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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 5 Recap, Remaining BIP Schedule, Demi’s Storyline, & the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey – Episode 21

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-The show started off where we ended last week, which was the fight between Jordan and Christian. It is pretty amazing that in 38 seasons of this show, we’ve never really had a fist fight before where punches were thrown. I was trying to think of any real confrontation in the past, and the only thing I could remotely think of was Chad ripping Evan’s shirt during the group date on JoJo’s season. But other than that, nothing comes to mind. Kinda different than the Challenge where there seems to be a fight and/or face-to-face yelling numerous times each season. Obviously different shows with completely different objectives, but still. You’d think in 38 total seasons, we’d have had one fight by now. Anyway, after Jordan bodyslammed Christian, he basically walked away while Christian tried to bum rush him 100 different times. It was like watching a car chase on TV. Have ANY of those cars ever been able to completely evade police and the helicopters following them? Of course not. Yet there Christian is thinking he’ll be able to get through numerous security men and production. Smart guy. Both were kicked off for fighting as Chris Harrison tells the group, because this show about a second chance at love. Uh huh.

-We’re still at the cocktail party of the rose ceremony, and Hannah is going back and forth between Dylan and Blake still. Everyone on set is acting like this has been going on all season, which it pretty much has, but at that particular point (rose ceremony #2), they were only 6 days into filming. And Hannah didn’t start making out with Blake until the night of the first rose ceremony, which was only 4 days prior. So while it seems like it’s been going on forever, it hasn’t. They made you speak in weeks during your ITM’s, not real time. Rose ceremonies happen every 3 days in Paradise. So yeah, that Hannah/Blake/Dylan love triangle, literally lasted 4 days, which was about 1/5th of the shows total filming. Not nearly as big of a deal as they made it out to be.

-Lets also not forget that not up until recently (and by recently I’m talking about while they were filming at that time) was it made public to everyone that Blake and Hannah had a past and he’d visited her in Alabama a week before filming. So yeah, maybe to the audience and to those out of the loop of what happened, her being attached to Blake kinda came out of nowhere since she immediately got with Dylan day 1 when Blake took Tayshia out, it makes sense knowing that both Blake and Hannah came onto the show with interest in each other. All Hannah did was keep her options open through two rose ceremonies. Not sure why she’s getting crucified for that. It’s not like she drags it out all season. She had people in suspense for rose ceremony #2 and that’s it. Once she chose Dylan, Blake was a non-factor in the Hannah/Dylan relationship. So Dylan in tears and snot bubbling all over himself dreading Hannah possibly not giving him the rose at ceremony #2 was literally 6 days into filming. Kind of embarrassing if you ask me. Get a hold of yourself, man.

Before the rose ceremony, Onyeka decides she doesn’t want to give her rose out because she hasn’t formed a connection with anyone. So the roses given out are as follows:

Demi to Derek
Katie to Chris
Nicole to Clay
Caelynn to Dean
Tayshia to JPJ
Sydney to Mike
Hannah to Dylan
Kristina to Blake

If you’re asking why Kristina kept Blake around, here was her answer on Twitter last night:

I don’t have as big of a problem to Kristina giving Blake a rose over the three who were eliminated. Why would she? Who did she know better at that point? Had we even seen any interaction with Kristina and Kevin, or Kristina and Wills, or Kristina and Cam? And if her reasoning was to keep him around so he could potentially find someone, that’s on him to accept it. Blake could’ve not accepted the rose and just gone home, but he decided to stay. Whether or not that was a smart choice is up for debate since the guy was having a miserable time up until that point. But he made his decision to stay by accepting the rose, and basically Blake’s drama is pretty much done the rest of the time he’s there. Caelynn’s moved on, Hannah’s moved on, and Tayshia’s moved on. I’m fine with her giving him a rose over the other three.

