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“Reader Emails” & Mini-Recap of BIP Episode 8

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peter – he’s going to be soooooo boring. they better be getting some catty women to make the show cause he is yawn worthy. i’m not saying I wont watch, but my guess is he’ll be one of the worst bachelors. He’ll pick based solely on looks and he’ll get engaged but there will be nothing interesting- or genuine about the whole thing. My bet right now is the engagement wont last…shocker, I know. kinda like Nick Viall…a whole season of MEH, why even bother. No one even refers to anything from his season because it was a waste and a complete “non-event” for the franchise. Any thoughts otherwise on Peter? Or things you’ve seen in him…or heard about him that you think he could actually make a good season? Maybe they could change the format and have 30 overnight dates first and he can bang all of them 4 X a night in the windmill, then make his choice. Now that would be the most dramatic season EVER!!

Comment: I just don’t see his season being any better or any worse than previous seasons. Drama will happen that we aren’t even thinking about right now, people will watch, and the show will be talked about on social media and by the tabloids. That’s why it’s successful.

rs (yes I didn’t capitalize it bcuz that’s how small I think you are)…you r pathetic. You tweeted on Monday night that Tyler would be Gigi’s date then right after said you “misread” it? Yeah sure. Why can’t you just admit you were wrong? Is that so hard? Is your ego that big? What a sad man you are that you have to be right about everything. Youre really starting to get on peoples nerves and if you keep giving wrong information nobodys gonna listen to you. Can’t wait for that day to come. Have a great day!

Comment: Just wanna ask one little favor first. Breathe. Everything’s gonna be ok.

I usually don’t respond to trolls like this but I want to specifically address one thing they wrote to show how ignorant of a statement it is to make. They say that I didn’t “misread” the info I was given and I guess they think I just made that up. And you know this how? Did you see the email I got? Did you see how it was worded? Did you know where it came from? Do you know how this person knew? The answer to all those would be “no, you don’t” so you can’t possibly know what I misread. Good day.

And Tyler DID end up being Gigi’s date to the afterparty, which is what I corrected it to after my original tweet.

Hey Steve!

I’ve been wondering: has BIP always been four hours a week? It’s just so much content to watch, it’s hard to keep up. I’ve been watching BIP since Ben’s season, and this is the first I can remember where I’m skipping days or fast-forwarding through half of it because it’s just too long.

Totally agree with you that it’s lost its way. I liked when it was funny and light, even amidst the drama. I miss Wells making up impromptu commentary on Scallops wandering the beach looking for love. I just find all the prior drama (the Blake stuff, Clay being with Angela, Demi having a girlfriend back home, etc.) exhausting.

And agree with you 100% Jordan should be the bartender next year. Actually, I guess I’d love both Wells and Jordan to be bartenders. But Jordan was the only bright spot on this season to me.

Thanks as always!

Comment: When it first started, I can’t remember how many hours it was, but I do believe it was 2 hrs on Monday, 1 hr Tuesday, followed by “After Paradise” which was a one hr live show. I think that was the format for the first three seasons. Because Chris Harrison hosted “After Paradise” the first two seasons, then Sean Lowe and Michelle Collins hosted the third season. Then it was done after that. Since then, it’s just been 2 hrs a night 2 nights a week.

Hi Steve!

I am so curious as to your take on the Andrew Luck retirement-I personally respect his decision, I just wish it had come more than two weeks before he was theoretically supposed to start. He must be in so much physical pain, more than we ever know as fans, and I also think he is so excited to be a dad and wants to make sure he’s as able as possible to be physically present for his child, which I totally respect. I think the boos in the stadium were completely unnecessary and also came from the knee-jerk reaction of the shock and devastation we all felt when hearing the news. Trust me when I say that is not an accurate representation of the majority of colts fans-man oh man we love and respect Andrew luck; and will continue to do so.


Lifelong colts fan (I’m originally from indianapolis, was a fan before Peyton Manning and will continue to be a fan with and after Jacoby Brissett, no matter how long this period lasts-I think he’ll step up to the plate with this talented roster, and regardless, no fair weather fans are allowed in my household)

Love reading your site and I think reader emails are my favorite! Thanks for all you do!!!

Comment: I think I can say this with a lot of confidence. And this isn’t coming from any inside info I have or anything like that, just my own personal opinion. I don’t think Luck has taken his last NFL snap. I just don’t see a guy that good, that young, who’s only played 6 NFL SEASONS, never playing again. I think he’s coming back at some point. Maybe next year, maybe he’ll sit out two years. The whole reasoning behind the retirement is his injuries not healing properly. Well if he takes a whole season off (or two), I think he re-charges the batteries and tries again at some point. It’s just so odd to me that Brady and Brees play into their 40’s and 15 seasons in the NFL and Luck is gonna play 6 and be done with it? Still not buying it. I guess we’ll see.

