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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 6 Recap, Vegas Party Date Set for Next Year, & More from Jed’s Girlfriend

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-Time for the group date. Or as we can probably call it “Luke pisses everyone off again for the 5th consecutive episode” date. He makes it known in ITM’s that what he heard from Garrett saying they went naked bungee jumping “totally thought crossed the line.” This is just not going well for Luke. At. All. The group goes exploring Riga by taking a shot of moonshine, eating pickles, I think even Dustin ate the head off a cold fish. Real exciting stuff. Tyler somehow got to walk off by himself, get some flowers for Hannah obviously provided by producers, and give them to her. Usually they do that kinda stuff on 1-on-1’s. Not let some guy in a group date give her something that no one else did. Kinda weird. Now, either I was looking down writing or they completely left out the scene of Hannah and the guys arm wrestling. I know it actually happened because we saw pictures of it, but was it shown last night? It probably was and I wasn’t looking. That’s the amazing thing about how much time I spend on this show. I watch it live on Monday’s nights so I can live tweet, but while also taking notes, I’m easily looking down from my TV for at least 50% of the show. I’m guessing they showed the arm wrestling and I just missed it. Oh well.

-At the night portion of the group date, Hannah says that she’s so proud of the guys, they set their differences aside, and that she’s so hopeful for tonight and the rest of the journey. Which sounds wonderful and all, but that’s because she doesn’t know yet what Luke is going to pull aside for and basically tell her what he thinks of her date with Garrett. First Tyler is up and basically tells her all the right things that she wants to hear. He describes what he thought last rose ceremony when she came in and ripped all the guys for their constant arguing. This was the exact quote:

“You were wearing all white, and you looked Heaven-sent. You looked like an angel. I pray to God that you’re my angel, you know? And later on, you held it down with all of us. You stood there and fought. You had this look, where you were just all business, and I thought, ‘That’s what I want. I want that.’ You’re going to have kids, and things that you have to stand up for and fight for. Where did this fighter come from? Because I adore it.”

I know a lot of women were swooning over that on social media last night. Sounded like a “Bachelor” audition tape to me.

-Jed’s turn to impress Hannah. And what better way to impress a woman than on the piano even though you can’t possibly be on the show to promote your music. It was an original song he came up with, but if you listened closely you could totally hear Jed sneak in the words “Wanna makeout y/n” and “Love your bod.” This guy is too much. Could there have ever been a better episode to air last night, one week after his girlfriend throws him under the bus for coming on the show to promote his music, then to have THREE DIFFERENT SEGMENTS where Jed is doing something musically on the show? Two piano scenes (one during the credits), then the guitar serenade that we’ll get to later. Not a good episode for Jed to say the least. Haley is looking more and more like a genius.

-When Luke got his time with Hannah, he told her exactly what he thought of hearing about her naked bungee jump with Garrett. Whatever hole Luke was already in, he just dug it about 10 feet deeper. The guy cannot get out of his own way. Everything out of his mouth seems to infuriate Hannah even more. She doesn’t say anything now, but she will later. Luke’s stance is Hannah’s body is her temple, and naked bungee jumping he felt was like getting cheated on and felt like it was a slap in the face. No. Just, no. Hannah even said it, there was nothing sexual about it. We all saw it. It wasn’t sexual. At this point, there’s no saving him. The show is making sure you see every time Luke speaks to Hannah now because it’s all setting up the shit show that’s gonna go down on the overnight dates. There’s a reason why Luke felt the way he did about the naked bungee jump and it was shown. They want you to see where his mindset is when it comes to how he thinks Hannah should act in certain situations. I’m literally covering my eyes now watching their conversations. He can’t say anything right. Tyler got the group date rose, and Luke didn’t get the hint.



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