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“Reader Emails,” Peter’s Early Season Filming Schedule & Notes on the Women

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1. Does Matt Donald have any idea what show he signed up for? What is his deal? I’ve asked myself the same thing the last 2 weeks.

2. What dates were BIP filmed again?

Comment: June 7th til around June 27th, give or take a day.

Hi Steve,

I’m so confused about the privacy policy because if you’ve seen Caelynn and Dean’s Instagram lately, which I’m sure you have, they’re already posting everything and confirming they’re still together. They weren’t being very subtle even before Monday’s episode. Isn’t there a contract or rules or something that doesn’t allow them to post together? Or do they get to evade that because technically they aren’t one of the finally couples? Paradise has always been much more lackadaisical when it comes to that. Since Dean and Caelynn officially left the show on Monday, they were allowed to finally show people “officially.” Just like Connor and Whitney did last night. But are they technically supposed to be seen together hanging out like Dylan and Hannah were in San Diego last week? No. But are they going to get in trouble for it? No.

Dean over Connor seems like a really easy choice for everyone and in any ideal world, a girl should choose Connor. I mean those post it notes for Hannah were everything. But I think with Caelynn, because she’s so young, she was always going to pick Dean if he came back for her. I think every girl wants to tame the player. They want to be special and Dean is brilliant at that. The things he said to Caelynn last night about wanting a relationship because she was the right person, I think that’s something a lot of girl, especially one’s who’ve been made vulnerable by past situations like Caelynn has been, want. Will it last? Unlikely. But do I get it? Yeah a little bit. Oh, I totally get why she chose Dean. And she ultimately realize later on in life how moronic it was. They’ll have fun in the short time and then it’ll fizzle. She absolutely was intrigued more by the chase of Dean rather than the comfort of Connor. No doubt.

What is up with this season’s guys getting big celebrities? Tyler and Gigi are very obviously a thing. And Mike and Demi Lovato seem friendly flirty. People already came onto this show for this sort of fame, that’s only going to increase now. Wells and Sarah too. Yeah, some of the guys have lucked out. But that’s definitely the exception and not the norm.

Last question, do you believe that the Demi and Kristian plotline on ABC was a way to keep up with the gender fluid version of Are You The One on MTV?

Thanks for all that you do.

Comment: I don’t think it was to keep up with them because that show, while breaking ground this season, just isn’t a talking point in pop culture. My podcast guest tomorrow, Andy Dehnart from, has some really good insight that he’s written about regarding it and we discuss it. So look for that.

Dear Reality Steve,

You freaking rock dude. I discovered your blog before I even started watching the show. Needless to say I wouldn’t be able to handle this show without your “sophomoric slanted” view on things.

I don’t always watch ontime so I’m hoping this makes it into this weeks reader emails. I have a few questions/ comments.

1) Has there ever been a contestant as naïve or immature as Matt Donald? Immature in a literal sense- doing handstands in the hot tub, constantly bringing up his mom. Just wondering because I find it super comical but not on-brand for bachelor contestants. (Obviously there have been many emotionally immature contestants on this show, cough cough Dean cough) He definitely doesn’t seem to fit the average contestant model.

2) The forced storyline between Demi and Kristian is really mind blowing. I’m not sure I’d feel the same way if I hadn’t read your spoilers but knowing what we know it’s pretty comical. I noticed Kristian is an aspiring actress. I don’t think she’s doing too great of a job personally, but it’s an interesting thing to note. She’s no stranger to acting and faking emotion. Sorry I’m rambling (feel free to not include all this), but Demi kept reiterating last night that she isn’t a physical or touchy person. I don’t think it’s fair her to say that because I think I remember her spanking Colton and trying to be VERY touchy feely with him. Just felt like a forced story line yet again. Whatever, Demi you got what you wanted. It’s all about you. I think people need to separate what Demi has done with Colton and Derek versus what she does with Kristian. Two completely different things. I understand where her hesitation comes from with Kristian. What she was saying made sense last night.

3) Will you be getting Astrid and Kevin a wedding gift? I know they technically didn’t leave the show together but figured I’d ask. Also, any thoughts on their relationship? I know you don’t follow people too closely post show. No. I don’t do BIP couples. I haven’t followed them closely at all. All I know is they got engaged recently. But I couldn’t tell you a thing about their relationship.

