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“Reader Emails,” Peter’s Early Season Filming Schedule & Notes on the Women

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With all that we’ve seen with some of the front runners from past seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, do you think the lead from these shows made, at the end of the day their best decision? That’s not for me to say. I think those who had short relationships post show have spoken out against it and made it known. DeAnna is the first that comes to mind.

When I say from what we’ve seen, I’m talking about persons like Blake, who has had a rough one in Mexico; or Tayshia who seems to be flipping all over the place.

What is your definition of a strong woman or an empowering woman? This year alone I’ve seen the phrase be thrown around in the same conversation with the likes of Demi and Hannah. Tough to say. I think everyone has a different definition of what that is, so saying what mine is I don’t really think matters. But someone who is low on insecurities and stands up for what she believes in, not only with her words, but her actions, is empowering to me.

What do you think of these Bachelor Alums who just settle to be “Instagram influencers” in comparison to person from this same franchise who actually go out to further their formal education, namely Cassie and David (Becca’s Season)? I mean, to each their own. I just hope these people that quit whatever job they were in, move to LA, and try to just hang on by appearing on as many reality shows as possible and “influence” have a backup plan, because they’re gonna have a rude awakening when this bubble bursts.

Something I’ve come to realize; if someone doesn’t like another, no matter what good they do it becomes an issue.

Till next time

Hi Steve!

Super random question for you – have you received thank you notes from the couples that you send wedding gifts to? Not asking you to name names of anyone who has or hasn’t, but would love to know how often it happens. I know my mama would have flayed me if I hadn’t sent one for a gift… but I also know that the couples often have their heads quite far up Fleiss’s ass, so curious to know if they acknowledge yours or not.

Haven’t watched the show regularly for the last couple seasons, but love keeping up with it through your site. Thanks for the spoilers and recaps!

Comment: Yes. Everyone I’ve sent a gift to has sent me a handwritten thank you note back.

Hi steve,

I’ll keep this quick and short, any thoughts/insight on mike/Demi lovato? They were super flirty on Instagram this week, which probably means nothing, but figured I’d ask in case it meant something.

Hope you had fun in Vegas!

Comment: I have no idea.

So, I agree with your critiques of both Tayshia and JPJ in their particular conduct this season (I actually don’t get why he was so into her when they don’t really seem to have much in common–I actually felt bad for Haley who came off like so much more of an actual person when freed from all of the “twin” bullshit and who I feel, personality-wise, if this were real life, is a much better fit for JPJ). But that coupling, along with Katie/Chris (who I am rooting for to actually work out as they both seem like real people) and Clay/Nicole kind of progresses this franchise if you think where it was back even five years ago. There have always been a couple of people of color on this show but they never made it very far and were never the main protagonists of any plot. I think it was on Andi’s season where some asshole contestant got caught on camera saying “wow, she picked ‘both black guys,'” as though that were somehow startling/noteworthy. (Especially because one of those guys–I think his name was Marquel–struck me at the time as one of the most professionally impressive and personally dynamic of her whole crop). Not like the show isn’t still pretty whitewashed, but I kind of like how much more diverse it’s gotten and how, in particular, the contestants themselves seem kind of color blind.

The most “desirable” people on the beach by superficial standards seem to be the hottest, most confident, and most ‘important’ to their respective bachelor/bachelorette seasons. While that is pathetic in and of itself and a sad statement about the fakeness of the show as a vehicle for social media influencing, I still think it’s a good thing that those categories at least seem to transcend race much more than they ever used to. (It’s obvious, for example, that Tayshia and Mike are two of the most sought-after people on the show). While I got what Jennifer Pozner was saying in her book and on your podcasts, I actually do think the show is evolving on the race front in ways that she didn’t really give it credit for. If trash television moves into a place where race is irrelevant to the other tacky drama I think that’s kind of a win for civilization.

Comment: They are taking steps, for sure. Small, infant, like 2-month-old baby steps, but steps nonetheless.

Hi Reality Steve!!

Hope you are doing well!

I’m emailing you from up in Canada…been reading your site ever since my sister got me hooked during Emily’s season! We’re both big fans!

