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“Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Recap & The Rest of Peter’s Women

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Kind of a whirlwind yesterday. It’s been a while since I spent that many consecutive hours behind my computer screen. Getting woken up at 6am by Luka, to immediately seeing that the Bachelor FB page had posted 33 women as possibilities to be on Peters season at 3AM PACIFIC TIME which was incredibly odd, turned yesterday into madness for me. Yeah, I’m not sure what ABC’s thinking behind that was to release the women at 3am PST when they could’ve waited for a more opportune time like, I don’t know, when half the country was at least awake. I’ll never understand why they do some of the things they do. Good thing I had 15 profiles ready to go or yesterday could’ve been even longer than it was. I figured it wouldn’t take long to find out the names of the remaining 18 women, and I had those all posted for you within a couple of hours. One thing that I’m going to be doing from this point forward is, with a little help, I’ve decided to do more Bachelor/ette related content on IG. I know a lot of fans consume info through that now, so, I want to be receptive to the changing times. I know it’s taken me a while, and this will definitely increase my workload, but expect to get a lot of stuff posted on my IG stories as we continue through Peter’s season of filming.

As you know, when filming begins this Friday, and then with dates starting Saturday, I’ll be getting spoilers as the season goes along. Well now instead of waiting to read about it the next day on the site, or hearing about it on Twitter, you’ll also be able to see me document it on my IG stories. You can follow along there at realitysteve. Trust me, this took a lot of explaining since I’m not the most well versed in IG just yet. And frankly, sometimes, it will be someone else posting it for me. I think you’ll be able to tell when it’s me posting versus my friend I’ve given access to. Yesterday? All me. Probably why it took me forever since I’m still learning all the nooks and crannies of how to get stuff to stories, adding to highlights, putting text on pictures, backgrounds, borders, linking, etc. Still learning. So bear with me. But you will be seeing plenty of content on there from this point forward. When I see what number of views my IG stories are getting, I realize how much emphasis people put on IG to collect their information. Yes, I’ve finally gotten with the times. Yay me.

Because of how much time I spent getting the full names of the 18 women I hadn’t released yet, and then downloading their ABC bio pics, labeling, posting, etc, I’ve decided to push “Reader Emails” off for a week. Next week however will be the last “Reader Emails” of 2019, as I don’t do it during the filming of the show just because traffic goes down and I don’t get nearly as many emails once the show is not airing. But everything sent in since last Wednesday afternoon up through next Wednesday morning will be in next week’s column. Already got quite a few in there, but just didn’t have time to get to them yesterday. So what I’ll be doing today is giving some thoughts on the BIP finale last night, then posting the remaining women’s bios on Peter’s season. For these bios, they’re not nearly as thoroughly done as the 15 I gave you yesterday since I just got them yesterday and haven’t been doing a ton of digging yet. So many emails and DM’s yesterday regarding the women once they were released that I need to spend a good amount of time today and the rest of this week going through them and organizing what is what. And trust me, the negative stories have already started. Nothing horrible as of now, a lot of “shes on there for fame,” “she wants to be an influencer,” “she’s always wanted to be on the show,” “she’s been seeing some guy,” etc. Like I said, I’ve got A LOT to sort through and figure out if any of it is even relevant.

But with ABC now releasing the contestants before they even get into the mansion (and knowing at least 3 of those 33 women announced yesterday are probably getting cut), they’ve basically decided they want America to vet their contestants for them. This has nothing to do with beating me to the punch like so many are suggesting. If they wanted to do that, they’d release the full names, ages, jobs, colleges, and their social media accounts. They’re giving us a headshot, first name, last initial, and city. That’s not really spoiling much. It’s more about them wanting the public to help them vet contestants more than anything. They had no idea I had 15 womens profiles ready to go. I could’ve released them Monday, and if I did, then the “they’re trying to beat me to the punch” statement wouldn’t have made sense. Trust me, them releasing contestants early now for the second season in a row has nothing to do with me. I’m going to post more info about their contestants before the show starts than they ever will.