4) I’m playing fantasy football for the first time and am the only female in my league. Any veteran tips for me? Just know that there’s waaaaaay more luck involved in fantasy football than skill.

As always, appreciate all you do. Can’t wait for Peter’s season spoilers!!

Seriously missed your Tuesday recap at work today. Hope all is well

Comment: Oh, I’m fine. Just still recovering from Vegas and just know I slept most of yesterday. When I spend 4 days in Vegas, it usually takes me a couple days to get back on track once I return. And it has nothing to do with partying or staying out late there, since that rarely ever happens. It just beats me down to the point where I need some time to recover.

Hey Steve,

Question: what is the amount of time that passed between when Dean left and when he came back? I’m confused on how she could have “moved on” so far past Dean when it would have just been a matter of days between them. Was only a few days. Like 4 or 5. Nothing Caelynn said or did really made any sense other than the fact it was pretty on brand for her. She’s been very hypocritical about things since the second she showed up on Colton’s season.

Also, I know you said the reunion airs on Sept 17, but do they have anything airing on Mon Sept 16?


Comment: No. That’s the DWTS premiere.

Hey Steve,

Your coverage of Demi and Kristian the last couple weeks has been giving me a weird feeling and watching last night’s episode I finally realized why.

I’m a queer woman from Texas who just (a month ago) married another woman at a 110-person wedding … and I was TERRIFIED to kiss my wife in front of all those people for the same reasons Demi articulates. Keep in mind, I had my first girlfriend 13 years ago, came out to all my friends and family 8 years ago, and have been with my wife for four years, introduced her around, etc.

I think it’s undisputed that as overwhelmingly positive as the coverage of Demi and Kristian has been, they’ve also been attacked on social media, etc. I feel like I see you acknowledge how scary that can be for “villianized” contestants on the Bachelor(ette), so why wouldn’t it also be scary for Demi? In her case it’s about something that is true and inherent in her (but not wrong) rather than a mean girl bullying situation or an unflattering edit.

My point is … yes it’s silly that they played it like their relationship wasn’t that serious and Demi had some magical realization. But everything after Kristian showed up on the beach has had a real feeling of emotional honesty to me. Is it true she just came out to her parents? Idk, probably not, but it seems plausible even if she had a long-term relationship with another woman (I didn’t come out to my parents until I was well into my second gay relationship, personally). But I think there’s probably a genuine desire on her part to include a queer relationship in the Bachelor(ette) franchise, and I think her fear is also totally real.

None of this to say you have to like how they played it … I just want to point out that this kind of thing is never easy.

Anyway thanks, hope you’re having fun getting ready for Bachelor filming!

Comment: I agree. I think it’s two different points were debating here. The way it was handled pre-show and how it was presented was ridiculous. But since she’s come on, they’ve definitely dealt with issues that I’m guessing a lot of same sex couples do.

Hi Steve,

I have many caelynn questions, if you happen to know any details:

1) have you heard if caelynn/dean are the real deal or just another dean thing that will die like the last ones? I think this is a fun, short fling that’ll eventually fizzle.
2) is caelynn still friends with Cassie? I never see them post together anymore or even like or comment on each other’s posts. I think they are, but like a lot of these contestants who seem like BFF’s, once they start moving on with their lives, a lot just go their separate ways. I have no idea what’s happening with them, if anything.

Other questions:

1) if you had to pick between Hannah/Dylan or Katie/Chris, which one do you think will have a better shot of the wedding next summer? Between those two? Probably Hannah & Dylan.
2) any intel on why reunion was filmed so early? No, but that was definitely weird. To air the reunion 20 days after it was taped is a first I can remember.
3) do you feel like it’s time to end paradise and bring back a bachelor pad style show to liven things up more?


Comment: I don’t know how Bachelor Pad will liven things up. And BIP is renewed for next season already.

I’m really curious about your thoughts regarding Holly’s behavior on Big Brother. I’m sure you’re not watching the live feeds, but are you reading anything other sites about all the drama she has created with her drinking and arguments with Jackson? What do you think about Holly’s showmance and how she has conducted herself as a HG? She doesn’t seem to be at all focused on winning this season. She seems to be a hot mess.

Comment: I hope the second she gets out of that house, she kicks Mickie to the curb. It’s disturbing what I’ve seen.

