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The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 1 Recap, Theories About the Ending, Vegas Fan Appreciation Party Info & More

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Very LOST-like of them to start the season that way, eh? I think that may be the first time I’ve used “eh” on this site. No, I didn’t just take a trip to Canada or MN. Although MN might be in the cards in the future. I know you have a ton of questions, theories, hypotheticals, etc. about what was shown. There are no concrete answers right now. Based on that opening clip, some seem to believe that Hannah Brown shows up in Australia. That final rose ceremony took place Nov. 17th in Australia, which means that was late night Nov. 16th for those of us in the U.S. Hannah Brown at that time was accounted for in LA still rehearsing since she had semifinal week at DWTS coming up. Semifinals of DWTS were Nov. 18th. The finale was Nov. 25th. Hannah Brown never took a 32 hr roundtrip excursion to Australia for Peter’s finale. Didn’t happen. So you can rule that part out of her showing up out there.

There is something I’m close to releasing in regards to something I’ve heard regarding the final few days of filming. I think later this week I’ll be able to put it out there, but until then, yeah, there’s a lot of different things you can read into Chris Harrison talking to Peter on that final rose ceremony day and his reaction. There’s a reason they started out the show that way this season, which they’ve never done before. They want to keep people talking. Peter and the show leaning into this notion that this season will be spoiler free “and there’s a reason why” wouldn’t be said because that “reason” is they’re banking on they just know no one will say anything. That’s stupidity. They wouldn’t be so bold and arrogant about their season not being spoiled bc they just think people will shut up this time around. Outside of Desiree’s season, it’s never happened. And even Desiree’s season, her own brother was saying my spoiler was wrong to people who were then forwarding it on to me. I just didn’t listen. So it’s basically impossible to use that as your stance as to why the season won’t be spoiled. As I said Thursday, my thinking is the reason they’re so adamant is because whatever the ending will ultimately be to this season, that part hasn’t been filmed yet. I can’t spoil something that hasn’t happened yet. Now, WHAT that something is, I’m not totally sure of.

Something I noticed last night when gauging responses on Twitter, email, and DM is that by posting stuff on 3 different platforms (website, Twitter, and IG), I’m forgetting what’s been posted on each one. For example, I ended Saturday’s IG live by saying after Monday’s episode, everyone and their mother is going to think that because of this wonky ending we apparently have, Peter is gonna end up with Hannah Brown. That would be the consensus. And boy was I right. But, I forgot to write that in Thursday’s column. I cannot tell you how many people emailed, tweeted, or DM’ed me after last night saying, “Hey, I was thinking about this, and do you think that maybe Peter ends up going after Hannah B at the end?” It was non stop. Which almost kinda makes it not even a surprise at this point since a majority of the people think that’s who he’s gonna end up with. The answer I have right now is, I don’t know, but I don’t think so. And here’s why…

Look, maybe I’m totally wrong, but there are a few reasons why I don’t think he ultimately ends up with Hannah Brown come March. I thought her tweets last night are not those of someone who’s currently with Peter. Yes, I know she wouldn’t just blatantly give it away and post a bunch of lovey dovey tweets about him, but if they were together or trying to make it work post filming, you’d think she’d just say nothing on Twitter rather than this:

Sounds more like someone who’s embarrassed at how she came off last night rather than someone who’s secretly in a relationship with Peter right now.

The other thing I got a lot of last night was people asking if Hannah Brown was the one that showed up in Australia and that’s what Chris Harrison was telling Peter in the clip we saw from the get go. What I do know is after next week when the episode starts off with the conclusion of the Peter/Hannah conversation, Hannah Brown is not part of the show again. She was filming DWTS the whole time the Bachelor was filming. So after next weeks episode, you don’t see her again and she’s not a topic on anyone’s mind.

I understand people think that’s who he ends up with because of what they saw last night, but a lot of those same people aren’t comprehending that that conversation you saw between Peter and Hannah last night took place on Sept. 24, which happened to be her birthday. Then after that, he had a two month show to film where he never saw her again and developed relationships with numerous other women. I think people are losing sight of that just because of what they saw last night. They had their thing in the beginning, it’s put to rest at the end of the convo, and she’s gone the rest of the season. Not to mention, I just haven’t heard much regarding Hannah Brown post show. I think I would’ve by now. I honestly don’t think it’s her, but I’m trying to get as much solid confirmation as I can regarding that.



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