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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – MAJOR “Bachelorette” Spoiler, & (EXCLUSIVE) Your Two Main Storylines Happening on “Bachelor in Paradise”

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Lets talk a little “Bachelor in Paradise.” This page will be about Blake Horstmann. Next page is about someone else. But so far, what’s happened with Blake is the talk of the show, and I’ll break it down for you as best I can:

-Blake is original cast. So is Tayshia. Blake gets the first date card of the season and asks out Tayshia.

-Kristina arrives on Day 2 with a date card. She asks out Blake and they go on a date. They dated a few months back that was pretty public. Both have spoken about it in interviews and Blake said it just didn’t work out.

-Either when Blake is on his date with Kristina or when he returns, that’s when the shit hits the fan. It is revealed that at Stagecoach back in late April, Blake and Tayshia had hung out there. Blake had contacted her and made sure they saw each other. DM sliding was mentioned. Wasn’t a date, but definitely showed interest in each other and hung out that first night of Stagecoach. Didn’t hook up that he claims.

-The next night at Stagecoach, Blake had sex with Caelynn.

-The night after having sex with Caelynn at Stagecoach, he had sex with Kristina.

-This isn’t rumored stuff that I’m revealing behind the scenes and you’ll have to take my word for it or something. This is stuff that you will see talked about since the women in question confront him and take him to task for his f***boy ways. And we aren’t done there…

-It’s also revealed that 2 weeks before leaving for “Bachelor in Paradise,” Blake flew to Birmingham, AL to spend the weekend with Hannah G. This wasn’t a “Hey I’m in town” and asked her to meet up thing. This was planned trip by both of them because they were interested in each other. All of this gets out within the first few days of Paradise filming.

-Who knew what when is kind of hard to know. I was told that Tayshia was the one blindsided the most. She had no idea he slept with Caelynn and Kristina on back-to-back nights after she hung out with him the first night of Stagecoach until all this went down in Paradise. I believe Caelynn eventually found out about Kristina, and vice versa. And I do believe when he spent the weekend in Alabama with Hannah G two weeks ago, she knew about the others because Blake told her. Blake was confronted about the Hannah G weekend on the show by others and claims he never hooked up with her during his weekend there. Whether people choose to believe that is up to them.

-Caelynn is the one that has the biggest problem with all of this. She confronts Blake on the beach face-to-face in a “screaming and crying” outburst because after they slept together, shortly afterwards Blake told her he thought it was a mistake, shouldn’t have happened, and for her not to tell anyone. Caelynn is overly emotional due to her past as we know about her college sexual assault and how she values sex and intimacy, and Blake was basically disrespecting her by telling her it shouldn’t have happened and not to say anything. Yeah, that didn’t go over well.

-Blake ends up giving his rose to Tayshia at the first rose ceremony, but after that tells Tayshia and Caelynn both that he’s there for Hannah and wants to pursue her. However, Hannah obviously has taken this all in, isn’t thrilled with the way Blake is acting, and has been with Dylan since Day 1. Ever since then, Blake and Kristina have given each other roses at the rose ceremonies following, but it’s not because they are rekindling anything. At least not that I’ve heard.

-Everybody’s knows Blake’s business at this point, what he did with Tayshia, Kristina, Caelynn, and Hannah and his reputation has taken a major beating, as it probably should. Not sure how he’s gonna come out looking good in all this. Tayshia has moved on, Hannah has moved on, Caelynn has moved on, and he and Kristina are there just giving each other roses. I’ve heard Blake has done a lot of crying this season, is sorry for his actions, has made it known it’s Hannah he wants, but she’s with Dylan and looks to be fairly solid. So I don’t know what the future has in store for Blake out there. Time will tell, but my guess is he’s leaving soon. Either on his own or won’t get a rose. We’ll see.

So basically Blake let this show get to his head, has no shame in hooking up with numerous women from the franchise, and it’s come back to bite him in the ass. I will add that since this info has started making the rounds, I’ve heard about others in Bachelor Nation not on BIP who he’s hooked up with/DM slid as well. All you can do if you’re him is take your lumps, realize your dirty laundry is all getting out starting August 5th, and just try not to be a pig anymore. Lets see if he can, because as bad as this sounds in the written word, I heard it’s gonna be even more painful to watch play out. Like I said in the tweet, this is the Blake Show the first few days out there and it will dominate the show. Good luck, Blake Horstmann. You’re going to need it.



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