1. In Tyler’s Defense, he never told Hannah B that he only came on the show for her like Luke P. did. If he had told Hannah that, then yeah it would make him look disingenuous for dumping her for Gigi. Although, I don’t think he is the most popular contestant in this show’s history anymore because now some of the show’s fans are mad at him lol. Popular in terms of IG followers he is. I think he’s #3 or #4 right now.

2. One of your emailers from last week said something along the lines of “Derek is not a player.” They are unaware that two years ago he dumped Olivia, told her that he didn’t want to date anybody from this franchise, and then went on paradise. While it wasn’t right for Demi to lead him on, it also wasn’t right for him to lie to Olivia. Don’t forget that after that it went Taylor, some fling with Stephanie Pratt that wasn’t even a thing yet tabloids covered it, then Demi. And now Tayshia. And don’t even mention behind the scenes. It’s laughable.

3. Every season of paradise, people ask you why the show doesn’t cast more well-known contestants. Some of these “well-known” contestants don’t come to paradise because they are in a relationship with someone that they met outside of the show. I actually like that they cast lesser-known contestants because there are certain contestants like Luke P (although I feel bad for him) that have gotten enough screentime. It’s nice to see different people for a change. Well, outside of Colton’s season, the top 4 women from the last 4 Bachelor seasons I believe are all in relationships. So yeah, you’re pulling mostly from people who finished 5th or worse.

4. I’m not surprised that Peter will be the next bachelor. Arie also had a shady past and he got the gig. I think that the producers are hoping that the controversy surrounding him will help to generate interest in the next season. I wouldn’t call Peter’s story a controversy anymore. It’s pretty much died down and never came close to the Jed factor.

5. I’m glad that Mike will not be the next bachelor. I thought that it was a low blow when he told Luke P that his future wife will be his prisoner at the MTA. Plus, if he was making sexist comments about the women on Paradise, he shouldn’t be the lead. Although I think that it is long overdue for the show to have a black bachelor, I think that the show should save the honor for someone else. If Mike did that, then probably a good idea not to make him the Bachelor. I haven’t heard that.

6. I saw an article that says that Christian is thinking about suing ABC and Jordan lol.

Comment: Yeah, he did some interview where he said he was thinking of doing that, and if his credibility wasn’t already shot, it is now. Contestants who say that are just looking for attention and are completely clueless.

Hey Steve. Please refresh our collective memories. Was the wedding filmed before or during the 3 weeks of BIP? Thought you said it was before. Thanks.

Comment: During. Happened about 10 or 11 days into filming I believe.


Long time reader from the UK here. Just a thought, I know there’s been mutterings about Hannah having another go at being bachelorette, which I assume are just that – mutterings from a couple of people and highly unlikely. I was wondering if Paradise would be a possible for her next summer
though. Then I was thinking has there ever been a lead who has later done paradise – I don’t think there is is there? Then I wondered if this is because it could get messy with having a number of their ex’s also on the beach – for example next year Tyler/Jed could be there. Dunno, just wondering if you know whether it was a definite no that the lead can’t go to paradise or if it just hasn’t happened?

Love reading the blog btw – thanks for all the extra insights!

Comment: No lead has ever done Paradise. A “winner” has, but not the lead. Josh I believe is the only “winner” to do Paradise unless I’m totally blanking. Jake was a lead and “Bachelor Pad” as we know if you wanna count that show. Nick and Colton don’t count because they did Paradise BEFORE becoming leads. I think leads feel they are above the show. Not to mention, most of the women leads are in relationships, so they can’t go on. Male leads? Sean, no. Chris Soules, uhhhh, no. Juan Pablo, no. Ben Higgins, no. Nick, no. Arie, no. Colton, no. There’s no leads that are even single really that could even do it.

Not a super serious question but interested on your take – have we ever had a bachelor / bachelorette contestant be more “in” with A-list celebrities than Tyler C (especially so soon after filming wraps)? Dating GiGi Hadid, hugging Taylor Swift at the VMAs…it’s almost like he’s so far gone already from the bachelor / bachelorette world that he doesn’t need that d-list celebrity status life (e.g., selling hair vitamins on Instagram) like so many other contestants from this show. For people saying he’s sold out…I think he’s probably one of the only contestants I can remember in recent memory that doesn’t need to sell-out the way others from this franchise typically do because he’s actually already making a legitimate name for himself as an A-lister.

Anyways, interested in your take!

