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Podcast #127 – Interview with Brittney Rose & Dr. Johnny of “Temptation Island”

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Two more interesting guests for you this week as we speak with two singles from this past season of “Temptation Island” – Brittney Rose and Dr. Johnny. We’ve heard from 3 of the 4 couples (and I’m hoping to have Javen & Shari on soon), and now we’ve heard from 3 of the singles. I know by the emails I’ve received you’re wondering when “Bachelor” related podcasts are coming back. The answer would be soon. I’ve always said I’ve wanted to do more than just Bachelor Nation people on the podcast. And it didn’t really make a hell of a lot of sense to interview anyone from TI 3 or 4 months down the road. Wanted to get them all in now in the month or so after the finale. But yeah, I’m seeing in emails that some of you are anxious to get back to Bachelor Nation. I’ll try but there are factors involved and it’s not as easy as you think anymore. Whatever the case, enjoy Brittney and Dr. Johnny today because I found both of them very interesting in their own way. As always, if you’d like to reply to the interview, please include their Twitter handles (@Brit__Rose & @drjohnny__) in your replies. Enjoy…

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Brittney joins me first to talk about her background (5:25), what do her Wellness Retreats consist of (8:58), getting cast on the show (11:15), who was she initially attracted to (18:18), her first date and drama with Evan (19:35), her courtship with Karl (25:40), the final conversation with Karl before she left (36:24), Karl’s final bonfire (38:43), their post-show relationship (42:01), her April Fools IG post (44:47), and how you can be a part of her Wellness Retreat (52:33). Then Dr. Johnny joins to talk about his background and previous stint on reality TV (1:00:22), how many back adjustment he did on the show (1:05:36), relationship with the other guys (1:09:20), how did Kady talk about John to him (1:13:30), their relationship since the show (1:20:24), and would he ever go on the show as a couple (1:26:44).

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Wellness Retreats –
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