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Bachelor in Paradise 6

“Bachelor in Paradise 6” – Episode 1 Recap, Jed’s Media Tour, Hannah/Tyler/Gigi Craziness, & Something is Off With the Blake Storyline

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Well it’s back upon us. Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” And in case you missed the news yesterday, not that this should come as any surprise to anyone, but “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” have all been officially renewed for 2020. Of course they were. This show isn’t going anywhere. And hey, that means I basically just signed a Tom Brady-like deal. You know how Tom is basically on a year-to-year contract until he decides to call it quits? Basically every time this show gets renewed, that’s me getting a new one year deal – for myself. Because as long as this show is on the air, barring anything catastrophic, I’ll be here doing the same thing I’ve done for the last 10 years. So no worries. Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Always wanted to say that line. Anyway, a few tweets and DM’s last night asking me when I’m gonna release the BIP spoilers. Sooooooo, yeah. Here they are. Again. In case you missed them the numerous times I’ve been giving them out over the last month. Your full BIP episode-by-episode spoilers. Click on it. Savor it. Love it. It’ll help you get through this shit show, I promise.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. We keep the same schedule during all of “Bachelor in Paradise” airing, although the BIP recaps are much, much shorter. I’ll have usually just 2-3 pages tops on a Tuesday recap. Wednesday’s “Reader Emails” usually will just have a one page summary of Tuesday’s BIP episode followed by the emails, then the podcast on Thursday. But needless to say we’ve got a few things to get to before recapping last night, don’t you think? Anything interesting happen these last few days while I was in Vegas? Oh yeah, did a quick 2 day trip this weekend. Had a great time, met some people, heard even more “Bachelor” gossip, but unfortunately can’t share that one. Promised I wouldn’t. Not terribly juicy, so it’s not like you’re missing out on something major. But definitely plays into BIP. Amazing how even on weekends away I still hear shit non stop about this show.

So lets go in order of events, and start out with the Jed Media Tour that took place towards the end of last week. Truth: I listened to the whole podcast with Ali and Rachel. I didn’t listen to him on Ben and Ashley’s. After the first one, I kinda figured I didn’t need to listen to the second one. Yes, I’ve received all your emails asking me my thoughts on it, especially Ali’s stance and how she conducted herself. I’m not gonna get into that part. You all heard it. And you all seem to feel the same way. Of course I have questions about what I heard from the hosts, but I don’t want to turn this into a critique of someone else’s podcast. I rarely listen to any to begin with, and frankly, now I know why. I’m too busy critiquing in my own head and thinking of questions and follow up questions I’d be asking and it’s too frustrating. And I’m sure people do that with me too. So I don’t wanna get into that part of it. It’s their show, they can ask (or not ask) whatever they want. I wanna deal with just Jed’s answers.

Plenty of you have asked if I’d put Jed on my podcast. And my answer is, it all depends on if he realizes what an interview with me would be like. It’d be very similar to the Paulie interview. Because based on what he told Ali & Rachel, if he gave me those same answers (and I’m assuming he would because if he doesn’t, he’d be called out for changing his story), my follow ups would be in depth and I think a lot of his answers would lead to me saying, “Jed, I don’t believe you” or “Jed, I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.” And then the whole interview just becomes this negative tone where I basically don’t buy anything he’s selling. Do people really want to hear that? I don’t know. I think even after a while, I’m sure a lot of you would even be saying, “Geez Steve, let it go.” But if the point of having him on is to call him out on some of the answers he’s given post show, then we have to dive into stuff I didn’t hear on that podcast. And there would absolutely be a lot of “that’s bullshit,” “I don’t buy it,” and “I don’t believe you” from me. Wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for him, but hey, if he’s willing to face the music and knows I’m not just going to accept his answers that he gives and move on to the next question, then sure, he can come on. I just don’t think he will.