Comment: Not as quick as he has, no. Becca Tilley has gotten in with some A-listers I’d say. Maybe B-list, but definitely has hung in the right circles. But Tyler to start doing it literally a week after his finale aired is pretty amazing.

Most important things first: favorite song on Taylor’s new album? Personally think Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince is incredible. And Cruel Summer should be the next single! As mentioned earlier, I can’t even rank them anymore. All I can is those two songs are meh to me, and everything else I can listen to on a loop.

Second, do you have any insight into how the JPJ / Derek drama went down at Chris and Krystal’s wedding? They seem pretty angry at JPJ for picking a fight during their big day, but I’ve seen a lot of people excusing it because it’s a Paradise wedding.

But it seems to be that it doesn’t matter the location, you still have the right to be irritated if some random persom you don’t know is picking a fight in front of your mom at your wedding.

Comment: It was a horrible look for JPJ to do all that at the wedding. Pointless. Just wait til you get back to the beach. Again, I’m absolutely 100% positive he was told to do it at the wedding by production, but, it’s still on him. He did it anyway and I don’t see where the wedding had to play a role. It’s not like something happened at the wedding where it needed to be addressed right away. Derek didn’t do anything at the wedding to make JPJ do it there. Inexcusable.

Hey Steve!

Just an observation …. I can’t be the only person who thinks Kristian is super controlling, right? She said last night that she “accepts Demi’s apology” — apology for what? Kristian wasn’t aware Demi was going on this show and might have pursued romance with someone else? And then gets extremely jealous when she is just hanging out with JPJ. Kristian strikes me as a totally insecure person. That’s all! Rant over lol.

Comment: I think that might be a bit harsh. Kristian isn’t part of this franchise. This whole experience is completely foreign to her. I’m sure she gets it now, but at the time, yeah, I could see her being a bit overwhelmed by it.

Hi Steve! I like to think of myself as a spoiler aficionado in all aspects of entertainment- books, tv shows, movies, you name it. So I like to use your site to be my gauge on if I will watch the season or not 🙂

Anyways… I am probably a week late on this question but I was curious if Derek was informed before filming of the plan to bring Kristian on or if he was truly blindsided? Sometimes I felt like his “relationship” with Demi was staged or forced on both sides. That could be why everyone is so team Derek because he had lots of time to prepare that reaction 😉 Do you have an opinion or more knowledge of the situation than we know?

Comment: Again, there’s so many things about this situation I have questions to. And I don’t know if I’ll ever get honest answers. However, if you’re asking my opinion, I think there’s no way Derek couldn’t have possibly had any clue Demi was seeing someone pre-show, or, knew who Kristian was. Too many things out there for him not to know that have me scratching my head.

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  1. jlal

    August 28, 2019 at 9:01 AM

    JPJ is an immature idiot for approaching Derek at the wedding or at all.

    As for his claim that Derek uses his little bit of fame to meet women, DUH. Also, that is not taking advantage of women, if the women are willing participants. Unless he is lying and leading them on, then stop it with women as the victim crap. Women are sexual being too and can have fun with whomever they want.

    Caelynn is an immature drama queen. First it was Blake, then Dean, now Conner, then she goes back to Dean. Exactly what RS said, she is so desperate for a relationship she’ll go with whomever will have her. Pathetic. She is not ready for a true relationship.

    I don’t get what the women see in Connor or JPJ, yuck on both of them.

    While I was not a fan of Krystal or Goose while on the show, I’m happy to see they found love. Good luck to them both.

  2. jlal

    August 28, 2019 at 9:05 AM

    One other thing – the way Krystal and Goose uninvited everyone from the reception was AWKWARD! Why would they do that?

    Also, if production egged JPJ on then shame on them for messing up someone’s wedding. But, I guess if you agree to have them pay and film your wedding you know they’ll be up to something. Still, tacky.

  3. dogmomma

    August 28, 2019 at 12:04 PM

    I agree with the above comments. I never really liked JPJ to begin with, but I thought he acted like he was wasted. I know that the entire incident was probably manipulated by producers, but even then he acted like he was in middle school. I recall reading that he is now dating Tayshia post show, and all I can say is that she must be desperate.

  4. joanne

    August 28, 2019 at 12:08 PM

    Demi did an interview for E! and she was asked why she and Kristian didn’t leave the show after they reunited. Demi said it was better to stay on the show because they wouldn’t have the ‘distractions” that they would in real life.

    So having cameras following you around and filming your relationship wasn’t a distraction? I agree with Steve and everyone who says this entire thing was preplanned and there was nothing organic about it. So it’s really an insult to viewers.

