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“Reader Emails,” Ratings & BIP Episode 10 Mini Recap

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The storylines might be getting tired, the randomness of who’s coming on the show, and the wishy washiness of a few contestants might be grating on some of the viewing public, but the ratings for this season of “Bachelor in Paradise” have all been up over last year. Monday’s episode drew 4.07 million viewers with a 1.1 rating, although it was on a holiday, so it was an expected tick down from all other previous Monday episodes. But the Tuesday episodes have been solid as well pretty much all drawing over 4 million viewers (except for one) and never below a 1.1 rating. So again, I find myself saying this every season, but for as many people that complain about Paradise and “why don’t they focus on others” or “it’s so obvious what they’re doing,” people are still glued to watching this. Not to mention, pretty much everyone who watches this show has short term memory and doesn’t remember what happened the season before, what the drama was, and how the episodes played out. This season incorporated more off camera storylines than any season previous, but at it’s core, it’s shot and produced exactly the same as all the others ones. I don’t see any difference whatsoever. A majority of the cast is from the two seasons we’ve seen this calendar year (Colton and Hannah’s), you’ve got a couple vets from past seasons (Chris, Haley and Kristina), and then a few night one people (Old Matt Donald, Revian, Tahzjuan). The dates get basically zero air time, and most of the time is spent on the beach and the drama happening there. And lets not forget the minute someone says they’re happy in their relationship, the very next scene is someone walking in to invade their territory. So for all those who complain, what exactly are you complaining about? What you’re seeing this season is what you’ve seen the previous 5 seasons, just with a different cast.

The Tayshia/JPJ relationship continues, to steal a word from Hannah B, “befumble” me along with many others. She actually had the nerve to sit there last night, and tell him to his face not to doubt her? Huh? For as wishy washy as she’s been? In that environment, on that show, when she’s already showed she was interested in more than one person in two weeks, everyone should be allowed to question everyone. I thought that was awfully bold of her to tell a guy that who she’s already changed her mind about once while down there. That’s complete mind control there. I would’ve told her thanks but no thanks. I’ll make my own decisions. I don’t need you telling me how I should think. Tayshia has been all over the map this season, that’s undisputed really. So quite the ballsy move to tell JPJ that.

Chase McNary joins the show everyone! And because it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen him in this franchise. So Chris Harrison informs us, “You were on JoJo’s season.” Yes, he was Chris. But you might wanna also tell your audience that in between JoJo’s season and him coming down those steps on Paradise, he’s ventured away from the franchise, becoming yet another reality show whore from this franchise, while appearing on that shit show “Ex on the Beach,” which was essentially trash on a stick. And oh yeah, also was on the “Challenge” for a hot minute before being the first elimination of the season. And if you wanna throw in a little fling with Tomi Lahren as well, you can do that too. So lets not pretend Chase isn’t there because he needed his reality show appearance fix.

Maybe it took me longer than the rest of you on this, but something struck me last night where it finally sunk in with me. Blake seems miserable out there. I know he obviously got kicked in the nuts the first few days he was out there when everyone was coming after him, but after those first two episodes, they haven’t focused too much on him. Yet in the times we do see him, the dude just seems to constantly be down in the dumps. He’s speaking in almost a soft whisper in his ITM’s, he’s constantly saying how this experience wasn’t at all like he expected it to be (mostly because of his own doing), and he generally seems like he doesn’t want to be there. So when he says he came to the realization maybe Kristina is who he TRULY wanted to be with, that was an act of desperation to me. I really don’t think deep down he honestly believed that. I think he was trying to convince himself he was, but I doubt those were his real feelings. It’s almost depressing watching him on that show. Granted, no one else has had the experience he had, but damn, no one’s even close to acting like he is out there.

When someone pronounces they “deserve to be happy” that usually grinds my gears. Especially in this setting. Yes, everyone should feel happiness in their life. But to say on a reality dating show when you have the option to date multiple people that you “deserve” to find love or happiness, is incredibly self-serving. Because it makes it sound like you think you deserve it over anyone else. Based on what? Why? What did you do versus someone else? This is exactly what Caelynn was preaching to us last night when things were going so well with Connor. Numerous ITM’s of Caelynn basically saying she’s moved past the Dean stuff, she’s so happy with Connor, followed by non stop shots of them touching and making out with each other in numerous locations. Aaaaaannnnd all that will be shot to hell next week when she drops Connor like a bad habit and leaves with Dean without giving Connor any real explanation. Yeah, you deserve to find love all right. Good luck with that one. Obnoxious.

So we’ve got two episodes remaining next Monday and Tuesday, where we only have I believe two more people entering the show: Whitney Fransway and Revian Chang. Then it’s decision day, overnight dates, then final rose ceremony. All that will take place next Monday & Tuesday, then the reunion finale will air the following Tuesday on the 17th. After that, “Bachelor” begins filming that week and this cycle starts all over again. Yippee.

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