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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 7 Recap, Reunion Taping Today, & Peter as the “Bachelor”

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So the big news will be made official soon, and that’s that Peter will be the next “Bachelor.” I tweeted this out on Sunday night after getting the confirmation I needed. I’ve been telling you since Hannah’s season ended I thought it would be him, but, that I had no idea for sure nor did I know when the announcement was coming. But two things that I did harp on was that Mike wasn’t going to be the “Bachelor,” and within the last week, neither was Derek. I know other outlets were reporting Peter was a “front runner” or “most likely” to be the “Bachelor” towards the end of last week, so even though I’m not saying anything like that, nor am I saying this is my prediction or that I’m guessing, I figured just to not piss those people off, I left off the word “EXCLUSIVE” (even though it technically was). But it will be him, and I expect that announcement within the next two weeks.

Of course once I sent the tweet out, all the critics started rolling in saying they wanted Mike, Peter will be boring, they’re not gonna watch, blah blah blah. I say the same thing every season and I’ll say it again. No one cares that you aren’t going to watch. Nobody. The fact you have to announce it and show how angry you are further tells me you will watch. You know why? Because I heard the same people chirping when they named Nick the Bachelor. Then the next season when they named Arie. Then last season when they named Colton. And yet, all three seasons did well in the ratings, people were talking as the season was going on, there was scandal, there was drama, and zero people remembered by the end of the season how loudly people were saying they weren’t gonna watch back when the announcement was made.

This whole notion that “Oh, well this is it. Peter is so cookie cutter. Diversify the show. I’m done” is laughable to me. Let me reel off our last SEVEN “Bachelors” for you in order:

Sean Lowe
Juan Pablo
Chris Soules
Ben Higgins
Nick Viall
Arie Luyendyk
Colton Underwood

See any similarities in that list? Outside of maybe Juan Pablo who had a little spice to him I guess, 6 cookie cutter white dudes. And you all watched. But NOW you’ve had enough? Really? This is it? This is the last straw for you? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, uhhhhh, seven times, shame on me. Please. Just stop. This is what the show does, and they’ve done it for seven seasons in a row (actuall all 24 now if we’re really getting technical). And when that first Monday in January 2020 rolls around, the new year is starting, and the “Bachelor” starts running out their promos with crazy girl entrances making sexual innuendos about windmills and the mile high club, people will be tuning in. Lets not forget, Colton’s first episode of the season aired opposite of the Alabama/Clemson national championship this year. It drew 5.1 million viewers and a 1.5 rating. Colton’s finale drew 8.2 million viewers and a 2.4 rating. And I cannot tell you how many “Oh my God why did they pick COLTON????” tweets and emails I got. “Why didn’t they pick Jason?” “Why didn’t they pick Blake?” Non. F***ing. Stop. Then those ratings pour in. So all I’m asking is just to save your breath. It’s falling on deaf ears. Great. You’re not watching. Millions of other people will.

Also, no need to ask “Why didn’t they pick Mike over Peter? Or Derek?” Because there’s no answer to give. When the announcement is officially made, and Chris Harrison runs to Lauren Zima to give the first interview about it, he’ll talk about how Mike and Derek were great candidates as were others, but ultimately they think Peter is ready, believes in the process, and he thinks he’ll be a great “Bachelor.” That’s all you’ll probably get. And if we’re to believe Mike in his interview with Lauren Zima last week, that would be a lie on Chris’ part because according to Mike, as of a week ago, they hadn’t even talked to him about it. So not only will Mike not get the gig, sounds like he wasn’t even considered that seriously for it:

The other thing I want to mention is Derek. I swear the email count was close to 50 last week after all the Derek/Demi stuff went down telling me that Derek was totally getting a “Bachelor” edit and did I think he was gonna be the “Bachelor” now. Again, recency bias. Derek got dumped. So did Peter. And so did Mike. So just because someone gets dumped on this show, is sad, throws out lines of “this always happens” and questions whether they will ever find love, doesn’t mean they’re going to be the “Bachelor.” I want everyone to keep that in mind when inevitably, in the next season, some guy in the top 4 or so will get dumped, he’ll get a “Bachelor” edit, but not get the “Bachelor” gig. Only one guy can get it. And technically if you don’t win the show, EVERYONE could have a “next Bachelor” edit. Mike, Peter, and Tyler all had realistic ones. And if Tyler wasn’t spending every living, breathing moment with Gigi, I’m sure he would’ve been offered the role. But that Derek campaign came HARD last week. Overwhelming actually, and I never thought for a second they were gonna give it to him. But because some guy cries and doesn’t flip out when he gets dumped, everyone just assumes he’ll be the next “Bachelor.” Can’t wait to use Derek as an example in the future for all “Bachelor edit” people who ask me about the next guys, because it’s coming.



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