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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 5 Recap, Remaining BIP Schedule, Demi’s Storyline, & the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey – Episode 21

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-Lets spend this last page talking about Demi. We know that last night, we see Hannah come on the show because, well, they kinda always give the “Bachelorette” lead some sort of appearance on Paradise. Usually it’s to pass out a date card, but last night, Hannah comes on to…talk to Demi about her girlfriend. Gee, why do you think they had her do that? Because they knew they were a day away from bringing Kristian in. And that’s where this whole charade is so insulting to us viewers. And trust me, they are going to screaming from the mountaintops all season about how pro LGBTQ they are. Hell, Chris Harrison is already promoting how wonderful tonight’s episode is. Called that months ago. I think one of the problems here, among many, is that while I’m sure Kristian is a great girl, she has no ties to Bachelor Nation, and that until she appears tonight, the audience doesn’t have a reason to invest this relationship.

-The whole logic behind this appearance by Kristian tonight is so backwards, it’s comical. So in it’s simplest terms (not even taking into consideration the pre-planning that was done), Demi has a girlfriend she was seeing back home before coming on BIP, they allowed her to come on BIP with that girlfriend toooooo, I guess figure out who she wants to be with. She gets with Derek, then realizes the girl back home is the one she can’t stop thinking about, she comes on, Demi immediately runs back to her, they continue to stay on the show and get engaged at the end. That’s what you’re going to see play out over the next 7 episodes. Great. What if any male contestant had a girlfriend back home, came on this show, started hooking up with someone on the beach, but then told them “Sorry I downplayed my relationship back home (exactly what Demi said last night), but I can’t stop thinking about her,” that girl is brought on, and said contestant then just dates that girl the rest of the season and gets engaged. Do you realize how utterly ridiculous that would be? Well, that’s Demi’s storyline this season.

-And that’s her storyline if you choose to believe that none of this was pre-planned. Which it was. I said it at the beginning of Thursday’s podcast, and I’ll say it again. Demi will deny until forever that this wasn’t pre-planned because she has to. Or else it makes her and the show complete phonies, and some things they just don’t want getting out publicly. Well, she’s lying. Sooooo many people knew about this before the show. Why? BECAUSE DEMI WAS TELLING PEOPLE HERSELF SHE WAS BRINGING HER GIRLFRIEND ON PARADISE. This wasn’t rumor or innuendo. It came directly from Demi. So Demi now sitting here backtracking and saying it wasn’t pre-planned is so laughable and obnoxious, she’s insulting our intelligence. Please.

-Despite all of this, if Kristian would’ve come on the show, and Demi “realizes” that’s who she wants to be with, and they leave the show immediately, then that would make 100% more sense and I guarantee people would have less of an issue with it. They realize they want to be together, they leave the island, and they date in real life. They come film the reunion next week, they update everyone on how they’ve been dating post-filming, things have been going great, and they’re a couple. Perfect. I think plenty of people would’ve been fine with that. But that’s not how it plays out. There’s exactly zero reason to have kept Demi and a random girl that no one in Bachelor Nation knew on the show for the duration of filming unless you knew an engagement was coming, which they did. That’s why this screams of a publicity stunt.

-Here’s another issue I have with this. If Demi was really struggling with this, and Kristian was the first same sex relationship she’d ever been involved in, and she was really trying to figure things out, I can maybe see why they’d choose this angle. But I’m sorry, it’s not. Demi has had a girlfriend in the past. Long before she was ever on Colton’s season. This ex-girlfriend posted numerous pictures of them together on IG while they were together, in various positions. Neither of them hid the fact that they were a same sex couple based on what I saw. Some of them kissing, some of them in bed, some on #NationalGirlfriendDay where they were very open about how they felt towards each other. Like, it was public. I gotta believe family and friends all knew about this. And that’s where my issue with Demi comes in, is that she’s trying to pretend to America this is all new to her. It’s not. She was with women well before Kristian, and that relationship was pretty serious. The ex sent me the pictures. The ex sent me text messages and screen shots of DM’s between them. Lets just say Demi’s “Mean Girl” tendencies started looooooong before Colton’s season. But, it was from 4 years ago and it’s not relevant to her relationship with Kristian, so that’s why there’s no need for me to post them. All it does is show me what kind of person Demi is, and why I say that this girl is lost. The last thing Demi needs is to be engaged to another woman right now. But this façade that Demi is pulling over on America, hey, I’m just here to lay out the facts for you. I feel bad for her honestly.

