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Bachelor in Paradise 6 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Mini “Men Tell All” Recap & (EXCLUSIVE) Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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“Bachelor in Paradise” begins Aug. 5th and 6th and will run every Monday and Tuesday night for 6 weeks. The show filmed for about 21 days in June.

There were three people I was made aware of that were flown to Mexico, put up in a hotel, but were never brought on the show:

Brooks Forester
Nina Bartula (Colton’s season)
Danielle Lombard (Danielle was part of Chris and Krystal’s wedding, and was supposed to come on the show from there, but ended up not getting brought on)

Everyone who enters the show enters with a date card and asks someone on date. All those dates are posted here. Other couples definitely have dates throughout the course of the season, but since it was hard to figure out at what point they did, I just left them out.

Because the show airs over two nights, and will be very lenient on when rose ceremonies air, I broke it down by what you’ll see from rose ceremony to rose ceremony, rather than by episodes, since that’d be more confusing.

Here is your original cast for “Bachelor in Paradise.”


Kevin Fortenberry (Hannah’s season)
John Paul Jones (Hannah)
Dylan Barbour (Hannah)
Cam Ayala (Hannah)
Blake Horstman (Becca’s season)
Wills Reid (Becca)
Clay Harbor (Becca)
Derek Peth (JoJo’s season, BIP season 4)
Chris Bukowski (Emily’s season, Andi’s season, Bachelor Pad season 3, BIP seasons 1 & 2. Yes, he has come out of retirement).


Hannah Godwin (Colton’s season)
Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton)
Nicole Lopez-Alvar (Colton)
Onyeka Ehie (Colton)
Tayshia Adams (Colton)
Sydney Lotuaco (Colton)
Jane Aver (Colton)
Demi Burnett (Colton)
Katie Morton (Colton)
Bibiana Julian (Arie’s season)
Annaliese Puccini (Arie)
Kristina Schulman (Nick’s season & BIP 4) joined the cast on day 2.


Blake gets the first date card of the season and asks out Tayshia.
Kristina arrives with a date card on Day 2 and asks out Blake.
Clay is given a date card and he asks out Nicole.

If you didn’t read what I already posted on June 18th about Blake and his whole situation after he got back from his date with Kristina, you can read it all here. The first two episodes on Aug. 5th and 6th will be about Blake. That’s where all the shit hits the fan with him. After that, there really isn’t much drama surrounding him. There’s A LOT of questions surrounding this Blake situation that, hopefully, we’ll get answered going forward. Just a few that I have:

-What was he thinking?
-How exactly did Stagecoach go down?
-How did the trip to Alabama before BIP filming come about?
-Who knew about who and when? Mainly, did Tayshia, Kristina, and Caelynn all know about the other at Stagecoach? If not, when did they find out and how?
-When Blake went to Alabama, did Hannah know about Tayshia, Kristina, and Caelynn from Stagecoach?
-If Blake was all about Hannah (which he tells Tayshia and Caelynn after the first rose ceremony his focus was now on Hannah), why wouldn’t he have asked her out when he got the first date card of the season?
-What did he think his biggest mistake was in all this?
-If he could take one thing back pre-show and during filming, what would it be?

Yeah, so those are just a few to say the least. You know how I said Luke is the one guy I’d probably want to hear from most when this is all said and done? I’d make Blake 1B. Because before BIP, Blake had a pretty squeaky clean image. I don’t think he’s a horrible guy, but I do want to know how he got himself into this mess and his thoughts on all of it.

Some other drama that happened before this rose ceremony involved Annaliese. Because she is friends with Angela, Clay’s ex-girlfriend, she wasn’t happy Clay was on the show and felt he broke up with Angela so he could do it. She confronted Clay with this.

Also, at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Annaliese told Chris he was the only guy she wanted to be with. Gee, shocker. Annaliese immediately clinging on to a guy? No way! Anyway, Chris was having none of that and didn’t want to be attached to someone so quickly, so, he didn’t give her a rose.

Rose Ceremony #1 (Men giving out roses)

Clay gave his rose to Nicole
Kevin to Sydney
Blake to Tayshia
Cam to Caelynn
John Paul Jones to Onyeka
Wills to Katie
Derek to Demi
Chris B. to Kristina
Dylan to Hannah G.

Eliminated this rose ceremony: Bibiana Julian, Annaliese Puccini, and Jane Aver.



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