  5. shenanigans

    August 28, 2019 at 1:10 PM

    Whenever Steve makes veiled comments about having dirt on Nick Viall, I think the same thing; I desperately want Nick to do his podcast so we can all find out what it is.

    I mean, really. Steve continually implies he’s got really juicy stuff that he won’t spill UNLESS Nick does the podcast. But, we’ll never actually hear anything unless that happens.

    Make it happen. LOL

  6. ctrealitygirl

    August 28, 2019 at 1:34 PM

    I agree with jlal and dogmomma. I just don’t see why so many of the women on BIP are attracted to JPJ. When he speaks, all I can think about is Beavis & Butthead. He acts like he’s in middle school. Yikes! And the hair-flipping thing…ick. And I, too, don’t see Connor’s appeal. He’s a bit on the goofy side. But, geesh, how insecure are all the women? Every time a man shows interest in Tayshia, she remarks “I can’t believe they’re interested in me!” She did it with Blake and again with Derek. Caelynn, acts similarly. How is it they are all very attractive yet have no self esteem? And, as jlal, pointed out, Caelynn latches onto any guy who pays any attention to her. The desperate look is NOT a good one on them. I have to agree with Steve that this season is pathetic. The only person I like is Chris Bukowski! And I like him with Katie. They’re the only couple I’m rooting for. Hannah G is pretty pathetic too. That scene where Tahzjuan is sitting in the wicker swing seat ogling all the “happy” couple kissing in the pool was laughable. Every one of them looked bored when they were kissing, like they were just going through the motions, probably mugging for the camera. Ugh. I have yet to watch a complete episode in one sitting…just too painful!

  7. jp22

    August 28, 2019 at 1:53 PM

    Am just gonna gives some props to Dylan for packing a linen suit. He was the only one of the guys who was dressed anywhere near appropriately for a wedding.

  8. tamara

    August 28, 2019 at 7:29 PM

    Why is JPJ constantly cleaning his teeth with a toothpick. Eww. Even at the wedding.

  9. dogmomma

    August 29, 2019 at 7:02 AM

    JPJ is just EWWWW! I hope he is never on another show. I also agree about Connor and am confused on why the girls think he’s so appealing. He and JPJ both sound like surfer dudes. This season made most of the girls seem desperate. I think that Chris B and Katie are cute together, but they are the only couple that seems authentic. Clay and Nicole are a joke… she is full of herself and insecure, and Clay has some commitment issues. What a train wreck of a season, and not in a good way.

  10. ctrealitygirl

    August 29, 2019 at 11:39 AM

    You said it all dogmomma! BIP is NOT at all entertaining. And now Steve is tweeting that on the reunion show they just taped, Kristina divulges that she brought a non-bachelor related guy to Stagecoach and that Caelynn stole him away and was making out with him before she slept with Blake. Good Lord. What a bunch of fake drama. She’s just as bad as Blake in my eyes. The women are all desperate for male attention. And, for all the hype Mike got before going on BIP, he’s been practically non-existent. But at least he’s sticking to one woman and not acting like a horny teenager. ABC needs to overhaul this show. The premise all BS now.

  11. jeepers

    August 29, 2019 at 10:43 PM

    Uh, did that emailer say she WASNT judging, because it sure as shite seemed like she was judging to me. People like that give everyone else a bad name. They are why the LGBTQ+ community, the black community, any and all people who identify as different, anyone who is diverse in any way, are scared to come out, or stand up, because these people make straight white people look bad when we arent all that way. Not even close. I’m straight and white, but that kind of attitude pisses me the heck off. Go away, emailer. Just GO AWAY.

  12. jlal

    August 30, 2019 at 5:50 AM

    I have to weigh in on the Demi crap. I agree with the LBGTQ community that the story line does them no favors. It paints same sex relationships as “different” and not as important as hetro. Otherwise, Demi would have been crucified for lying to Derek and her “girlfriend” never would have been allowed to come on the show. It is cheesy, cheap, and forced.

    One more point, BIP and the Bachelor franchise have always been heterosexual shows. I don’t understand the point of mixing it up. I have no problems or issues with homosexual relationships, none. However, the show(s) have not been about that. Produce a homosexual/bisexual show, but don’t confuse the two.

  13. nursej

    August 30, 2019 at 2:59 PM

    I’m surprised Conner was into Caelynn – Whitney is the better choice IMO.
    The show seems to thrive off of all of the petty, immature, and/or scandalous events; platonic relationships are likely perceived as ho-hum and not as profitable.

    Dean seems to choose women who are unlikely long-term matches; they are merely fun and easy going, and he’s not going to get hurt (catch feelings) because in his mind they were never seen as potentially “the one”. He’s all about logic. I do enjoy his podcast.

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