-So tonight we get Jen Saviano coming on and going on a date with Chris, and Kristian arriving to start her relationship with Demi, thus sending Derek over to Tayshia and beginning the Derek/JPJ feud. So the three couples they focused on after Hannah and Dylan’s date last night were:

Chris & Katie (interrupted by Jen tonight)
Demi & Derek (interrupted by Kristian tonight)
JPJ & Tayshia (Derek joins in once Demi moves on)

So all your storylines are set heading into tonight. Enjoy. I’ll try not to laugh at the Demi/Kristian developments. So help me God if they try to pretend like Demi is surprised Kristian shows up to the island, I will riot.

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  1. dbla31

    August 20, 2019 at 10:03 AM

    Loved/hated that fight last night. Loved it because I couldn’t stand Christian and was so happy he got body slammed and kicked off. I couldn’t remember him until that flashback to MTA where he was so ridiculously dressed and such a d-bag. Hated it because I lost my fave, Jordan so quickly! But he wasn’t seemingly connecting with anyone anyway. I hope he can redeem himself. I would hate to think we’ll never see him again. I think he can do it, because he is so articulate and calm (when he wants to be, like in the aftermath of that fight.) Christian is just an idiot. I don’t seem him being back for anything.

  2. jp22

    August 20, 2019 at 10:35 AM

    Sorry. Jordan was all kinds of bratty and wrong. He is the one to walk up to mess with the piñata. He’s the one with the body slam. He has a screw loose. Whether you like Christian or not, Jordan was wrong. Also he destroyed what was developing between Nicole and Christian. There was a lot of chemistry there. Then Nicole ends up with nobody since Clay is looking like a commitmentphobe. Did anybody go up to Blake and bodyslam him on behalf of Dylan? So screw Jordan.

  3. jlal

    August 20, 2019 at 5:57 PM

    I agree totally with you about Jordan. Remember when he had the throw the stuffed bear in the water tantrum?

  4. carebear200302

    August 20, 2019 at 9:33 PM

    Alot of people are interviewing Mike on access.extra. could he possibly be the new bachelor? I pray so! That smile is contagious!

  5. moreypinion

    August 20, 2019 at 10:00 PM

    So long, Bachelor in Paradise! Now it’s Queers in Paradise! You’ve lost me as a viewer!

  6. atleast4characters

    August 21, 2019 at 12:36 AM

    What a cringeworthy propaganda piece having everyone celebrate the lesbian couple. They wouldn’t have brought on someone else’s pre-show dating partner (and not a previous cast member on the franchise) had it been a heterosexual couple. Normally the rest of the cast would be a bit miffed that you came on the show while still pining for someone you were seeing before coming on the show. At the forthcoming rose ceremony there are 8 guys but 9 roses, so obviously Chris’s announcement to change the rules will be having Demi hand out a rose.

  7. rob22

    August 21, 2019 at 5:41 AM

    Kinda weird that people have a problem with a Lesbian couple on the show. Also, kinda weird that BIP thinks they’re being so cool and woke about it. For perspective, the time when it was really cutting edge, was when Ellen came out on her old comedy show…. in 1997! When are people going to act like this is 2019 instead of 1997? Gay couples are nothing out of the ordinary anymore. And for that reason, this whole setup with Demi and her current girlfriend brought on the show should be no different than if a straight couple did it. It’s really dumb. I guess that’s what we should expect from this show. I don’t know why I expected anything different.

  8. dogmomma

    August 21, 2019 at 7:05 AM

    I don’t think people are as focused on the couple being gay as much as how the show broke all their rules and set the whole thing up for ratings. Especially after the Jed fiasco and how it became such a big deal.
    On another note, seems everyone on Twitter is rooting for Derek to be the Bachelor. It sure looked like they were giving him the edit last night.

  9. flyingchaucer

    August 21, 2019 at 10:25 AM

    Reality Steve, I understand, given the levels of skepticism and trash talking that you tend to get, why you are defensive about when and where you are “right” in your take on the show. But with this Demi situation, I wish you might stop and think a little bit about how far that rightness might extend and how important it is? I’m not saying she didn’t plan to bring her GF on the show, that it’s not deeply producer manipulated, or that the franchise isn’t profiting (cringe-worthily) off of their first LGBTQ couple. It’s honestly also cringeworthy at best to see a straight man trying to speak over a woman’s discussion of her coming out process. I’m not sure why being right about how she has experience. I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong–I don’t much care, either way and agree that the way this is framed on the show feels like an obvious set-up–but it’s hard for any straight person to know what processing goes into coming to terms with being queer, even while in a relationship. I guess I’m hoping you might reflect a little bit on where the voices and opinions of straight folx are not the ones that need to be attended to.

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