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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 3 Recap, #ClearTheList Movement, & More on the Blake/Caelynn Situation

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I’ve kinda always said this on past season’s but I wish BIP would stick to a strict schedule where the end of Tuesday night’s episode is the rose ceremony. We get the same thing during the “Bachelor/ette” seasons where sometimes episodes don’t end with a rose ceremony, and that’s just screwy. Throws everything off. You had 4 hours over 2 nights the first week of the season and they STILL couldn’t end last Tuesday with a rose ceremony. Yeah, I get it you had plenty of the Blake drama, but considering this episode started immediately with the rose ceremony, it was possible they could’ve done it. Maybe we’ll get rose ceremony #2 at the end of tonights episode, I don’t know. But just know there definitely isn’t a set pattern when it comes to BIP, so your guess is as good as mine tonight. We know who gets the roses so there won’t be too much suspense there. However, seeing some of these other smaller storylines play out was kinda interesting. I’ll get to those in the recap portion. Needless to say, Jordan stole the show, Demi made an interesting statement, and I couldn’t make out a thing Katie said to Wills. I know she was crying and all, but, ummmm, yeah. Whaaaaa? Huh? I think she even started putting Wills to sleep.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow’s post as we’re rather low right now. Only have about 15 or so. Usually an average week of emails is about 30-35, so plenty of time to get your stuff in today for tomorrow’s column. I’m sure you have some more thoughts on the Blake stuff especially after watching more last night and what you’ll see tonight.

In case you missed it over the weekend, Ashley Spivey started taking donations for the #ClearTheLists campaign happening right now, where teachers from everywhere are needing supplies, snacks, etc for their classrooms. Ashley raised over $10k in just 3 days, and now she’s distributing that money amongst the numerous lists she’s been given. The last time I checked with her, she had over 150 lists, so I’m guessing it’s more now. People are helping out and asking to take some of the lists off her hands, but lets face it, there’s way more teachers that have lists that need to be cleared than there are people who are donating or willing to clear them themselves. It’s really tough. Amazing how many teachers don’t have enough money to even supply markers, or crayons, or pencils to their class. Just basic necessities you figured everyone had. They don’t.

I asked Ashley to send me a few lists and I was able to clear three that she gave me, along with a couple more that were emailed. It’s impossible to clear everyone’s list. After my tweet yesterday, I easily had over 50 people DM or message me on IG asking if I could help. Unfortunately, I set aside a certain amount to help, and I’ve pretty much already reached that. I cleared 5 lists yesterday and I might be able to do one more. It’s one of these things where you want to help people, but I can’t retweet every person that emails me, because then my timeline is nothing but retweets. And if I pick and choose, I’m sure I’ll hear from the people asking why I didn’t retweet theirs. So it’s either all or nothing. I’m not going to do any retweets, I’m sorry. Understand, just because I didn’t retweet or didn’t clear your list doesn’t mean I’m not trying to find a way to help. But there are so many teachers with lists and not enough donations at this point.

As mentioned in my tweet, plenty of contestants from this franchise make a shit ton of money to do one IG post. The least some of them could do would be contribute to clearing even just one person’s list. It’s honestly embarrassing if they don’t. They don’t need to sit there and donate thousands and thousands of dollars. Just asking to contribute at least one. That’s better than nothing. I feel for all teachers out there who are asking for their lists to be cleared and not getting it. So proud Ashley raised as much as she did in the short of time that she did, and still, it’s not even close to what needs to be done. Anyone can help. Doesn’t have to just be contestants of the show. While I understand a lot of you teachers still need your lists cleared, right now, we need more people donating to help you. So if anyone is interested in clearing any teachers list, you can either go to my tweet yesterday and see all the responses below it of how many teachers included their link, and just click one and pay it off. Or, you can email Ashley, ask for a list from her, and she’ll send you one. Or if you don’t want your name attached to it and you just want to help, you can just donate by Venmo’ing Ashley money, say it’s for the #ClearTheList campaign, and it’ll just add to the pot so she has more that she can do. Glad I was able to help out in some little way, but I know how many out there haven’t gotten anything. We hear ya’ and we’re trying.

I understand that donating to any cause is a tough position to be in. Trust me, I get emailed randomly all the time about helping out and donating to certain places, and you want to help, but if I donated to every cause that was sent to me, I’d be broke. Obviously you have to pick and choose which ones you want to help with, and it doesn’t mean that if you choose not to donate to something that you don’t feel it’s important. But when you get multiple requests from complete strangers asking you for money, it’s not the easiest position to be in. I wish I could help a lot of you. I do what I can and I set aside funds every year to donate to charities, etc. But I’m just very selective about where my money goes. And the same goes for these contestants I’m sure. I actually had a couple reach out to me after my tweet yesterday asking how they could help, which was great to hear. I just wish more would. Again, not thousands and thousands of dollars. But just clear at least one list and show you care about someone other than yourself and how many IG ads you can do in a day. Hopefully more will come forward, but most importantly, ANYONE can help. Either clear one yourself by clicking on any of the mentions under my tweet from yesterday, ask Ashley for one that she’s received, or just donate any money you can by Venmo’ing Ashley and she’ll put towards clearing someone’s list.



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