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“Reader Emails,” Chris Harrison’s Take on the Season, & The Social Media Frenzy Last Night

Hey Steve…

Seems like Peter-the-Pilot was give a likable-guy edit on night one.
Given his good first night edit and the fact that he gets to final 3
makes me think he has to be considered an early front-runner for the
next Bachelor. Don’t care about details, but have you heard anything
significantly negative on him that would tarnish his golden-boy glow?


Comment: Define what you mean by “significantly negative?” Seems that would be more of a subjective thing. So what one might think is significantly negative, someone else who is so far up Peter’s ass they can’t see straight will see it as nothing. Guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. We’ll see if there’s anything when it comes to Peter.

Hi Steve,

Is this the first season without Elan? Do you think there will be any noticeable differences with the show? Thanks for all of your hard work!

Comment: I haven’t noticed anything. And if you listen to any Chris Harrison interview, he swears that although he’s been known to hyperbole, that there’s more man drama this season than any other. And he may be right. And Elan wasn’t part of this season, which pretty much goes to show although Elan was well respected and a vital part of the show for 10 years, he’s replaceable and the show can still function without him.

Hey Reality Steve!

So I saw that you thought Hannah’s comment on sex is related to what happens with Luke P. I completely agree. I wanted to point out though that she is wearing the same jacket/outfit while she is crying about having had sex as she is wearing earlier in the promo when she says “I’m falling in love with you” and when she says that it sure looks like the man she’s talking to is indeed Luke P.

I don’t know how they edited it but I am wondering if Luke said something about not wanting to have sex with Hannah during the overnights due to his own faith and beliefs… then he may have said something about her other overnights, questioning if she would sleep with the other men, leading to her reaction.
Just a thought!

Comment: Hannah’s sex comment in the promo is absolutely from the night of her overnight date with Luke. Stay tuned.

I know it’s probably way too early but il ask anyway! Here in Australia we have had a few American contestants on the bachelor in paradise, and lately there’s been some rumours in the press that two of our dramatic contestants ? Alex nation and Rachel might be heading to the next American bachelor in paradise. Have you heard any rumours about international contestants on the next season?

Comment: I saw the story of a few BIP Australia contestants possibly being courted for the US version. I don’t know anything more than what you read as well. I guess it’s possible. We’ll know in a month or so.

Hey Steve,

Let me first just say that I am a huge fan of your page. I have been a loyal reader since the beginning, and I always look forward to reading your columns and listening to the podcast every week.

I was wondering if you think Chris and Krystal are going to get a Paradise wedding this year? They have had a lot of big wedding events over the past few weeks (the most elaborate “engagement party,” Bachelorette party) and I’ve noticed that every time they get asked for details about the actual wedding, mum’s the word. It seems like they are keeping some sory of secret about it. I also noticed that a lot of Bachelor alums happen to be vacationing in Mexico this week; Wills also commented on one of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Instagram posts that he “can’t wait to meet her,” so maybe he will meet her at the wedding if she attends as Jason’s date? I know this timing is a bit off with Paradise filming not starting until early June, but just wanted to pick your brain.

Thanks for your time and response!

Comment: I’d be surprised if Chris and Krystal didn’t get married in Paradise, for all the reasons you listed. The timing of everything recently just seems way too coincidental. Not to mention, it’s where they got engaged last year. Makes sense they’d do a wedding for Paradise this year.

Just saw the ratings for bachelorette were 4.7 million viewers and 1.3 demo. I know the demo is only down by a little because Becca’s was 1.4 but the viewership is big drop from Becca’s 5.5 to 4.7

As a fan of the show should we be concerned? I’m nervous.

Comment: Tough to tell right now after one show. It also started two weeks earlier than normal and was up against more competition. If the audience stays the same or even ticks up on a weekly basis and the finale draws way more than the first episode, that’s really all they care about.

So since you haven’t published the spoiler prior to the season starting (with ABC changing the schedule) do you think all of the celebrity predictions, like on Kimmel, will be less accurate? It’s seems like they get it right most of the time and of course it lines up with whomever you have spoiled. Just wondering if they get their predictions from you or if ABC feeds it to them.

Comment: Is Hannah scheduled for Kimmel yet? Usually they have the lead on the week of the premiere, but maybe she’ll be there next week since she’s just getting back to the states today. It’s obvious over the years Kimmel’s writing team reads the spoilers and just relays that to him. But yeah, all depending on when I post the ending and when Hannah goes on the show, we’ll see how they approach it. He can still do the final 4, and he basically has a 50/50 shot of picking the winner, so I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal.

Hey RS…did you see where Nick did a podcast talking about Kaitlyn dissing him on the “Bachelorette” reunion show? What did you make of that? They’ve both been engaged and in relationships since he was on her show. Why are they still bickering? Tahnks for all you do

Comment: Wait a second. You mean to tell me that Nick was sensitive to something that someone said negative about him in the media? No way!

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