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  1. dbla31

    August 20, 2019 at 10:03 AM

    Loved/hated that fight last night. Loved it because I couldn’t stand Christian and was so happy he got body slammed and kicked off. I couldn’t remember him until that flashback to MTA where he was so ridiculously dressed and such a d-bag. Hated it because I lost my fave, Jordan so quickly! But he wasn’t seemingly connecting with anyone anyway. I hope he can redeem himself. I would hate to think we’ll never see him again. I think he can do it, because he is so articulate and calm (when he wants to be, like in the aftermath of that fight.) Christian is just an idiot. I don’t seem him being back for anything.

  2. jp22

    August 20, 2019 at 10:35 AM

    Sorry. Jordan was all kinds of bratty and wrong. He is the one to walk up to mess with the piñata. He’s the one with the body slam. He has a screw loose. Whether you like Christian or not, Jordan was wrong. Also he destroyed what was developing between Nicole and Christian. There was a lot of chemistry there. Then Nicole ends up with nobody since Clay is looking like a commitmentphobe. Did anybody go up to Blake and bodyslam him on behalf of Dylan? So screw Jordan.

  3. jlal

    August 20, 2019 at 5:57 PM

    I agree totally with you about Jordan. Remember when he had the throw the stuffed bear in the water tantrum?

  4. carebear200302

    August 20, 2019 at 9:33 PM

    Alot of people are interviewing Mike on access.extra. could he possibly be the new bachelor? I pray so! That smile is contagious!

  5. moreypinion

    August 20, 2019 at 10:00 PM

    So long, Bachelor in Paradise! Now it’s Queers in Paradise! You’ve lost me as a viewer!

  6. atleast4characters

    August 21, 2019 at 12:36 AM

    What a cringeworthy propaganda piece having everyone celebrate the lesbian couple. They wouldn’t have brought on someone else’s pre-show dating partner (and not a previous cast member on the franchise) had it been a heterosexual couple. Normally the rest of the cast would be a bit miffed that you came on the show while still pining for someone you were seeing before coming on the show. At the forthcoming rose ceremony there are 8 guys but 9 roses, so obviously Chris’s announcement to change the rules will be having Demi hand out a rose.

  7. rob22

    August 21, 2019 at 5:41 AM

    Kinda weird that people have a problem with a Lesbian couple on the show. Also, kinda weird that BIP thinks they’re being so cool and woke about it. For perspective, the time when it was really cutting edge, was when Ellen came out on her old comedy show…. in 1997! When are people going to act like this is 2019 instead of 1997? Gay couples are nothing out of the ordinary anymore. And for that reason, this whole setup with Demi and her current girlfriend brought on the show should be no different than if a straight couple did it. It’s really dumb. I guess that’s what we should expect from this show. I don’t know why I expected anything different.

  8. dogmomma

    August 21, 2019 at 7:05 AM

    I don’t think people are as focused on the couple being gay as much as how the show broke all their rules and set the whole thing up for ratings. Especially after the Jed fiasco and how it became such a big deal.
    On another note, seems everyone on Twitter is rooting for Derek to be the Bachelor. It sure looked like they were giving him the edit last night.

  9. flyingchaucer

    August 21, 2019 at 10:25 AM

    Reality Steve, I understand, given the levels of skepticism and trash talking that you tend to get, why you are defensive about when and where you are “right” in your take on the show. But with this Demi situation, I wish you might stop and think a little bit about how far that rightness might extend and how important it is? I’m not saying she didn’t plan to bring her GF on the show, that it’s not deeply producer manipulated, or that the franchise isn’t profiting (cringe-worthily) off of their first LGBTQ couple. It’s honestly also cringeworthy at best to see a straight man trying to speak over a woman’s discussion of her coming out process. I’m not sure why being right about how she has experience. I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong–I don’t much care, either way and agree that the way this is framed on the show feels like an obvious set-up–but it’s hard for any straight person to know what processing goes into coming to terms with being queer, even while in a relationship. I guess I’m hoping you might reflect a little bit on where the voices and opinions of straight folx are not the ones that need to be attended to.

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