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“Reader Emails,” Ratings & BIP Episode 10 Mini Recap

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Hi Steve:

I know the above line is what everyone says haha, but it’s true. There’s finally one thing I need to correct you on. It has been true every season almost that no matter what, if you don’t like the lead that’s chosen, you end up watching. I have watched since the beginning of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows and only missed a couple, including I wouldn’t watch Arie, because I never thought he would be a good person and get married etc ? Then I didn’t like Colton, but watched and turned out to like him after all. Well, there is something that is new from this past season with Luke P. that has never happened, I am so disappointed I will not be watching Peter for real. As an Evangelical Christian or whatever you want to call it, one who had to see all the hurtful things thrown at Luke and the guys who either said mean things or made faces, Peter was included in those. I watch the shows solely because I love analyzing people and watching reality. Used to watch Big Brother, maybe I’ll go back to that for a year haha! I know this one email won’t turn the tide but there’s thousands and I am serious, thousands of us who will not be watching simply because Luke P. was misunderstood by anyone who wasn’t a Christian. So much he did/said was normal to all of us and shouldn’t be made fun of. I’m not talking about the couple mistakes he made- yelling or lying (if he did, personally didn’t see that he lied, it was so twisted to make it look like he did). Anyway bottom line, I’ll miss it, I’ll probably read your site and follow a bit, but it was too sensitive a topic, to have us Christians soo put down, even by Hannah, so made fun of, and Luke never got vindication from ABC, and that’s fine as the Lord will take care of it all one day, but still hard to stomach and I know it’s just the way the world is changing unfortunately. But I hope I am explaining this okay, when I speak for so many of us, that ABC crossed a line, against Christians. If If I don’t know someone has something against Christians, fine I’ll watch the show, I’m sure plenty have but we had to see it blatantly play out. I literally didn’t watch the last two finale episodes until a month later and wasn’t sure if I would, and I say a ton of us did that. I finally just finished it out to finish it out. To close, also, Peter is just not a guy we can watch, first of all because he wasn’t Mr. sweet and innocent around Luke, and secondly because he and his family were up there laughing off the sex 4 times so blatantly and that is not the kind of person we want to watch, honestly because of how he was at the end, there’s a ton of us that couldn’t stomach him and his family now, just not a family friendly show to watch anymore, it crossed a line, a bad line for some of us. ABC really could try and succeed to have a family friendly show a little more and still please everyone and they just didn’t this time.

Comment: Uhhh, ok.

Hi Steve!

As you probably already know, recently Jordan Rodgers re-proposed to Jojo with a new ring. Do you know if this is because he was contractually obligated to give back the Neil Lane ring since they aren’t married yet? I’ve been super curious about it since they posted about it, and I know there are many rules that come with a Bachelor engagement so I wasn’t sure if this was truly random or not.

Thanks for all that you do!

Comment: It’s the opposite. They aren’t contractually obligated to give the ring back. Once you’re together for two years post engagement, the ring is yours. They’ve been together three.

Hey Steve! I probably watched the Demi impersonation of Conner and Kristina 15 times at the end of Tuesday night’s episode. It was hilarious to me!!! It leads me to this…what’s your opinion of Kristina and where she stands with producers? I think you’ve said before that she is just one of those that’s basically desperate to find love with someone from “Bachelor Nation” but rarely does she get called out for her actions by anyone other than “the other woman” of the moment. I wasn’t a huge fan of her on her previous Bachelor Season or BIP but this season, the on-camera/behind the back comments are out of control! To me, she is making herself look so bad! I’m hoping some of it gets called out on the reunion show.

Comment: I think Kristina just desperately wants to be on TV, keep her name out there, and remain being an influencer. So because of that, she will do and say whatever she needs to on these shows. She’s a producers dream.

Do you like chicken nuggets? What’s your favourite brand of chicken nuggets?! What even are chickens!

Comment: Whaaaaaa? Huh? WTF?

Hey Steve! Really enjoyed the podcast w Melissa, being a Big Brother fan. Fun to watch you learn how it works more

It is one of the only reality shows where you get to see behind-the-scenes to see how the editing presents a different picture on the broadcast show. Does any other show even have something like live feeds? Not that I know of. Then again, there aren’t many reality shows that air in close to real time as BB does.

Question – Melissa was talking about the guy who had multiple final 2’s in Season 19. Did you know who beat him because the bitter jury? Someone you probably know. Josh who is the crying guy new on The Challenge — on the current season, too.

The media room erupted when he won b/c viewers did not like Paul, who was a douche along the lines of Jack and Jackson this season. So even though Josh didn’t do much that season but everyone was happy Paul did not win. Yeah, I knew Josh had won BB just from watching the Challenge, but I had no idea what season he was on or the circumstances behind it.

Holly is also playing a very subtle game kind of like Tommy where everyone likes her and she goes behind the scenes to persuade folks to vote the way she wants. Your friend is doing really well!! There is a case to be made for her winning. I guess it all depends on if she makes the finals who she’s sitting next to.

