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“Reader Emails,” Chris Harrison’s Take on the Season, & The Social Media Frenzy Last Night

Hi Steve/Rosetradamus,

Totally quick one if I’m not too late – if by some miracle Colton and Cassie get married would you get then a gift? You’ve said a number of times you only do it all if they marry the one they chose (so not Arie). Would you consider this being the one he chose even without a ring given how it played out?

Thanks again for all the spoilers and sardonic recaps this season! Honestly not sure I’d watch if it wasn’t for your site keeping it real.

Comment: Absolutely I would. It’s my standing offer. Any “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” that marries their final choice gets a gift from me. Granted, Colton did it a little different since he never proposed in the finale and they’re actually gonna date first, the offer will still stand.

Hey Steve!

I’ve read your spoilers for a few years now (thanks btw, I find it makes the season more fun) but started following spoilers in real time with Hannah.

What exactly do the producers that are always with the contestants do? Does each contestant have an assigned producer? I know they must be with them a lot since Colton was seen crying to the female producer after ending it with Hannah G. and possibly become friends. I just saw you posted 3 producers with Luke…do others join them as their assigned people get cut? In the beginning when there’s more contestants there, a producer will have multiple people that interview them. Those pics of Luke on his hometown, we were down to 4 people, so that’s why there were 3 with him.

Also, what do the contestants do during hometowns and final 3? They’re not with the others during that time and social media is off limits, so how do they pass the time? Hang out with their handler, go shopping, go to the movies, sometimes to Disneyland. Anything they do, they are with their handler.

Just curious as to some behind the scenes type things…thanks for always doing a great job of getting info out!

Hi Steve,

I remember Jen saw the profiles and maybe videos of the men before she started filming. And she had a say of who will be part of the cast. Since this was so, she thought she will find her future husband. Funny that she did not like any of them. I think all the other bachelorettes found someone they really liked. I think Chris was an Ass for telling her that she ruined the Bachelorette even though it’s funny. I tried to find that quote from Chris but never found it. Not saying he never said it, but I guess after 15 years, it might be hard to find something like that. And I would guess he kinda said it tongue-in-cheek.

What questions do you enjoy getting the most? Uhhhhh, none.

What comments do you enjoy getting the most? I’ve never really given this that much thought. It really doesn’t matter to me.

In an interview with you, Kate Casey introduced you as an expert of The Bachelor. Do you agree? If not, what would be more accurate? Expert is kind of a weird word. I wouldn’t call myself that. I would just refer to me as “Bachelor/ette spoiler outlet” or something along those lines since that’s what I do.

What do you think of someone saying that their ex’s parents and family members treated them badly? I guess it all depends on the situation. Why did they do to treat them bad? How did they treat them bad? Etc.

When you said, “That’s why Lauren Zima never texted me back.” Was that a joke? No. I hadn’t heard from Lauren since right around the time we did the podcast in October. Then the story broke that she was dating Chris and that’s when I realized I hadn’t heard from her and I’d sent a few texts during that time that went unanswered. But she read what I wrote, got in contact with me, and we’re fine.

If you have not interview Shari yet, can you ask if she is mixed? I asked Shari to come on. She said no. So we won’t be hearing from her.

I enjoy your podcast and your opinions.

Won’t end well I’m sure. Maybe he wants a spot on Siesta Key.

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?? @j_visionz

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Comment: Wait a second. You’re telling me that Robby has gone after yet another woman from the reality TV world? No way!

Bottom line, Chasen is a good-looking man. He needs to be brought back for another chance. Put him on a beach, please, Chris Harrison!

Comment: Certainly possible he will be down in Paradise. Remember, production is much more lax when it comes to Paradise spoilers – especially about the cast.

When the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” is filming, outside of this season when they released all the guys before filming started, very few people know who’s going out to film. It’s only the die hards that are checking my site every day for news who follow that stuff and know who’s on the season before ABC releases them and that is such a small, minute part of their audience. So the majority of their audience has no idea who is on the show until ABC starts running promos and releases the cast. Well, Paradise is all people who have been on previous shows, people are already following them on social media, and most of them post quite frequently. So at the beginning of June, when all the sudden anyone’s posting stops, you can assume it’s because they’re in Paradise. And ABC really doesn’t care. They usually release the Paradise cast just a few days after filming starts anyway. At least the original cast. Those that come in later, you just need to follow their social media and you can probably tell who left to do the show.

Can you explain the foolishness of Fox playing Paradise Hotel during the last hour of The Bachelorette? I mean, I recorded it and watched it after Hannah, but that’s a really strange decision, IMO.

Comment: I don’t know why one of their days would be Monday, but considering it’s a 3 day a week show, I don’t think it affects them too much. It’s only aired 2 episodes thus far (last Thursday and this past Monday), and the ratings were 1.4 million and .5 rating and 1.2 million and .4 rating respectively for those two shows. So not a huge drop off to have an hr go up against the “Bachelorette.”

Hi Steve! Peter will be the next Bachelor, don’t you think?! I know you don’t want to be thinking about this yet but it just seemed obvious. I thought it immediately when I watched last night, knowing that he doesn’t win. There is just something about him, although they have already had a pilot…

Comment: Is he in the running? Of course. He’s in the top 4 and most of their leads have been chosen from the top 4. But is it a done deal, it’s obvious it’s him, and no one else has a chance? Not a chance. We’re still months away from the “Bachelor” announcement. So much can happen. It’s not even something they’re thinking about right now.

Hi Steve,

Long time listener, first time emailing!


Do you think Shawn Booth would ever be on Paradise? I can’t help but feel sorry for him with how public Kaitlyn’s relationship is, despite him ending things with her. I would love to watch him this summer!!

Thanks so much!

Comment: If I had to guess I’d say no. I get the sense Shawn wouldn’t stoop to the level of that show and I think he’s successful in other areas where he doesn’t need to do the show. But again, once they brought Arie back after 5 years of not even mentioning his name, it’s basically impossible to rule anything out.

I don’t think Hannah was purely acting when she was told she was going to be bachelorette even though she knew something was up. It is one thing to know something is happening, it’s another to experience it. Similar to someone who knows they will be proposed to-their reaction is still very strong as if it was a surprise.

Comment: I see what you’re saying. I guess my point was more about pretending she had no idea what was coming. Like yeah, she could’ve absolutely known they were filming her receiving the call she was gonna get it, or maybe they prepped her with, “Chris has got some good news for you.” And she knew what was coming, but I don’t really take her actual reaction away from her. I just think it was more about trying to portray to the audience that Hannah didn’t know what was coming, when I’m sure she had an idea.

Hi Steve,

Someone told me at work that he said all the contestants on the bachelor and bachelorette are paid actors who get paid $100-$200 per episode. He said he had a friend who was on Trista’s season and his friend was paid. Is that true? I remember you saying they do not get paid anything, and only the lead does.

Comment: Well Trista’s season was in 2003. Maybe they did float the contestants a couple hundred bucks back then. I’m not really sure. But now they don’t. Only the lead gets paid. You get paid for being a contestant on Paradise, but not “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.”

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