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Podcast #152 – Interview with Luke Parker & “Temptation Island’s” Casey Starchak

Hope you cleared out a good 3 hrs of your day today because we’ve got a long one. Luke Parker joins me for a very insightful 2 hr conversation about his time on the “Bachelorette,” and needless to say, it’s a liiiiitle bit different than what you were shown. This does not mean he makes excuses for his behavior, it does not mean he doesn’t own up to the things he said and did either. What he does do is provide a perspective of where his head was at during a lot of filming, and maybe some of the things you didn’t see because they weren’t shown which may help explain some of his actions. A very interesting conversation to say the least. Then, Casey Starchak joins me to talk about his journey on “Temptation Island” this season, with episode #2 happening tonight on USA. I know a lot of people have already formed their opinion of Luke based on what they saw this season. All I ask is you go into this interview with an open mind and actually listen to what he has to say. Just because you may not like him, doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t true and didn’t happen. I appreciate him taking the time to come on for 2 hrs and discuss his season. And trust me, we run down in order basically everything that happened with him this season. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Luke and/or Casey’s Twitter handle (@luke_parker777 & @cstarchak) in your replies. Enjoy…

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Luke joins me and we start from the very beginning with how he even came to be on this show & what he knew about it going in (6:50), the “God talked to me in the shower” comment (10:55), what happened the first night that wasn’t shown (14:50), telling her he was falling in love with her on the first date of the season (19:07), Hannah giving him his first lecture about coming on too strong (25:55), rugby group date, his beef with Luke S, and his lie to Hannah about him (30:38), when did he realize he was gonna be villain (42:49), his disastrous 1-on-1 in Scotland and how things weren’t how they seemed (45:04), his problem with Hannah & Garrett’s naked bungee jump in Latvia (56:08), his relationship with the guys in the house (1:03:48), his fight with Garrett (1:06:10), his hometown date and what Hannah told his church group (1:12:08), the overnight date and what all went down (1:21:24), why he decided to come back to the rose ceremony after she sent him home (1:37:30), his Christian life (1:44:06), the Men Tell All (1:49:24), and being asked to go on Paradise (1:57:05), my thoughts on the interview (2:06:53), then Casey Starchak from “Temptation Island” joins me to talk about episode #2 tonight (2:15:59).

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