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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – MAJOR “Bachelorette” Spoiler, & (EXCLUSIVE) Your Two Main Storylines Happening on “Bachelor in Paradise”

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-As for last night, holy moley (premiering on ABC next week!), what a giant dumpster fire that was. Now, with the announcement today of Jed being engaged to Hannah, was last night’s episode done in some sort of conspiracy because they have this boffo ending? No, I don’t believe so. ABC milks the “Bachelor” franchise for as many episodes as they can. All they did was give them an extra one, it just seems like it wasn’t added until after Hannah’s season started airing. I wouldn’t read too much into that. This is a normal ending. Hannah down to two guys, Jed and Tyler, both want to propose, and she chooses Jed or Tyler. I haven’t heard about too much craziness going down when it comes to that. Chris Harrison and Robert Mills saying in interviews that she decided at the last minute, and was uncertain the morning of the final rose ceremony – who knows what they’re talking about. It’s their job to hype up the season. I’m not buying it from everything I’ve heard.

-The episode itself was just a case of the show beating something to a pulp, and then when it was dead – beating it some more. Completely overdone with the Luke P. stuff. Look online. Look at social media. What’s the percentage of people who commented about this show saying, “Yes! I loved that episode last night! So well worth my time!” I don’t think I saw one person say that. Now, in terms of ratings, that doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot, because the fact they’re reacting to it, means they watched it and it brought out a reaction from them, positive or negative. Ok, mostly negative. But still, we had an HOUR dedicated to a cocktail party and a rose ceremony, before we left for Latvia. AN HOUR. Usually cocktail parties and rose ceremonies are given the last 15-20 minutes in a regular episode. That was totally overdone. (UPDATE: The ratings last night were the highest all season. So there’s that)

-One thing that caught my attention last night online was still the hatred for Hannah and how she’s handling this. Of course no lead will ever be universally liked. We know that. But say what you will about Hannah, and about the show in general, but you can’t tell me the Bachelorette we’re seeing this season isn’t different than any previous lead we’ve seen. And I’m talking about the conversations we’ve seen her have, her bluntness, a few behind-the-scenes peeks we’re getting. This is unchartered territory for this show, and I enjoy it. Yes, the Luke P stuff is so over the top, but, within all the Luke P stuff, her reactions to it and her conversations with not just Luke, but the rest of the guys, is just not something we’ve seen from leads before. Hannah in a hallway close to the men, pounding wine like it’s water, then bum rushing the room and going off on the men – tell me another season where we’ve seen that? She’s straight up carving fools and telling people exactly how she’s feeling, not giving us scripted “Bachelorette” speak where the lead is just looking for the right things to say to every guy in hopes to not offend them. The Luke stuff sucks. I agree. But Hannah? To me has been refreshing to watch.

-I think the one thing you saw me tweet about last night the most, was just this absurdity that the show tried to make us believe Chris’ sit down with Hannah at the mansion wasn’t at the mansion? Was in real time? Totally baffled by this. They show Chris in front of the mansion talking to her. But then we’re inside and they’re talking to Hannah in real time and answering like she’s in the middle of filming when she clearly wasn’t. Hell even if you don’t have a clue about the spoilers, you had to have known there’s no way they were in Latvia, then left Latvia so Chris could come to the mansion and talk to Hannah, then fly back to Latvia and resume filming. Like, I hope you realize how stupid the show thinks you are. Just file that in the back of your head. They think you’re a moron which is why they presented it to you the way they did. Why not just Chris interview Hannah exactly as he did, and just conduct it as an interview that was taped later on in filming or post-filming? I don’t get how that would’ve ruined anything. These people amaze me sometimes.

-And the capper of it all was Chris Harrison actually uttering this line when the show was over but they still had previews for the rest of the season to show:

“That’s coming up, right now, when the ‘Bachelorette’ continues…”

My mind literally froze at that point in time for a good 10 seconds and I thought I was in the movie “Inception.” Huh? Whaaaaa? How is that? Are we on this earth right now? Are we living in the same universe? Those words strung together in that particular order said in that succession make no f***ing sense at all. Just thought you should know that. Anyway, Hannah gave out some roses. Three guys named Devin, Grant, and Kevin went home that barely spoke all season and we didn’t get to know a thing about, there’s 9 guys left headed to Latvia, only about 5 or 6 of which the audience is even invested in, and only about 3 that Hannah really truly likes, and that’s that. At least we don’t get anymore BS episodes the rest of the season. This is it. We’re straight through for the next 5 episodes and this thing comes to a conclusion before “Shit Show in Paradise” begins. Buckle up. I know I am.

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