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Podcast #126 – Interview with Kady Cannon and John Thurmond of “Temptation Island”

Another great “Temptation Island” podcast for you today as I have both Kady Cannon and John Thurmond – separately since, well, they’ve broken up. I wanted to do one of these broken up couples on the same week where neither could hear what the other person said first. Evan had heard Kaci before he came on and Nicole had heard Karl’s interview. This one was different since neither Kady or John had heard what the other one said. To me, that worked out better. They each got to tell their own story about what happened. There are times where their stories match up. And then there are times where you hear things were left out by each individual. Both were respectful of the other one, but you will definitely hear times in each podcast where one will kinda take a little shot or dig at the other. The one thing I think you’ll take from listening to both of them is that they weren’t right for each other in the long run. At least that’s what I got out of it. Kady has easily taken more heat than any woman on this show online and we dive into all the things she said about John during the show. As always, if you want to reply to the interview, please include their Twitter handles below (@KadyCannon313 & @JohnTIGuy) in your replies. And I feel I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but after seeing the hate she received online all season, I just ask you to be respectful. Enjoy…

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Kady joins me to talk about her background (5:51), how she met John (7:44), how they got cast (9:13), what she thought were their issues pre-show (16:13), the “alpha male” comment (19:33), her thoughts on meeting the singles and blocking Katheryn (24:38), her early connections with the singles (29:45), not leaving a video message for John (34:43), was there a point when she realized she was breaking up with him (37:58), her final bonfire comments (44:29), what happened post-show (52:30), and what is she doing now (1:02:17). Then John joins me to talk about his background (1:11:15), finding things out about Kady post-show (1:16:15), what he thought their relationship issues were pre-show (1:18:20), the history with his dad (1:21:40), Kady taking a shot at him on social media and John opening up about his dad’s past (1:25:18), meeting the singles & his connection with Katheryn (1:33:07), not getting a video message (1:37:49), Kady’s comments at the final bonfire (1:40:55), the timeline post-show (1:49:40), his feelings towards Kady now (1:56:04), his thoughts on seeing Katheryn in a couple weeks (1:58:47), what he’s doing now (2:02:48), and what were his early predictions on the other couples (2:09:02).

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