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  1. dogmomma

    September 11, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    There’s something I can’t quite figure out. I’ve been reading the spoilers pretty much since they started and I enjoy knowing what to expect as I watch the show. A few seasons ago I started following Twitter during the show because some of the comments are hilarious, but it’s almost disturbing how many people take the bachelor/ette/paradise shows so seriously and think that everything that happens is real and “organic”. For example, when Connor & Whitney’s cars passed each other on the road when he was leaving and she was arriving, people were going nuts on Twitter. Are those people gullible and naive or am I just more informed on how things really work because of the spoilers???

  2. jlal

    September 11, 2019 at 10:14 AM

    dogmomma – I don’t do Twitter or any social media, but I’m guessing that yes, people are that gullible and naive.

    As for Matt Donald, I wonder how he got on the show. Did someone nominate him as a surprise? Because he certainly doesn’t seem like he knew what it was about.

    For a 26 year old, he seems pretty worried about what his Mommy will say. I get not wanting to embarrass your parents, but Dude talking about your Mom so much is a turn off. That tells any future woman loud and clear that you’re a Momma’s Boy and that is not attractive.

    As for Caelyn picking Dean over Connor – hell yeah! I would have way picked Dean over Connor any day. Connor reminds me of a privileged, entitled, spoiled, frat boy. I also don’t think he really cared for Caelyn. Also, his vocal fry way of talking drives me nuts.

  3. ctrealitygirl

    September 11, 2019 at 10:52 AM

    I’m with you jlal! What does everyone see in Connor? His quirky speech drives me nuts too! And, as far as his deep “relationship” with Caelynn…it was all of a couple of days between when Dean Left and Connor arrived. So, he’s sobbing over a woman he’d “dated” for one or two days…maybe three? Yikes! Dean definitely has way more sex appeal than Connor. Whether or not he and Caelynn will last is another story, but I’m not convinced about any of the “strong” relationships going on this season. Dylan and Hannah just plain bore me to tears! And I don’t really care for Nicole, and think that Clay dodged a bullet. She breaks up with Clay because he can’t say I Love You after 6 weeks of dating, and 6 weeks where she went on dates with two other men, and if it weren’t for the fight between Christian and Jordan, she’d probably have ended up with Christian. And don’t get me started on the Tayshia/JPJ nonsense. These women all need to get therapy to work on their self esteem issues. Almost every one of them jumps for any guy who pays them attention. I’m with Steve. I’m so OVER this season of BIP.

  4. jlal

    September 11, 2019 at 2:00 PM

    I don’t understand why BIP is going the same route as the bachelor, as far as “forcing” an engagement. Sure it’s another chance to find love, but it doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment after a few weeks.

  5. ctrealitygirl

    September 12, 2019 at 6:52 AM

    I so agree with you again jlal! In her BIP recaps, Sharlene Joynt is always commenting that BIP is supposed to be a lighter, more fun version of the Bachelor shows, and not meant to be taken as seriously. The whole premise of bringing in new men and women to shake up the couplings is designed to create drama and keep the focus on dating, NOT becoming glued to one person with the expectation of an engagement at the end. I realize BIP has produced some marriages…time will tell if they last. Carly & Evan seem pretty solid as do Jade & Tanner. I’m skeptical about the Krystal & Chris pairing. BIP is a summer show…let’s keep it fun and flirty.

  6. rob22

    September 12, 2019 at 7:21 AM

    Dylan and Hannah certainly are the most superficial couple in recent memory. Has either one said a single thing that’s remotely intelligent? Is there any depth at all? And that is the best relationship this season has to offer? None of the other couples are real. They’re TV couples, at best. JPJ/Tayshia? Really? Caelynn & Dean? Come on. Butkowski/Katie? Good Lord! I know that’s not really what the show is about, but they’re insulting our intelligence with those parings. I’m glad they’re moving on from Blake/Kristina and Clay/Nicole. Those couples were absurd.

  7. rob22

    September 12, 2019 at 7:31 AM

    As for dogmommas first comment…. As absurd as the couples have been, the idea that Connor & Whitney’s timing was so poor that their SUVs just happened to pass one another is just really insulting. Obviously it was produced even if it happened real time. I’d be surprised if they it wasn’t two empty SUVs that they refilmed later when someone had a brain blast of an idea to kill another 5 minutes of air time (with a contrived couple who just disappeared from sight)…. once they realized that all the other drama and possibilities for interesting couples had flamed out. Gotta fill space!!! And there’s another episode to fill!! I have very low expectations for the last episode. I’m embarrassed that I’m planning on watching it.