Starting on page 2, I have the remaining women who were released yesterday that weren’t part of the 15 I gave you, their full name, city, IG account, and the ABC photo they provided. Over the course of the coming weeks, I will fill in more on these profiles, but it took me about 3 weeks to put together those 15 I gave you yesterday. Putting together 18 more in a day yesterday just wasn’t gonna happen. I just wanted to have all the women now in one place, and you can see I’ve added “Peter’s Women” to the navigation bar up top as well. I’ll try and get more pics, more job/college stuff, and more social media accounts added to these 18 in the upcoming weeks. Yesterday was just a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Lets talk a little about the BIP finale as there were a couple major things that happened, with first and foremost being Clay and Nicole’s time on stage being completely cut out. I’m not sure what that was all about and I don’t know if we ever will. This was taped 3 weeks ago on August 27th, so maybe in that time they just made an executive decision that their storyline wasn’t worth giving any airtime to, even though this was one of the final 4 couples everyone watched during the first hour of the show last night. Like I said earlier in this post, it’s kinda bizarre why this franchise chooses to do some of the things they do. Regardless, in case you forgot, basically Clay and Nicole came on stage, Clay said he was willing to leave Mexico as Nicole’s boyfriend, she said she wanted/deserved more, Clay said 3 weeks wasn’t enough time for him to say he loves her, Nicole said she’d moved on and is now dating some guy in Miami and had actually become friends with Angela. Soooooo, yeah. That’s what happened and they decided to cut all that out and not even reference either Clay or Nicole at any point during the reunion last night.

The other main topic last night that spilled onto Twitter is the Tayshia/JPJ relationship. We saw them say they are together (remember this was taped August 27th), they tweeted at each other last night saying they’re together and I’m well aware that JPJ is on Kate Casey’s podcast released last night and he said they’re together. What I’m saying is that I know this show does weird things to people. And maybe I don’t know all the ins and outs of the Tayshia/JPJ relationship but I’ve heard too many things over the past few weeks to just blindly believe what they say. Is this an open relationship or something? I mean if it is, all power to you. Great. Good for you. What I’ve seen and what I’ve heard isn’t matching up with the story they’re selling to America right now. So I’ll just leave it at that. They say they are still a couple. I’m saying I don’t believe them and this is all for attention purposes. No harm, no foul. I’m allowed to have an opinion on them, right? Well that’s my opinion. I don’t believe them. Take it as you will.

As for the Blake/Kristina/Caelynn stuff from last night, so much of it was left out, it’s kinda hard to even dissect it. The fact that they didn’t even show the footage of Kristina telling Caelynn she knew about her hookup at Stagecoach the night before she hooked up with Blake, pretty much goes to show how much this show has bent over backwards to protect Caelynn. Yes, I’m aware that Mark Dohner has stated in a recent YouTube that he didn’t hook up with either of them, just like the Tayshia/JPJ situation – I don’t believe him. Sorry. Not what I heard from multiple people. There will always be people who agree with Blake releasing the texts from Caelynn and there were always be people who don’t agree with it. You know what side I’m on. In that situation, like he said last night, I felt he had to. He was being accused by a former sexual assault survivor of trying to silence her. And why was it just brushed over last night when Blake said that specifically to her, Caelynn admits she was overly emotional and apologized for saying that, that it wasn’t harped on more. Great, I’m glad you admit you shouldn’t have said that Caelynn, but that was the sole reason Blake did what he did. Yet that was barely given any attention to. And Caelynn sitting up there crying saying she’d never felt “so exposed or violated in her entire life” after Blake released the texts, even though she is a sexual assault survivor, was ridiculous. What? Huh? WTF? She’s a drama queen, I’m over her, and glad she’s off our TV. Go have fun showering in gyms and in the ocean. Keep trying to convince yourself you enjoy that life. Buh bye.

Chris and Katie. Ummmm, I’m still confused on what I watched. I guess none of it matters since that was 3 weeks ago and both took to IG last night to share how much better things are between them now. But yeah, that was confusing. You’d think by watching that you’d have no clue how they’re still together. But they are and good luck to them. Sounds like they’ll need it. And hey, Katrina Badowski is on Peter’s season. And she’s in Chicago. Just still throwin’ it out there if anyone’s interested. I have no skin in this game, but it just seems like those two should hit it off if ever both are single again.

Page 2 & 3 are the remaining women on Peters season. Remember that not all of them are going to make it on. For Hannah’s season, they released 32 men a few days before filming began, and 3 ended up getting cut. I expect the same for this season so we’ll keep an eye on which of the 33 don’t make the final cast. As mentioned earlier, this is the bare bones of bios for them and I will be filling in more as the season goes on. Just wanted to give you their full name, city, photo, and what their IG account is. There are few who have deactivated theirs, but I know everyone now tracks all these people since they all seem to hop back on the second they get their phone back. So now you have all 33 of their IG accounts. Have at it.



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