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The Bachelorette 15 - Hannah

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 6 Recap, Vegas Party Date Set for Next Year, & More from Jed’s Girlfriend

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-Peter and Hannah are going to have a Latvian style spa day. Who knows if this is even a tradition in Latvia. We had two naked bungee jumpers earlier tell us that was what Latvians do, yet I had a Latvian email me last night saying they’ve never even heard of that as any sort of tradition or custom. So wait, you mean the show is lying to us? No way! This Latvian style spa day is called “Pirts.” Don’t ask. I’m just relaying what we see on screen. Pirts apparently is where two older individuals sing horribly to you in some sort of chant, and brush you down with some branches during your massage so they can make sure your backside gets all scratched up. Looked real comfortable I tell ya’. Then, these same two intrusive individuals join you in the sauna to make it even more incredibly uncomfortable. Really? I can’t imagine this is what a real Latvian spa day is like. I wonder if one day someone can go back and find/interview every “extra” who’s been on a Bachelor/ette show as some sort of guru for a 1-on-1 or a group date and ask them, “What the hell was that all about?” I’m sure we’d get some real interesting answers.

-So when Peter and Hannah are in the sauna, and these two geezers wouldn’t leave, I’m pretty sure Peter would’ve drop kicked them out of there if he could so he could climb on top of Hannah, which is exactly what he did. It was past 9pm CST when this scene aired, but there were parts that could’ve been reserved for Skinemax at 2am on a Saturday morning. Yikes. All bikini’s stayed on, but the sweat glistening off their bodies, hands going up and down, the body heat of two consenting individuals…sorry, I’m beginning to sound like E.L. James here. You know what my one wish during this scene was? Just one wish, that’s all I asked and they couldn’t deliver. So earlier in the season, Cam was allowed to crash a group date that he wasn’t even a part of. Could you imagine if they let Luke walk in on this? The amount of blood that would’ve spurted out of both his ears would’ve been enough TV gold for me. It’s just funny when Garrett comes back from his date with Hannah, he describes to everyone what they did and made sure Luke heard. Peter didn’t do that. And what Peter did would’ve been, oh I don’t know, about 1 billion times worse than what Garrett did in Luke’s mind. Missed opportunity.

-At dinner, Hannah has made it very clear their sexual chemistry is off the charts (if only Luke could know about this), but that she really wants to get to know more about him. He asks her at dinner where her strength and confidence comes from. I don’t remember her answer other than I believe she said she is someone who will always speak her mind. Which is something we’ve clearly seen all season from her, so I buy that. She asks him about his career and basically how he’s always on the go and has it affected his dating life. He says it has. Says he has gotten lonely because of it and because he’s always on the move, he’s not allowed himself to open up too often. Well I think Tyler and Peter both pitched their “Bachelor” storylines for next season this episode. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t one of them. Pretty sure it’s not gonna be anyone off Paradise, so we’ll see. Still two months away, but these two will have the best storylines and biggest fanbases behind them. Peter is just too much Ben Higgins 2.0 to me. They look alike, kinda even talk the same…I don’t know. Just too similar. But they love Ben, so maybe that’s what they’ll be after. Tyler would be a completely different animal unlike anyone they’ve ever cast as the lead before. He’s more of the wild card. Peter would definitely be the safe choice.

-Peter tells Hannah that he did have an ex he was seriously, deeply in love with each other but it just wasn’t meant to be and they ended it. Kinda vague for something that seemed rather serious. He ended it right at that sentence and Hannah never followed up with anything. Maybe there was more, but if there was, we didn’t see it. He says he truly has not allowed himself to fully open up to someone, then follows it by telling her he’s never felt so strongly for someone so quickly. Just like I do every season, again, I have a hard time believing a lot of what people say on this show. That just sounds like telling Hannah what she wants to hear. Too forced. Right after you say you struggle opening up, you open up and tell someone you barely know how quickly you’re falling for her. When I hear time and time again over the years how sped up this process is and you really are more into the IDEA of falling for someone on this show since you barely know them, then yeah, Peter’s words are just words to me. Kinda hard to buy it. Especially since…

-It’s been floating around the internet (even showed up in some tweets last night) about Peter having someone he was dating pre-show then dumped her once he found out he was cast. I’ve spoken with her. Have been in contact with her for the last 2 months. Did an email interview with her that was set to be posted tomorrow. She texted me last night saying after all the backlash she saw Haley getting for her interview, that she’d rather not have her story out there anymore. This was someone who went over the timeline of her relationship with Peter with me that definitely coincided with when he found out he was on the show. And this wasn’t casual either. I don’t think taking someone to Switzerland in November (which I have pictures of) then dumping her a few weeks later out of the blue (which I have the texts of) is the greatest look. But she doesn’t want it out there any more, she has just started seeing someone new, and I was informed not to run the interview. Sucks, but what can you do?

-To hear the reasoning of why she doesn’t want it out there, and it’s because of the hate and backlash Haley has received, is all the proof you need as to why some women choose to stay silent on all sorts of different matters. It’s not easy dealing with social media backlash when you’ve never been in this position before. Really unfortunate but it’s reality. That’s why it takes a lot of courage to come forward with any story about someone from this show, especially someone like Peter, who in a lot of people’s eyes walks on water, even though they only know him from 7 edited episodes on a reality TV show at this point. You think people would immediately change their tune on him? Of course not. They’d call her a liar, a famewhore, looking for her 15 minutes, etc. You know it, and I know it. And she knows it, so she decided to pull our interview. I feel bad for her, but I’m happy she’s in a new relationship and never went down that road with Peter based on what she told me. Wasn’t gonna end well for her.

Let the Peter fans start their freak out in 3…2…1…



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