the South, I’m sure your impression of Hannah is not positive. But that’s whatever. If people are that annoyed, then don’t watch. I don’t see the need to just bitch about her on social media. She’s the “Bachelorette.” It’s not changing. You’ll still watch. Get over it.

Hi Steve/Rosetradamus,

Totally quick one if I’m not too late – if by some miracle Colton and Cassie get married would you get then a gift? You’ve said a number of times you only do it all if they marry the one they chose (so not Arie). Would you consider this being the one he chose even without a ring given how it played out?

Thanks again for all the spoilers and sardonic recaps this season! Honestly not sure I’d watch if it wasn’t for your site keeping it real.

Comment: Oh absolutely. Any person from the “Bachelor/ette” that marries the final person they chose gets a gift from me, because I think they’re the exception and not the rule. The numbers bare that out. I’ve had to do it once in “Bachelor” history. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Colton will be #2.

Hey Steve! Congrats on another great spoiled season. Side note – congrats on turning your site into what it is today; I’ve been reading since Jake’s season and I’m still enjoying the ride!

Anyway, I just have some thoughts on Colton’s (cringeworthy) interview with People Magazine. My main takeaway from it was that Colton seems a little suffocating as a partner to Cassie which was evident to me by the way he was talking about their relationship.

For instance, I feel like all of his comments were more centered around his feelings and I almost felt like he was speaking for her. Examples: “I’m so in love and I’m ready for everyone to know it. “This was about the rest of my life.” “She doesn’t have a ring on her finger yet, but she will one day.” Seriously dude? Calm down. She just took you back a few months ago and you already followed her out to her hometown and are talking about buying a house. It just seemed super overeager and desperate. Obviously Cassie said some positive things in the interview too (“we can finally be outwardly happy..”) but it definitely wasn’t on the same level as Colton at all. Like I said above, it just came off as super suffocating and I’d feel a little overwhelmed if I were Cassie. Maybe she’s come around a lot and feels the same way too but from what we’ve seen of her this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls the plug again.

Those are my two cents! Thanks again for all you do.

Comment: I agree with all of that. I brought this up on another podcast I did last night. I don’t think them breaking up is ever going to be easy. Lets just say however long down the line Cassie wants to end things. You think Colton will be totally fine with that? You don’t think the first thing out of his mouth would be, “But remember in Portugal where you wanted to give up on us?” You can see it already. You know why he probably comes off to you as super suffocating? It’s because the guy has been in one relationship in his life and it lasted 6 months. He has no idea what it’s like to be in a relationship. He’s a complete novice to this. That just takes experience, which he doesn’t have. I wish these two the best of luck, but, I just don’t see it long term.

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