I know you like Survivor. How does it compare to Big Brother in your eyes? Wish you had seen a better season like last year. It was SO GOOD with true gamesmanship, alliances against each other and likeable, entertaining personalities. I don’t think you can compare the two because of how they’re shot. Same concept of being in the same location for filming the whole time and the winner being determined by a jury of people they had a hand in voting out. But “Survivor” is only 39 days where BB is double that and more. And the turnaround time is so much quicker. Next springs season of “Survivor” (which is the all winners one), was shot in May and June of this year. We won’t see it until starting next February. So by the time that finale rolls around on TV, it’ll be almost a year since they filmed it. That’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

A BIP Question – I feel like you are the closest equivalent we have to live feeds for the Bachelor franchise since you find out behind-the-scenes info and unaired stuff. Are there things you can think of that happened that were never aired for this year’s Bachelor in Paradise or Hannah’s season? Plenty.

How much do you feel that The Bachelor manipulates or invents storylines? Because since we don’t have live feeds, they can create all kinds of things and manipulate the storyline

Thanks Steve – keep up the great work

Comment: Well, there’s a reason the show is shot in advance and not aired like BB. It’s because once they know the ending, they can basically edit the show backwards. They know the end result, so you can build your story from the beginning with that in mind and can toy with the audience. Pretty much most reality shows do that.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been reading your site for years and have never been compelled to write in (if only because you so thoroughly cover everything that there’s no need for follow-up) until I saw the Reader Email from the mother who was soooo offended by Demi and Kristian’s relationship – even though she would NEVER judge them! – that she simply can’t continue to follow the franchise she has grown to love – such a disgrace!

I’m a 40 year-old woman with a two year-old little girl. First and foremost, my kid won’t be “walking through the living room” any time soon while the Bachelor, Bachelorette, or BIP are on – because they’re trashy AF tv shows! And I love every single second of them! But my concern with her seeing these shows has ZERO to do with her being exposed to two women being affectionate with, or kissing one another – as she sees that among the lesbian and gay couples who are the parents of children at her daycare, parents on the playground, our friends, our family and our community at-large. The idea that I would shield her from seeing people who care for one another express that care is ludicrous. You know what I will shield her from? People engaged in excessive drinking; people debasing themselves to win the approval of another person; people participating in petty fights that bring out the worst in all parties involved; girls being nasty to other girls; boys being mean to other boys; contestants talking openly about one night hook-up sex with multiple partners at a music festival, and physical violence over a PINATA whilst on a beach vacation (highlight of my television year)! THAT is the shit I don’t want her to see! At least not until she’s old enough to be a jaded bubblegum entertainment junkie like myself. So, I guess my point is, if the presence of a female couple on BIP is what finally set this mother’s moral alarm bells off, then honey, it might be time to take that head of yours in for a tune-up. Because the Bachelor franchise threw their moral compass out the window a loooong time ago – which is why so many of us obsess over it like we do, while also denying that we even watch it in the first place!

Teach your kids to love and respect themselves. And to respect others as well – regardless of what their love looks like. Life would be so much sweeter for us all if we could just practice some kindness, dammit.

Thx, Steve.

Comment: There are so many worse things the “Bachelor” franchise has done than show two women kissing on a bed. Not even close. Demi and Kristian making out might be about 135th on their list of most ridiculous things this show has aired.

I am watching Tuesday night’s Bachelor in Paradise episode (feat. Chris and Krystal’s wedding) and I have never felt more compelled to write my opinion about an episode. The way everyone was talking about who or who did not get invited to the wedding is driving me crazy. No, Angela did not influence who got to attend. No, Clay should not have “chosen” Nicole over attending his friend’s wedding. No, people who have never met Chris and Krystal shouldn’t feel left out or excluded from the wedding. Yes, it is a Bachelor in Paradise event, but it is still their wedding reception! I’m sure Chris and Krystal just didn’t want a bunch of strangers dancing with them at their reception (and JPJ’s behaviour over cocktails affirmed why). Phew.

To make this a reader email with a question… speaking of weddings, with more and more bachelor couples walking down the aisle, who do you think will be the first bachelor divorce? (if you had to pick). Not that there have been that many weddings, but sort of surprising that there haven’t been any divorces (that I can think of).

Comment: Nope, no divorces. Somebody will eventually. Just natural odds tell you that. But who? I have no idea. I don’t know much about these people’s post marriage lives. Don’t really follow it.

Hi reality Steve

#1 Did producers know Demi was bisexual during Colton’s season? I imagine if they did they would have encouraged her to come out to Colton, for drama/ratings. You may have already answered this and if so I apologize. I don’t know if they knew or not because I don’t know if she told them during the casting process she had a girlfriend before.

#2 How did they chose who got to go to Chris and Krystal’s wedding reception? So stupid how produced and unnatural that was hahah

Comment: Another one that’s a head scratcher. Probably went with just what made the best storylines.

1. How soon do you find out your spoilers after they are filmed? What do you mean? Some spoilers are given as they’re happening because of it being a public date.

2. Let’s say you have a contestant that was eliminated from the first half of the season. Let’s say they become a social media influencer by posting ads. How sustainable is that career for when looking at the long term? I’m sure other contestants use it better than others. But every season there’s new contestants. I would assume the further we move into the future it would be hard to stay relevant. Pretty much. You have to have a significant amount of followers to you’re your job and make it your career, that’s for sure.

3. When does this next season begin filming?

Comment: Either Sept. 19th, 20th, or 21st. My guess would be the 19th.



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