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“Reader Emails,” Ratings & BIP Episode 10 Mini Recap

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Good morning Steve,

I guess this will be an early Reader Email question but I just read that there are only 4 episodes left? 2 more weeks?

So when do they plan on showing us how Chris & Katie fell in love to be engaged at the end of all this???

They’ve already set up the other two engaged couples: Dylan/Hannah, Demi & Christian but Chris/Katie obviously got left in the cutting room floor worn ALL this week unnecessary drama. I’m surprised as this is Chris Bukowski’s comeback, redemption, hopefully final appearance.

They and we the audience were robbed as I could’ve done without the: Blake, Demi, Dean, JPJ drama.

Comment: Yes, at the beginning of this week it was 4 episodes left, two each Monday & Tuesday this week and next week. Then they’re going to show the reunion show now on Tues, Sept. 17th after the DWTS premiere on Mon. the 16th.

I know you say you could’ve done without the Blake & Demi drama, but, c’mon. Really? It’s been the driving force of BIP this season. And honestly, I’d say the Chris/Katie relationship has been shown quite a bit.

Sorry Steve but I’m gonna have to defend JPJ on this one. Could JPJ have picked a better time to confront Derek than at the wedding ? Of course, but where would be the fun in that? I’m gonna’ have to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the producers, bride and groom .

Firstly, let’s not pretend Krystal and Chris wedding was a classy, intimate affair, instead of the over-produced, dramatic pressure cooker it was. If Krystal and Chris wanted a drama free day, then they shouldn’t have opened it up to the entire Bachelor Nation. Including contestants they never even met! Except for the occasional plus one, who invites complete strangers to their wedding? It’s not their call. If they want a televised wedding with shit paid for, that’s one of the things in return they have to concede. They can invite family and friends, however, there will be people there they don’t know from the franchise.

Also, I didn’t exactly get the impression the contestants had a choice in whether they attended the wedding. If they had a choice, I doubt broken-hearted Caelynn would have attended. If given a choice, maybe JPJ would have opted to spend the day sitting on the beach, alternating between crying and vomiting? No, they didn’t have a choice.

Could JPJ have found a better time to confront Derek ? Sure, but you can’t shake a Champagne bottle and then blame it when it explodes all over the bride’s dress.

P.S. I am not buying Derek excuse that he didn’t know JPJ and Tayshia were a thing. How could everyone know, but him? That beach isn’t that big.

Comment: Yeah, I’m confused on how Derek said he didn’t know JPJ and Tayshia were interested in each other. Hell, in rose ceremony #2, Tayshia gave JPJ her rose. Derek was there. He witnessed it. Kinda weird to say you have no idea.

Hi Steve!

I need your help, WE need your help.

I am confused, very confused, after the Goose wedding and I think we could all benefit from a diagram. Although, you don’t seem like a diagram kinda guy, so I will settle for a list. WHO IS FRIENDS WITH WHO in bachelor nation, especially when it comes to the wedding and the BIP cast? Even making that list in and of itself is damn near impossible. And that’s because some people are friends with other JUST on social media, when in reality, they don’t care for them, don’t like them, and talk shit behind their back. But on social media, you’d think they were BFF’s. It’s hilarious.

I have never seen a picture of Angela and Krystal anywhere, and then all the sudden Angela is the maid of honor? I had no idea either. Not saying they weren’t, but I didn’t follow either of them closely enough to know either way. They did meet on Paradise last year, so it’s not far fetched.

Tia is asking Cayleen about how paradise is going? Hannah and Dylan get to go to the wedding after party (which I understand a lot of this is a producers decision)? Lets first discuss your spelling of Caelynn. After last week where I told people to stop calling her Caitlin, now we get a Cayleen? Ha ha.

Anyways, any sort of list, diagram of enemies, frienemies you can bless us with would be wonderful!

Comment: It’s basically impossible to do. I don’t even think the contestants themselves could do it.

Hey Steve!

Thanks for answering my question last week. Few questions, some random, for this week.

1. Non BIP related. JoJo and Jordan’s re-proposal. Not sure anyone thought they’d get this far so props to them I guess. The new ring he got her isn’t all that different from the previous but that’s beside the point. In this situation, what do you think happens with the OG Neil Lane ring? They said specifically they are keeping it and may make into a necklace.

2. Really stupid question but curiosity killed the cat right. When girls hand out the roses, I’m assuming they have magnets or something on to attach to shirts so quickly. Yes/no? I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to pin a flower on to someone with a pin but that is NOT easy. All the roses on every season of “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise” are done with magnets.

3. No question here but after this last episode.. JPJ is a fool. I actually liked Taysia before all this but now knowing she’s still with him, absolutely crazy.