Tonight while watching Paradise during Blake and Kristina’s date/break off there was some footage of Kristina’s legs with GIANT circles/bug bites?/welts. One leg looked like it might have had blood on her knee….do you know what’s up with that? I’ve noticed some of the cast with bug bites, which seems normal if you’re outside/on the beach so much, but these just seemed huge. Maybe she has a skin condition?…but I didn’t notice it before.

Anyway, I was like, Reality Steve will know, so this is my first time ever emailing you!

Thanks for always keeping me entertained with your site!!

Comment: I didn’t notice it, but I do know the insect count down there is very high.

Hi Steve,

I am an Astro Tarot Numerologist, and I was intrigued by Dean and Caelynn’s romance so I looked to their charts to see what drew them back together. They are soul mates as Dean 4/17 equals 21 and Caelynn 6/15 adds to 21. There are 6 numbers in a chart 3 in the name 3 in the Birthday so 1/6 of them is the same and being 21 they are both globetrotters and receive many invitations. When you add 21 and 21 you get 42 which is the mommy and daddy number. Caelynn is a stronger force than others realize. Dean in his heart is a Knight in shining armor, but he can be inconsistent, seems like his guardian angel gets him back on track. Love to work with you! This is just a Segway into Dean and Caelynn.

Numerologically Yours

Comment: I live in reality so I can’t get on board with any of this. Barf.

Hi Steve (and Luca!),

Usual spiel: long time reader (from Australia), first time emailer, wouldn’t watch the show without your blog, love everything that you do etc!

A few assorted questions:

1. How come you have hidden/archived/removed previous season posts and spoilers? I went back to read some old ones as I was bored one day, and saw the ‘oldest’ posts from Bachelor Spoilers were Ben Flajnik’s season. Are you just bumping them out as new seasons come in? Or where can I find your S1, E1 so to speak? (The Mesnick stuff!) I don’t know if it’s still out there to be honest.

2. I love your spoilers, and I have no self control, with the last un-spoiled season I watched being Ashley and JPs, where I was on the edge of my seat screaming hoping Ben would get out of the helicopter first so she’d dump him and have JP as her F1. As much as I miss the mystery of it all (pre-discovering you, and pre-social media), the Australian seasons are such a borrrrrre to watch unspoiled as get no juicy tid-bits to keep me reeled in. Do you think you’d ever be able to expand/get sources over here so you could spoil our seasons? Can you start advertising for sources to approach you, please Steve, please? I have no interest in watching other countries versions. The US version is either filming or airing 44 out of the 52 weeks out of the year. It keeps me plenty busy.

3. Similar questions/ideas to this one have come out before, but…. Do you think the producers of the show would ever do a last minute lead-switch just to make you look bad or try to prove you wrong? I know the announcements are filmed in advanced (like Peter’s) so not so much in that instance, but when they used to announce it on the live finale…. I swear, if I was spoiled as a lead (but had not yet been announced), I’d be like “Steve Shhhh, don’t jinx me! They might go another direction now just to prove you wrong, and you’re gonna ruin my chances!”. We have seen them do a last minute switch with someone and Arie didn’t we? Arie was a last second decision, however, the last tweet I sent out that night before I went to bed and he was announced in the morning was it was going to be Arie. No, I don’t think they’ll do it just to spite me.

4. I’m a big dog lover. Could you post a weekly Luca segment? Even just a photo. Would be a super cute addition. Luka kinda does her own thing. There really isn’t much to update on, but when there is, I’ll be sure to post something.

5. Not a question, just a comment: you say you’d never spoil your sources; in my mind this puts you amongst the world’s greatest mysteries. I believe in an afterlife and I hope when I die all great (earthly) mysteries will be revealed: What happened to Madeleine Mccann? Who killed Jon-Benét Ramsay? What happened to a box of my belongings I shipped home from an overseas trip that never arrived? What came first, chicken or the egg? And WHO WERE REALITY STEVE’S SOURCES???? – I know, I know, I sound crazy (too much true crime when Bachelor/ette/BIP isn’t on) but I really hope you somehow reveal all one day. A juicy tell all would be to die for.

Keep up the good work Steve! Can’t wait to read Peter’s spoilers even though I’m bummed they chose him. Hugs to Luca (post pics please)

Comment: I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. It’s really not all that interesting if I’m being honest. I know it fascinates people, but maybe because I’m directly involved in it, it doesn’t really have that effect on me. But trust me, it’s not all that.



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