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Podcast #159 – (SPOILERS) Talking All Things “Bachelor” & Other Stuff

Today is the 3 year anniversary of when I started this podcast. First Thursday in December 2016 is when this whole thing launched. So what better guest to have on this week than…me. Yep. Just decided to do one on my own this week and talk about some things regarding the “Bachelor” that some of which you saw on Twitter and Instagram, and some of which you didn’t. It’s about an hour long and I cover a few different topics such as: Victoria Fuller’s annoying friends, who were either told by her to harass me this week, or they just decided to do it on their own. Either way, they made things worse for Victoria by emailing me trying to defend in some of the worst defenses I’ve ever heard. I’ll share those with you. Also, wanna talk about this latest trend of Instagram accounts who blatantly rip off everything I say and don’t credit me. I knew it had been going on, but I had no idea the extent of it until last night when I did a deeper dive into some of the accounts to see exactly what they were writing. Because if I’m gonna call somebody out, I’m gonna make sure I have my facts straight rather than just people emailing me telling me other accounts are stealing my stuff. Holy shit was I surprised at what I saw. Quite embarrassing and I really hope people let those accounts know what they’re doing is wrong. I do have a mini update on the ending of Peter’s season (although it’s not the update you’re probably looking for), and I give my thoughts on a couple other reality shows I’m watching now. Hope you enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I start by talking about how all my previous podcasts are now available, spoilers up through the first 2 rose ceremonies (4:55), more on Victoria Fuller and her annoying friends who email me now (15:21), IG accounts that steal my information (29:25), some notes regarding the ending of Peter’s season (37:13), & I give a few thoughts on “Temptation Island,” “Survivor,” & the “Masked Singer” (42:54).


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