That’s all I have for this week. Keep kickin A!

Comment: Yes, she is as of the reunion taping last Tuesday. After that, who the hell knows who Tayshia really likes. But I really don’t see her and JPJ as a “thing” being anything serious. Unless he’s moving to Southern California and I don’t know it, do we honestly think that Tayshia is interested in dating a guy 3,000 miles away from her when she’s got, oh I don’t know, guys in her own backyard she hangs with on a consistent basis? Probably not.

So happy you aren’t team Demi. I found Nick’s podcast with Tanner insufferable. Nick is so patronizing and condescending. (I only listen to his podcast when he has Bachelor Nation people on but this one in particular was so hard to get through.) You could practically see the smirk on Nick’s face as he was speaking to Tanner. He pretends he’s open-minded but he really treats his opinions as facts. What did you think of that conversation? What do you think of Tanner? Have you heard good things about him generally? I listened to it because I knew Tanner and Nick were on different sides and I wanted to see how the conversation went. Unfortunately, it went as I expected. I haven’t heard much on Tanner to be honest, but I’m definitely with him the Demi/Kristian take.

I’ve also heard Nick go off about what a bad guy Blake is known to be around Bachelor Nation – what he’s seen him do during his year post-Bachelorette; mistreating women, etc. Isn’t Nick exactly the same way (and aren’t the majority of the Bachelor Nation guys for that matter…the women too presumably)? I find it hard to buy the holier than thou schtick Nick tries to sell. He really drives me nuts. I found him more likeable when he was outing Andi for sleeping with him than now that he’s constantly pontificating about the morality of contestants’ decisions & actions.

Any hint as to what the stuff is you know about Nick? He acts like he’s so above all the f*ck boy BS in this franchise but I just can’t imagine that to be the case. It’s stuff that now, looking back, probably isn’t nearly as bad as what the contestants the last few seasons are doing.

WHY is Nick so pro Demi? They met less than a year ago and he’s staunchly in her corner. After hearing Nick’s take on another podcast, it seems like he just really has skin in the game as far as the LGTBQ agenda goes since his sister is a lesbian. I mean, that’s fine but like you, I don’t get why Demi’s sneaky ways are more acceptable than Jed’s. Just because it’s normalizing gays in pop culture? Can’t we do it in a more realistic and organic fashion? When Tanner mentioned Demi not respecting his choice about oral sex and her crass remark, Nick defended her! That showed me no matter what, he’d defend Demi. He’s like ”Put yourself in her shoes”. Um really? How the hell do you defend such a disgusting and classless remark?

Nick is such a hypocrite, and the saddest part is that he thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone else so he’ll never have his eyes opened to his hypocrisy.

Comment: That’s why I said unfortunately that conversation went exactly as I expected it to.

Hi Steve! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Big Brother! What’s funny to me about the show is that some of the contestants claim to be super fans, they join alliances with all the other “cool kids” and assume America loves them, then they cry (like Christie) when they realize America doesn’t like them. It happens year after year. America’s vote tends to favor the underdog. As much as I disliked Jackson, I found myself rooting for him and Holly once they became the underdogs. I think Holly is playing good game! Tommy as well. The Zigbot episode is always the best! The Zingbot might be the death of me. That thing is stupid and unfunny, yet, it’s treated like he’s Eddie Murphy in “Delirious.” So dumb.

I am happy for Demi that her family and friends were supportive of her coming out. Other than that, I am so over all of her story lines. I will never forget you sharing the picture of her with Paulie during his scandal. That alone showed from the beginning that she had an agenda, just wanted to be seen and be famous, play a role, etc. Pretty much.

Tyler dating Gigi and hugging Taylor Swift like they are good friends is too much! So crazy! While I feel badly that Hannah was duped by Jed, she still could have picked Tyler and she didn’t. If she were engaged to Jed right now, I doubt she would have cared much about Tyler. I think she kind of assumed he was going to take her back and it was his right to pick Gigi instead. I think Hannah wishes Tyler took her back and was going to cheer her on through Dancing with the Stars. She is probably also jealous that he’s getting so much attention after her season. But like you said, if he wants to be in NYC and she wants to be in LA, it may not have worked out anyway. If I were Hannah and still had feelings for Tyler, I’d take Tyler dating a supermodel over being the bachelor! I think that Hannah/Tyler ship sailed the second she dumped him in Greece. They’d really both moved on and that meeting after the finale was nothing serious.