But lets talk about a couple things that stood out to me in the Ali & Rachel podcast that he said. This answer about the likes on IG, I mean, whaaaaa? Huh? WTF? He says those likes came because he accidentally double clicked on the comment? Jed, when you double click on a PHOTO on IG, that’s how you like it. To like a comment you have to actually take your finger all the way to the right and push the heart. That answer made zero sense and I don’t buy it for a second. Double clicked the comment? Wrong and you’re dumb. Next. CORRECTION: You can like a comment by double tapping it. But I still don’t understand why he’d double click the comment if he wanted to see the replies. You’d hit the reply button. Is it possible? Yes. Just seems like a reach of an answer.

This story he told about how “at the dock” was a meditation phrase and didn’t literally mean he’d meet her at the dock? Ok fine. I’m even giving him the benefit of the doubt because that seems awfully ridiculous to make up. But because he didn’t mean he’d physically meet Haley at the dock when filming was over doesn’t change anything in the story to me. The texts and card clearly showed this was someone you were close with, were involved with much more serious than you led on, and you were absolutely planning on seeing when you got back from filming as long as you didn’t “win.” I don’t care if the dock was a meditation word or not, the context of what you were saying in the texts and card doesn’t change.

His big thing he stood behind was, “Well yeah, you saw the texts and card, but there were phone calls had where Haley absolutely was aware of where I stood.” See to me, that’s an easy out for him. Why? Because only those two know what was said on any phone calls between them. And I guarantee if I ask Haley about those phone calls, she’d say she never thought the way he did. So he’s hiding behind something that can never be proven. What can be proven are the texts and cards he sent her, things which he never denied he sent, and it’s just “I don’t know why I sent those,” which is kind of a dick move after the fact. Because I guarantee if Hannah didn’t pick him, he wouldn’t be saying that.

The guy tries to apologize and accept responsibility for what he did, but can’t keep his mouth shut and was still taking jabs at Haley saying she waited until he had 250k IG followers to tell her story. So is he accepting responsibility for what he did, or is he blaming Haley still? I think you’re diminishing your responsibility in this if you follow an apology up with a “b-b-b-b-but she waited to capitalize on it herself.” As we said at the time, Haley can’t help the fact she’s a singer. That’s her profession. Unless she just started taking up singing right when you left for the show, only THEN would I think you can accuse her to try and promote her career. She was singing long before she met you. If she was dentist and you did this to her, and she told the story to and did my podcast, would people be saying she’s out promoting her dental career? No.

There were plenty of other things in that podcast that had me scratching my head listening to him, but honestly, I was in the car driving, and I wasn’t taking any notes. I’m just going off what I remember. The other stuff that stuck out to me was in regards to things Ali & Rachel said, but I don’t wanna get into that. What Jed said on stage last Tuesday night seemed to line up with what he told them. So it’s not like he’s changing his story. I just don’t think Jed really was able to grasp what he did, and honestly him acting shocked that Haley thought there was still hope for them when in his mind it was over, kinda speaks more to him, dating culture in 2019, and how things are with him. Yes, he admitted he was sleeping with other women while with Haley, so it couldn’t have been that serious. Great. That doesn’t make you a noble guy, Jed. It makes you a f***boy, because Haley had no clue you were. And neither did “Barbie,” who had no clue you were with Haley at the time you slept with her. That mindset is so backwards, I can’t believe he was basically building a case for himself around that.

And that’s why I’m not sure an interview with me would go anywhere. I truly think deep down, even though he’s saying he’s sorry and realizing now how much he hurt Haley, I truly don’t think this guy thinks he really did much wrong and that Haley is overreacting. And how do you reason with someone who is looking at the situation that way? You can’t, can you? Not to mention, he’s gonna keep throwing out there, “Hey, we had phone conversations where it was clear we weren’t exclusive.” Yeah, phone conversations none of us will ever hear so it’s an easy cop out. So those are my brief thoughts on his media tour. No need to fill me on what he said with Ben and Ashley. I’m sure it was a lot of the same stuff. I could barely tolerate listening to him on one podcast. I’m certainly not giving him more of my time on another one.



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