  8. dogmomma

    September 12, 2019 at 7:57 AM

    And the whole story line of Dylan and Hannah was basically showing a glimpse of them together kissing until this last episode where Hannah said a few lines. They got hardly any air time and we had to watch JPJ almost every episode being a big immature kid. Ugh! If the show continues to be this ridiculous going forward, I think they will lose viewers. Along with the rest of the group of people who know how fake the show is, my intelligence is also insulted. I’m also embarrassed that I’ll be watching the final show 🙂

  9. ctrealitygirl

    September 12, 2019 at 10:42 AM

    I, too, am ashamed to admit I’ll watch the finale…but it’s THREE hours! That will be torture! Two hours wrapping up overnight dates and fake proposals, then an hour “reunion” …what a joke! I will say, though, that i have yet to watch a full show on the night it’s aired. Most nights set the DVR then watch the next night and fast forward thru commercials and stupid stuff – which adds up to at least 1/2 the show! I would really love to know what these airhead contestants think of themselves after watching back the season. If I were most of them I’d go into hiding. But it appears that they all have huge egos and a skewed sense of importance. If BIP continues to go this route (boring couples, immature contestants like JPJ) then I will lose total interest.

  10. tinyred500

    September 12, 2019 at 2:53 PM

    I can’t be the only one who’s just about given up with the franchise. I record all the episodes. I struggled through Colton’s series, I’ve seriously struggled through Hannah’s series, and watched part episodes here and there; so far I’ve got up to MTA. BIP is recorded, but seeing the commentary and feedback from those who have watched it, I just don’t know if I have the inclination to even bother to start watching. The simple fact is, as silly and as cheesy as the whole franchises premise is, at least in the past some of the contestants were serious or partly serious, now they’re just vacuous and fame hungry.

    All I remember from Hannah’s series, is Jed’s atrocious singing interludes, and Hannah’s thing with Luke, and the monotonous, stupid drama that follows.

    Maybe the franchise has reset their audience target, or maybe they think the viewers are imbeciles and will want to watch and believe anything they show, I really don’t know, nor do I care to ponder on it. 🙁

  11. adelina

    September 12, 2019 at 8:32 PM

    A few of my observations from this season that I swore I wasn’t going to watch:

    *I agree with everyone. Dean>Connor any day. Connor’s voice alone is a deal breaker. While we’re talking about deal breaker voices, throw Clay in there too except Clay’s voice is how I envision paint drying would sound…if paint drying could make a sound.

    *The only thing I missed after Blake left was Blake’s moronic dance move in the opening sequence. I actually lived to watch that little move. It was so desperate and comical to me.

    *Can BIP producers force the women to tone down the makeup while on this show? Who wears a face full of makeup and full on lipstick while on a beach? I get it’s for the cameras but it was too much.

    *Let’s not diss Dean’s “van lifestyle.” Have you watched any Van Life videos on YouTube? There are some amazing converted Sprinter Vans out there that make me so envious of that lifestyle. I highly doubt he’s living in a van down by the river.

    That’s it!!!

  12. dogmomma

    September 13, 2019 at 6:40 AM

    I will definitely be recording the final episode next Tuesday and fast forwarding through it to hit the “highlights”. I won’t spend 3 hours being tortured by nonsense.
    On an interesting note, there was an article that came out where Luke said that he was upset at Chris Harrison and ABC for editing the final rose ceremony to look like he was desperate and rejected and that the part where Chris Harrison said “Well this has never happened before” after Bri turned down his final rose was totally edited in and that it never actually happened that way. More proof that nothing should be taken at face value and everything is manipulated.

  13. sfleming

    September 16, 2019 at 5:33 AM

    Those weren’t bug bites on Kristina’s legs, they were rose petals that got stuck from when she was kneeling/sitting. I thought the same thing at first, but took a closer look.

  14. amhaack

    September 17, 2019 at 8:35 PM

    I have an answer to the question about Blake’s scar. He had a hair transplant. You can tell the front of his hair looks unusually thick and doesn’t really move. He also never runs his hands through the front of his hair nor did they ever show his hair wet or him in the pool going under. If you Google hair transplant scars you will see the exact scar Blake has on the back of his head.

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