I have a theory about Blake that I never thought of until one of your readers mentioned that Blake was dating all of Colton’s top ladies. I wonder if Blake was so bummed about missing out on being the bachelor that he decided to “date” Hannah G., Tayshia, and Caelynn anyway…since he felt like he should have had that opportunity to in the first place. I can’t wait to hear how the Caelynn/Blake drama unfolds at the reunion. I think Blake definitely got caught up in the fame and attention this show brings and unfortunately took advantage of it without thinking of others.

I loved your podcast with Kate Casey. As you said, at least Peter has a real job. I admire that Cassie is still in school and pursuing a real career, rather than just trying to be an Instagram star. I know the bachelorette is always chosen from the previous season of The Bachelor, but I would love to see them pick Angela! She would need to really get over Clay, but she is beautiful and truly wants to settle down soon. She was screwed over by Eric on BIP, then heartbroken by Clay…I think she would actually be perfect.

Like you, I love the 90210 reboot! I think it is so clever!

Comment: I think it’s easy to say that about Angela now, but the “Bachelorette” doesn’t film til March, and we’ve got a whole new slew of women on Peter’s season coming that will be fresh and in everyone’s minds. No one’s gonna even be thinking about Angela and her dating life in a month.

Hi Steve:

Your comment back on a reader’s email on Dem’s treatment:

Comment: Absolutely 1000% there is media bias when it comes to certain people’s coverage of this show. I don’t think that’s hard to figure out who. Hence the reason why I think people come to my site. You will not get one sided interviews, incessant ass kissing in sit downs and IG posts, and podcasts that are ABC approved so only certain things can be talked about. Which is why I always think I’ll have an audience. Those in the franchise, or close to it, have to cover the show and its contestants a certain way. I don’t.

You don’t want to here Ali Manno’s “Interview” with Demi on the bachelor Happy Hour Podcast. It is the worse. Ali is up to her usual it seems now of giving everyone a pass. She did not call out the “fakeness” of this “storyline” at all.
BIP is a big time disappointment to me this summer. I support the representation of LGBTQ relationships on TV but this representation just comes off as fake to me and because of that it loses it’s impact to me.

I wish they had a true person on there struggling w/their sexuality and come to the awakening that they are who they are and they love who they love. Bravo! I’d applaud that all day, everyday but this feels like a sham. I don’t know why ABC is putting this on with Demi. Something about her just annoys me and I have tried to give this girl the benefit of the doubt.

She just reads me as fake, like Caelynn. They feel like fake actors and manipulators.

All of the pre hooks are affecting the show and not in a good way.

Thanks for the inside scoops!

Comment: Oh trust me, I heard that one to because it was Demi’s first public interview after the Kristian episode. And the fact that neither Ali or Rachel even addressed the controversy surrounding it was disappointing to say the least. Hell, even just say, “Look, there’s been talking go around pre-show about this being pre-planned, was it?” Demi would’ve said “no,” then they could’ve just moved on. But when you don’t even ask the question, and it’s a 45 min slobber job, is that really what people want to hear? I mean, I know certain fans do, but I think a lot of fans would rather get more behind the scenes stuff and questions than what that was.

Hi Steve,

Just wondering if the Bachelor Nation folks get paid for write-ups in People magazine,, or any other entertainment publications. They seem to have the most insignificant articles sometimes where people are trying desperately to stay relevant.

Thanks for the spoilers and insider podcasts.

Comment: I believe so, yes. But are any still writing those?

Hello Steve ~ Wasn’t Chris Harrison supposed to have some information that would make the Peter pre-Bachlorette girlfriend situation just look like one big misunderstanding? He did not ever share that, correct? And if he truly did have such clarifying information, why wouldn’t he have shared it? I think his story is just that Peter broke up with her, which makes it different from the Jed situation, who never truly ended things with Haley before coming on the show. And in a vacuum, that’s correct. But Chris just left it at that and never really dug into anything deeper than surface level “he was broken up” stuff.

I think “boring” is the least of the concerns for Peter as Bachelor. He seems to live in a fantasy world about relationships, and too many viewers live in a fantasy world about him, and they really don’t want that bubble burst.

I am glad that Calee came forward, even if others don’t want to hear that this guy isn’t marriage ready, or that his words are just words, and that he doesn’t seem to be particularly forthcoming.

I find it creepy that (as Calee reported) when he wanted her to move to LA to get an apartment together, (where she would be the one putting more at stake moving across the country), he didn’t want to respect her wish to plan it as a trial. As Calee stated: “he told me he didn’t want me out there temporarily … he wanted me out there ‘forever.’”

Like he won’t leave the nest unless he has a guarantee.

Comment: These guys who become the “Bachelor” all say they are ready to get married, the process works, and they’re looking for their wife, when talking pre-show about being the new lead. It sounds good to the public, but lets face it, very few are.



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