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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 3 Recap, Tyler G., and “Bachelor in Paradise” Original Cast News

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-Connor (I can quit calling him Connor S now since Connor J was eliminated last week) has the 1-on-1 date but receives a card from Hannah saying she’s sick and she can’t make their date today, which was supposed to be some sort of sailing date. Instead, she wants him to come over to her place and baby her because she’s sicky icky. We see her in an ambulance on the way to the hospital being hooked up to an IV because she passed out earlier. Was it from all the cologne from the night before? Does this have anything to do with why the tip of Hannah’s nose is constantly red? Like, it’s been that way on every date in both episodes? Maybe that was the sign that she was getting sick and she had a runny nose or something. I don’t know, but that Rudolph look from her is really, really bothering me, and I’d love if someone could fix that ASAP. K thanks.

-Although, Hannah did tell Connor in the letter to come to her hotel suite for her date but, ummmmm, that wasn’t a hotel suite she was in. Sorry. Details, but still. Connor heads over there, but before, he needs to stop off at the flower store on the show’s dime so he can pick up some flowers for the sick one. A nice gesture, but probably would’ve been cool if he would’ve paid for it himself. Not that we expect him to, but c’mon, nothing is done on this show without production knowing. So he brings over the flowers, hops in bed with her, and Connor is rockin’ his no-show socks, so that immediately has to earn him some points with Hannah, right? Although, he still could’ve taken them off along with his shoes when he got in bed. Does he have sex with his socks on too? Looks like someone who would.

-Did we ever get a break down of exactly what Hannah was sick from? I thought at some point she mentioned the flu, or did I not hear that correctly? Either way, if you’re that laid up, do you really want a guy sharing a bed with you to make out with? If Connor wasn’t sick before, I gotta believe he picked something up from that make out session, didn’t he? Maybe you should think of others first Hannah before tonguing down a dude while you feel like ass. I get it. You like Connor. Cool. We just don’t need you passing along sicknesses to the others on the show before travel starts. Because then Connor gets sick and gets on a plane next week. And then gets everyone on the plane sick because that’s what happens when you’re on a plane and someone is sick. A plane is nothing more than one enclosed inner tube of germs. You’re welcome.

-Connor goes back to the mansion where he creepily gets asked by Luke P. “what was she wearing?” Is that really important? You knew she was sick, you knew they didn’t go anywhere, and she had been to the hospital. Luke’s hole keeps getting deeper and deeper by the minute this season. While Connor is getting interrogated by Luke P., a driver shows up and says that Hannah is feeling better for their date later tonight, and he needs to be ready in 15 minutes. Well, he’s a guy. If it took him more than 10 (assuming the showering and shaving has been done at this point), then he needs to hurry up his pre-date rituals. They meet up, she gives him a rose, then they get a private concert by Lukas Graham, which has all the awkwardness that one has on a date where it’s two people standing in front of a band not knowing what the hell to do. Looked like two friends having fun more so than any deep love connection, and that’s why you’ll see Connor day 1 in Paradise. I also believe Caelynn did an interview last week and said she was interested in seeing Connor in Paradise, sooooooo….



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