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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 3 Recap, #ClearTheList Movement, & More on the Blake/Caelynn Situation

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So last night starts and we immediately get the rose ceremony. Roses were as follows:

Derek to Demi
Clay to Nicole
Wills to Katie
Kevin to Sydney (Huh? I don’t even remember them talking the first episode)
JPJ to Onyeka (same with this pairing)
Cam to Caelynn
Dylan to Hannah
Blake to Tayshia
Chris to Kristina

This sends Bibi, Jane, and Annaliese packing, and lets hope for all our sakes, this is the last we see of Annaliese. I don’t know how she doesn’t watch herself on these shows and get embarrassed how she acts. Is she not watching what we’re watching? I don’t get it. Annaliese, if production calls you next year to try Paradise again, just know they have zero interest in finding you a love story. They’re calling you so for a third season in a row, they can make sure you’re journey ends in heartbreak. I doubt she’ll listen to me and she probably will buy whatever production is selling, but just know it’s not going to happen on this show. You’re an attractive woman. Surely you can find someone to date who’s not on this show or even in this franchise. Just get away from it all. Please. For all of us.

Jordan Kimball enters the show and claims the island to be his. Pretty funny watching Jordan back on this show after seeing everything that happened last season to him. First, Jordan pulls aside Hannah, Nicole, and Kristina, and every conversation turns into what Blake’s been up to on the island. I’m sure they talked about other things, but that’s all we were shown. He asks Hannah on a date, she says yes, then has buyers remorse, and takes it back saying she’s already involved with two guys, she doesn’t need a third. So Jordan goes out with Nicole and they go zip lining. And oh yeah, talk more about Blake. All while back at camp, Clay is being asked how he feels about Nicole being on a date with another guy, and Clay drops in about 10 sports analogies of what it’s like. He can’t be mad at it, he knows that’s what this show is, and it’s too normal of an answer for someone on this show. Usually people flip out and start crying. Not Clay. He just makes sports analogies.

Once Jordan is done with his date, he sits down Blake to ask what the hell is going on since all these women wanna do is talk about him. When you were watching Becca’s season, who ever would’ve thought that someday Jordan Kimball would be the voice of reason in this franchise? I certainly didn’t. But that’s what he’s become. Did I see him properly lecturing Blake on how he should be handling himself? Yes. Yes I did. And oh yeah, Blake looks like he broke a toe earlier playing catch with Clay on the beach while Demi and Tayshia made fun of him for it. Good look. During this conversation Demi actually uttered this sentence: “That’s not the characteristics of a great person. Being selfish and manipulating people’s feelings.” Demi said that. Demi. The woman who had a whole storyline planned before coming on the show where she was absolutely dating someone else, yet went on the show, didn’t tell anyone she was dating someone pre-show, got involved with someone of the opposite sex, then will drop them like a hot potato when her girlfriend Kristian shows up next week. That’s rich. Demi can say all she wants about how she came to Paradise to explore her options and what not, but those that know all know it’s BS. The Kristian storyline was planned ahead of time and none of that happened organically. Demi is all about Demi.

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  1. jp22

    August 13, 2019 at 9:40 AM

    Last night’s episode was the typical problem with the show. The producers over focus on some drama and then miss out on other unfolding relationships. Clearly something had been developing between Katie and both Wills as well as Chris. They had zero film on this? Wills gave Katie his rose then made his move with a lovely sentiment. Twitter thought Katie was drunk and non sensical, but I have been in her position. You have strong feelings for one man then another man does all the right things. It is horrible because it is all you could want but it’s not the right guy. So you feel the poignancy of it all, sad for the guy doing the right things, sad for yourself that you can’t reciprocate and sad the guy you like is not offering what you want. It sucks.
    If the damn producers had shown Katie and Chris’s interactions and that she was falling hard for him, the whole thing would have made sense. All we see is her going to Chris afterwards with her upset and Chris being very gentle and loving with her. Huh? Where’d that come from? Man the showrunners suck.
    Ps Hannah is such a typical coldhearted Aquarius. No way will it last with Dylan.

  2. dogmomma

    August 13, 2019 at 12:32 PM

    For all the people who were hoping that Hannah G was the one chosen to be the Bachelorette and then were upset that it was Hannah Beast, how do you think she would have been as the lead? I think she’s a cute girl and seems to have a sweet personality, but she sure has no idea about how relationships work and she can’t make up her mind about anything. It’s still hard to believe that she ends up with Dylan because if I were Dylan I would have gotten really tired of her making out with everyone else and would have questioned her ability to be committed to a relationship. But then again we are only shown part of what goes on there and the whole picture may look better for her. I felt so bad for Dylan and almost had a hard time watching her making out where everyone could see, knowing how genuine Dylan’s feelings were for her.

  3. ladyjane747

    August 13, 2019 at 1:29 PM

    While the list thing is nice, the bigger question is where are our tax dollars for education going? You mean, with all the taxes we pay, that money can’t buy classroom supplies? When I was in school neither teachers nor parents ever bought classroom supplies. The school provided all the crayons, pencils, paper, books, etc. Stop providing school breakfasts and lunches – most of those kids throw that food away anyway and then whip out a twenty to buy chips and ice cream. Stop providing every kid with a tablet. Stop with the special programs on bullying and the environment. Teach the three R’s, music, art, and PE. Cut down on the number of administrators. There are more administrators than teachers in LAUSD now. In other words – stop asking for more money and spend what you take from us more responsibly.

    And, man, is it me or is BIP kind of boring this season? Fell asleep last night half-way through.

  4. dogmomma

    August 13, 2019 at 2:36 PM

    Ladyjane747 My daughter and her husband are both teachers and they put their name on a list locally and an attorney paid for their supplies. My daughter’s supplies were only $200, but the PE teacher got $2,000 worth of equipment from that attorney. Times have changed. Teachers are so underpaid, but then they are expected to buy their own supplies. My daughter teaches special education, and she has been attacked by kids and she’s been called names. And her salary is extremely low. She does it because of her love for helping the kids. This new movement to help the teachers is a blessing. Glad to see people willing to help. And I agree with you that the schools should be providing this stuff and cutting out some unnecessary things.

  5. jp22

    August 13, 2019 at 3:24 PM

    Meanwhile the kids from the private school by me that caters to the children of the wealthy with learning disabilities were running around the nearby community garden with thousand-dollar Nikon cameras for their art class. They were like ten years old.

  6. ladyjane747

    August 13, 2019 at 10:49 PM

    Dogmomma, not so here in L.A. Teachers actually make pretty good salaries, and they get really good pensions and benefits. And those kids in private schools? Those cameras and other items are most likely funded by parents. When my kids were in (public) school, it was a matter of course that the parents donated supplies to the classroom – tissues, hand sanitizer, pencils, glue sticks, highlighters, etc. and kids brought their own individual supplies to class (paid for by parents), like crayons, scissors, etc. I doubt our teachers had to pay out of pocket for supplies. We also have a healthy Ed Foundation that raises tens of thousands of dollars every year for special programs like art and music. I thought the state lotteries were supposed to fund education. The taxpayer and voter gets duped again.

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