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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 3 Recap, Tyler G., and “Bachelor in Paradise” Original Cast News

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-The second group date was up next and this got…uncomfortable. They first met up with Franco the photographer who bears an uncanny resemblance to Franc from “Father of the Bride.” Like, I think they’re related. Blood relatives. Two peas in a pod these two are I tell ya’. Oh yeah, they will be doing a photoshoot with animals because, whaddya’ know, it’s a tie-in to help promote “The Secret Life of Pets 2” coming to a theater near you. Cool. I saw the first one. I enjoyed it. I’m sure this one will do just fine. Especially now that Hannah’s guys had to somehow promote it, even though nothing they did on the date tied into that movie at all. Taking pictures with pets? That’s supposed to go make me watch the movie? In the past, they’ve actually either had the guys get an early screening of the movie, or, they actually showed clips of it. This was like, “Hey, there’s a movie about pets coming out. Why don’t you take some pictures with a dog. It’ll be totes the best corporate synergy ever!”

-Oh yeah, did I mention Demi was on this date too in a made up position for her to appear yet again and deliver completely irrelevant news to Hannah? Well, she did. The scene was pointless since nothing came of it. However, for fear of having the Demi mob come after me for saying anything remotely negative about her, let’s just move on.

-The guys all had their own pet they had to befriend and then she took pictures with each of them. Grant had a snake. Joey had a pig. Peter had a dog. So did Garrett. Hannah was into Peter and he asked to get closer and closer during their close up until they finally kissed. Nearby, Luke P. could practically taste the saliva being exchanged by the two of them. He’s not a happy man. Hannah is forming connections with others and, well, when you’re Luke P. and you believe Hannah should be having your babies yesterday, that’s gonna sting a little bit for sure. So Luke steps in and tells Hannah, “Get on my back while I’m doing pushups. It’ll be hee-larious.” I mean, whatever you say. Then when they’re done, Luke wants to walk her back to her dressing room before the first of many times last night Hannah puts her foot down. She tells him she likes him, but he’s being a bit extra right now. That’s what the kids call it, right? Extra? I’m so hip. Not bad for an almost mid-40’s guy who is completely giddy to have a birthday dinner at Olive Garden. That’s how I roll, peeps. Where you at?

-At the after party, Luke P. gets his time with Hannah first – again – but this time it’s because she pulls him away to basically rip him a new one. She says he stole the show in a negative way, and that he doesn’t need to do that anymore. Luke chimes in: “I really don’t think these guys have what it takes to be your future husband.” Hannah was having none of that and basically told him to slow his roll, calm down, and not act the way he was acting. Will he listen? Doesn’t look like he does since he gets into it again next week with Luke S. Hell, he didn’t even listen last night as twice after Hannah sends him away after essentially dressing him down and telling him to grow up, he twice interrupts her time with Devin and Dylan, and she tells him she’ll talk to him later and basically wait your turn. If someone can explain what’s going through Luke P’s mind this whole episode, that’d be great.

-After those two interrupts, Luke P STILL waiting to talk to her while she’s talking to someone else, and Peter is waiting as well. But Luke P tells him he’s barely had any time and he needs to talk to her and doesn’t care that Peter wants to as well. His time is more important. He briefly gets her, and Hannah who’s visibly frustrated at this point, tells him “I wanna call my own shots…I said I was gonna talk to you…” and Luke P is frustrated again as she rebuffs him and goes to make out with Peter. Frustrated so much as to go back into the other room with the rest of the guys to basically say he’s having trouble handling this show and is contemplating leaving if Hannah doesn’t reciprocate the feelings he has for her. I mean, where do you even begin with this? I understand what he’s saying, but it just goes to show that either Luke had no clue what he was getting into by signing up for this show and is totally lost, or, he’s just playing a role. She’s going to date other guys. She’s going to have feelings for other guys. That’s how the show works. I understand you have these intense, strong feelings for someone, but constantly cornering her and making her feel like a caged animal isn’t going to win you any points. The whole thing is flat out bizarre, and again, this is only gonna get worse before it gets better for him.

-Luke’s only play at this point is to show up at the Men Tell All, man up, and say after watching the show back and realizing how he came across, he apologizes for his actions. Fighting it on social media, blaming the edit, whining about how you’re being portrayed, etc., if that’s the route he’s taking (A quick check of his IG is showing he doesn’t seem to be addressing the show at all or responding to negative comments and it’s all workout pics, so I guess that’s a start), it’s the wrong one. None of the guys in the house like him, I have seen a couple tweets and IG posts from the other guys STILL making fun of him and how he acted, so it goes to show they truly didn’t care for the guy if months later they’re still doing it. If I were him, I’d lay low on social media, not say a word, not comment back to anybody saying anything negative on his IG, and just get to the MTA and apologize for how you acted. “I was really into you, my emotions got the best of me, I didn’t realize until after watching it back how it was coming across, and I’m sorry.” Paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of what he should say at the MTA. Will he? I have no idea. I’m here to help though. Been doing this long enough. I’ve seen how this goes for contestants. That’s his best plan of action going forward.



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