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“Bachelorette” Filming Hometowns & “Bachelor in Paradise” Info

Photo Credit: ABC

We’re coming up on the end of the “Bachelorette” – sort of. If you saw my tweet on Thursday, you know who Hannah’s final 4 are: Luke Parker, Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber. They are being filmed in that order as Luke’s was Saturday, Tyler’s was yesterday, Jed’s is tomorrow, and Peter’s is Friday with the rose ceremony being Saturday night. I fully expect Peter to be eliminated on Saturday. Anything can happen, but from what I’ve heard all season, Jed, Luke, and Tyler were gonna be her final three for a while now. I guess we’ll see for sure come Saturday, but don’t be surprised if that’s your final three. I’m trying to confirm where they’re headed for overnights and final rose ceremony. Although last season was the first time in a while they did overnights and final rose ceremony in separate locations. Becca did her overnights in Thailand but then her finale in the Maldives. I have no idea if they’re going to two locations again this year between those two episodes. I will keep you updated and let you know if/when I find out. As I say every season, it takes one month of real time to go from the start of filming down to the final 4 (this year March 16th to April 17th), and then three weeks to go from 4 down to 1. Season should be ending sometime between May 8th-10th per usual. Only difference is it starts airing two weeks earlier than normal this season, as it begins on May 13th, so a much quicker turnaround.

Anyway, in case you missed the events of this weekend and yesterday with the two hometowns that have taken place, here were pics and videos of Luke and Tyler’s hometowns:

Luke Parker, Saturday, April 20th – Gainesville, GA

Tyler Cameron, Monday, April 22nd – Jupiter, FL

So tomorrow’s hometown is in Tennessee with Jed. Jed’s parents live in Sevierville, TN but I gotta imagine they’re gonna spend at least some of the day, if not all, in Nashville. Could be one of those deals where they rent a house and Nashville and use it as his parents house because, well, I heard there isn’t a whole hell of a lot in Sevierville and it’s 3 hours from Nashville. I guess we’ll see for sure tomorrow but I gotta imagine at some point they’ll be in Nashville.

“Bachelor in Paradise” info on Page 2…

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